Beautiful heartfelt poem ... cry of a weeping heart ... know that pain is shared ... here is my translation of it as a tribute to you:  Abdul Mutaal 
Letís say welcome to year 2010
Letís feel the new buds opening
On its forehead, in our hearts
Letís draw its freshness
Into the depths of our souls
Letís wrap its very new arms around us
And enjoy the quaintness of newness
The miraculous joy of novelty.
Letís ask all those pleasures
From the New Year.
Yet, those spilled blood of the past year
Those fires of destruction lit everywhere
Those widowed faces, those new-born orphans
Those paradises lost, those dreams unfulfilled
Hold up! yes, hold up the joy of coming year
On the birth of this New Year
Its joyous crying
Is turning to a mourning of the gone-by year.
And yet, my heart is chanting
In the ears of the new sun
A prayer of peace and love.