Rubina sahiba,

I had never heard the name of Amir Lyaqat before until I received an email with a You-Tube link and the subject line reading about some fake scholar. Out of curiosity, I watched the clip for a few minutes and it was not difficult to assess the kind of trash I was looking at. It seems the video has been shared with more or less every one  around the globe within a few days. Only I have received 3 copies of the link from three different people.

As far as using the colorful language is concerned, occasionally, I suppose, most of us end up using when pushed against the wall. But using that language with no justifiable reason and using it as a figure of speech makes this person simply the lowest of the lowest kind riff-raff. I don’t know what is he doctor of, but only today some one mentioned that his degree is fake too. So the guy is caught red handed selling his fake antics. The scholars and responsible people do not behave the way this character is caught doing in front of the camera. I admire the member of his team who was bold enough to uncover yet another fake – I thought all the fakes are in the parliament and various legislative assemblies of Pakistan.

Make no mistake, the people have not forgotten or overlooked the 16 hour electric load shedding or the absence of gas in their kitchens. They have been talking about them ever since the PPP thugs took over, and I am sure they will still be talking about it for the next 10 years. But the discovery of real Amir Lyaqat provides a break in the monotony and provides them with a change of pace with additional entertainment.

From your column, I am having a little difficulty to establish whether you are upset finding that someone can stoop so low as this fake scholar, or are you upset that people are celebrating the discovery of yet another fake?

They will soon forget all about him, but not before he forgets about his deceptive business and looks for a job in a different field that does not expose his face – such as, for example, a clown’s job. The public will never see his real face. As long as he does not repeat his favorite colorful words, people will never know his true identity. He can live happily ever after hiding behind the clown’s mask.