Comments by Javed Chaudry on Manfi Quwat

Rubina Sahiba, in your recent column, Manfi Quwat (Negative Forces); you have identified various problems in a society. You did not name the society but it's not hard to guess that you are talking about God forsaken country, Pakistan. The political, social and cultural problems that you have listed are in fact, the effects of a cause, which is: the poor economy. The economic problem by itself may be the mother of many ills, in fact, some thing else is the cause of it, which is poor governance - right from the beginning. The poor governance is indeed attributable to two characteristics
of the rulers that the country has seen one after the other during the last six decades. The military rulers and the civilians, all had some thing in common at varying degrees. They have all been thoroughly incompetent and corrupt. They were all totally devoid of imagination, sensitivity and ignorant of histories of the nations and how they develop. Their deep personal pockets always came in the way of the national interests. Their own greed and need for corruption has created a huge pyramid of organized
corruption system that starts from the president and prime minister including the ministers and the senior bearcats and spirals through all ranks down to the most lowly clerk in any government and semi-government organization or institution. Even the judiciary has not been free of corruption. Not to mention the police departments.

The feudal lords who have been running the country since 1948, after Mr. Jinnah had passed away, are the least suitable lot to run a country. They do not know the first thing about managing a country. The reality is that they do not even have any interest in running the affairs of the country. The only art they are good at is the art of loot and pillage without getting caught. The appalling conditions will not change as long as the thieves and thugs will remain at the helm. The way things are going, it does not look
like that any patriotic and sensible person will ever have a chance to get to the top office to turn things around. The major political parties are a kind of mafia organizations, only another mafia gang can take them head on. Nice gentiles like Imran Khan have little chance to get to the top and overhaul the system and introduce accountability at every level.

Do not feel bad about the partition of the subcontinent. Perhaps it is for the better. If the country had not been split into three portions, the whole country would have had a population of over 1.5 billion, poor, hungry and illiterate people. The only advantage could be that they would not have had a natural enemy in the region, but the social, cultural and economic problems may still be the same, perhaps more complex. At any rate, the partition did take place and we have to make the best of it - there is no
going back to pre-partition state. 

The political leadership is very important to set the direction of the country. The thugs who are running the country today are not political or national leaders by any stretch of imagination. They are simply owners of business entities, incorrectly called the 'political parties'. They have lots of stolen money which they invest into the election campaigns and then recover the investment through corruption. There is no accountability because there is no concept of justice and fair play. Every one is corrupt,
who is going do whose accountability? It's a dog eat dog environment that is taking the country to the dogs.

Javed I. Chaudry