Rubina – You have correctly listed out flaw of our multi dimensioned culture and society. I was one of them who did not like what we have found over You Tube. The reason I also reacted is not Aamir Liaqat, his language or his act in front of TV Camera as I know same language and dual faces are now our identification though it never appears on our National ID Cards. My only concern was that once Video was released within 02:00 hours he had posted his clarification on Twitter.  This has turned the story to right direction indeed.

A fact of the matter is, if the Video is fake and EDITed, his ignorance would be the best revenge. He also explained that six years old Aamir has now been changed. Now he ends his program with DUAA and he also conducts 27th Ramzan DUAA etc. All his explanation and his recent column technically endorsed that Video is not fake. Who is here to recall if this Video is six years old (as he is now changed and he only speaks Islamic Language), that time he was a clean shave good looking show-biz person and I agree he was not hosting “Binaca Hit Parade” songs program but he was yet engaged with Mazhabi Program.

Just for your information, you have correctly noticed his expensive fashion/designed attire. Let me tell you the history. From Geo to QTV/ARY, his wardrobe is being managed by his wife who is running her Fashion Garment business. Here Aamir is honest – Ghar Ki Bat, Ghar Ka Business Ghar Mein He Reh Raha Hey.

Please keep your good work up.