The burial

The funeral was ready.
The black clouds had blanketed the sky all over
A heated discussion was going on
The undertaker was not coming forward to help making the decision

One of those who were in possession of controlling influence said,
“The sun is setting.
The body is stinking.
The stench is plaguing the atmosphere
Even the snow, clinging to branches for years, has started to melt down
for how long the dead body would be held back?”
The second emphasized," bury it where I have already suggested”

A feeling of resentment had already descended on the people.
The eyes were getting red with fury.
The undertaker ,scared, was taking refuge further in a corner.
He was still not venturing to propose any place.
The third said," both shade and fruit of this tree are sweet.
Let the dead body be buried under this.”

The menacing flies were hovering all over the body.
The decision was still suspended in air
Air was pelting flames.
Flames were charring the leaves of trees.
Clouds were turning more benighted

Where the grave will be located?
The undertaker was bewildered
But he did want to inquire:
Is the body concerned where it would be trenched?
Wherever it is , it will not take a breath in fresh air
What does the location matter?
Here or there ,
elsewhere or anywhere !
What matters has already been decided.
Why to brawl on what does not !