Keep yourself off such people
Who are the owners of such graveyard
Where at the feet of graves
the lamps keep on burning with
the unquenched (insatiable) thirst

And there on the epitaphs
inscribed are the names
of such bodiless souls
who after wandering through the (heavens)
keep on coming back
whose search does not cease
rather it flows out
 whose Jupiter (god of love) while being caretaker

Keep on standing firmly
 Ages are unable to understand them
such people are very dangerous
keep yourself off them

They are so mesmerizing
From far flung places
Would make (cause) grow scorpion on the beds
Would  burn the eyes|
By obliterating themselves

They Would burn other to ashes
Dig  a canal of milk  out of stone 

And swim fearlessly on a soft-clay  pitcher

Safeguard yourself from such precarious people

They are fully equipped to destroy any one.                 ( Spontaneously written)