Rubina – “Asian Women and Asian Men” covers good math and counts you did in your unique writing style. However, as your website does not have any “Geographical” limits and this is being accessed/read from coast to coast across the continents by those who like your pen, I feel like to correct not the math but to add a few facts J

I can also “Salute” Marvi and Sheri for their decision they made and finally moved out from mess. However, Rubina: if you think they made decision as they failed to deliver what they promised with their voters or if you think they did this as they had noticed that the government is found not honest or even if they thought their political party not working on  agenda, I regret to say my dear progressive write you are wrong. 

These both faces left their offices as they had been facing issues with their own agenda/goals what they had set for their own benefits. Why Marvi did not see all recorded corruption and criminal things when her “AaLi JaaHa” Pervez Musharaf and a USA Passport holder Prime Minister were playing around? Similarly, why Sheri did not make the right decision at right time when her “Peero MorShid” was found assumed in many issues including his wife murder? 

I do appreciate you have named “Fatima Jinnah”, I understand you did not mean to compile a comprehensive list of women who can be remembered for their moral, character and the service they extended to the Country. I am proud of “Rana Liaqat”, I am honored with my history made by “Shaista Ikram Ullah”, I am sure you also acknowledge all good work that  Mrs. Feeroz Khan Noon did? I can’t count on current Interior Minister but I can count on “Bilqees Edhi” as  she is practically far better than a Pakistan Shame -Rehman Mailk.  

So my mix feelings – you touched based a good point but your comparison is not good. Fatima Jinnah and others I mentioned was “Insaan” first and now we face with “politician” first. I confirm this is equally applicable to Asian men as well. The time when these women and men will become “INSAAN” you would not need to complaint or compare any ratio. I will remain anxious for that time – Meanwhile, I hope you will not drop my privilege to access your website and columns - Good Luck