Very excellent views. Thanks. The fact which we deliberately ignore or fail to understand is that Muslims need strict Qanoon (law) with Qazi Courts. In Arabia particulalry Saudi Arabia where I worked in a responsible position as Adm. Officer in a project part alloted to Pakistan (King Khalid Military City, Hafar al Batin ), I came across various incidents in which our workers were caught and punished. One Senior Engineer when he landed his visa had expired by few hours only. But he was sent back. One driver had given a ride to Saudi Family to Dharan in our bus. He was a police officer (SHO) going back after leave. The next day this driver was caught at the intersection of a road when he could not stop his bus before red signal. He was locked up by the Shurta in the same police station where the concerned SHO was posted. But he expressed his inabilty to help him. The driver was finally fined which was paid by the SHO as a gesture.
In Pakistan we need Shurta Police and Qazi or Summary Court system with a new, short, non exploitable, to the point and hard Penal Code instead of the existing bogus and failed Anglo Saxon system of Police and Judiciary along with PPC and other laws depending on lot of paper work, exploitation and litigation. The big Corrupt leaders and Criminals will never be punished as they engage Big and costly advocates who are experts in falsehood, manipulation of cases, altering proofs and evidences, bribing the officials, purchasing the witnesses, obtaining endless adjournments, obtaining bogus leave on medical grounds to big criminals, bails, stay orders, needless arguments and counter arguments, delaying tactics, etc. etc. Mr. Zardari's case continued for 8 years and the judge failed to give a judgement and ultimately Pervez Musharaff fed up with the 'litigation' judicial system let him off. The big Advocates are billionaires as their sole aim is to protect BIG CRIMINALS from punishment through hook or crook. They are the enemies of the law and the country as they don't want law to prevail. It is  anti islamic that a big and costly advocate can get you a favourable judgment as against an average advocate. Hence the duties of advocates should be to assist and help their clients on uniform fixed fee basis. Moreover in our Islamic State no one takes a Oath on Holy Quran in the courts to create Allah's fear. Hence falsehood prevails. But in the West if the advocate indulge in lying, his license is cancelled and is punished under Perjury Law. Not so in our beloved and corrupt country. That is why the corrupt say openly Pakistan is a good country where big criminals are not punished. Hence our corrupt leaders supported by corrupt advocates will never ever change this exploited systems. Only the honest citizens, patriots, intellgentsia, honest media, honest leaders can carry a long struggle to change the entire the police and judicial systems.   
As far as the exploitation of Islam is concerned resulting in extremism, Mullahism, sectarianism, terrorism, suicide bombings, killings of opponents, Maslak and Fiqah differences, blowing up of girls schools, video shops, even barber shops in tribal areas of the North, the only solution is to nationalise all Masajid and Madresahs and ban relgious parties, groups, Tehriks as they instead of projecting Islam and creating unity in our country, have actually divided our people into various sects, Maslak, Fiqah, personal cults, parties, groups, Pirs, Aalims, Faqirs, Aamils, Mazar worship etc. Pakistan is an Islamic State with Islam as a state religion and as such all religious matters, Masajid, Madressahs, religious literature should be the duty of the state not individual and parties as in Arab Countries.     
Syed Sadruddin Hussain,
Rtd. Adm./Legal Offcer, ADA/CAA, Karachi.