Wake up God u made me daughter !!!
“Dear mother where  should I go to for redressal?”

Satre once said that when he wrote, he tried to capture hope amidst gloom. I do succeed in imitating him sometimes, but I usually fail whenever I try to write on  the most beautiful creature on Gods universe-women. Distress pervades the soul invariably  when she becomes my subject. 

I had often heard that the women bestow colour, beauty and vivacity to the world. But nobody ever mentions the price a woman pays for this. Is a man the whole universe and a woman just  a source of his pleasure? A war bounty since centuries, a body to be dishonoured after the opponent falls in the battlefield. Women are now fatigued and sapped after fighting for their rights since times immemorial. It is still a moot point among armies whether the enemy is actually defeated after killing more of its soldiers or by dishonouring more of its women. In recent conflicts, it is still a norm to order soldiers to not only destroy the enemy embankments but also to dishonor their women and dilute their race. 

According to a saying, one has to endure life even when one does not want to. This is how those innocent young girls would feel who are molested with increasing frequency in India and Pakistan. The news about gang rapes of these  young souls- who yet do not know the meanings of life, death, beauty, ugliness and terror,  can  destroy ones  sanity.  In a recent incident, a 5 year old girl was thrown in front of Ganga Raam hospital after having been subjected to heinous barbarism for hours. As if the act was not immoral enough, news hungry 24/7 channels converted the episodes into breaking news, spreading sensationalism instead of remorse and introspection. In a society at an all time moral low, many would see crimes against 5 year olds a precedent to be followed.

Gross insensitivity and selfishness pervades our society. Numb lips remain static-they don’t open to  say yes or close to say no. Only a few protested over the crimes, and the media made the lives of the victims a public theatre. Sara Shagufta has said,
Whenever someone  hurts you
Name the hurt a daughter
I was afraid when you were born beti
Then I was afraid forever beti

I am sure these suffering girls also constitute a small part of the public ruled by the “Supreme Khadim” or the “Supreme Leader.” Would he sometimes ponder why the rickshaw driver of Salamatpur threw his daughter Zeenat into the Ravi-her mother could not save the crying, wailing  child.

Women have been suffering since centuries. Mother, daughter, then the daugher’s daughter have arrived and gone, but the suffering continues in one shape or another. In the time of the prophet (mpbuh), a person came to him after burying his daughter and narrated that whenever his clothes became muddy during the digging of the grave, his young daughter repeatedly dusted his clothes with her tiny hands till he buried her. Earlier they used to bury her, now they throw her into a river, or in front of a rushing train, like in Sheikhupura recently, when a father placed his twin daughters on the rail track only to be rescued and transferred to an Eidhi Swing, which beseeches, “Don’t murder them, put them in this couch of unknown parenthood.”

Is woman the source of beauty in the universe? No, she is a just an amusement. Nobody knows her pain. Acid throwing incidents causing gross disfigurement are common. A film made on such abuse won an Oscar for an educated Pakistani woman, but nothing much has been done to stop and prevent such incidents. Disfigured faces are seldom restored. Such incidents fill the appetite of the news cycle and civil society, but do not inspire remedial reforms in the police and judiciary.

The daughter in Mughalpura who endured the barbarians starts crying hysterically  when she sees her mother. She is so young and innocent that she would not be able to identify the beasts who violated her even if she saw them. But her young tears ask her mother-“Dear mother where  should I go to for redressal?”

These little angels, who are subjected to  rape, acid attacks, are thrown in raging waters or in front of rushing trains- they are the honour of our nation. Their names must be kept secret sacred, but  as per Mujibur Rehman Shami, the beasts who perpetrate crimes against these angels  should be thrown in front of wild dogs, and then their torn and separated body parts should  form part of the “breaking news” that  a woman is indeed a symbol of honour and beauty for us, and those who desecrate her would be cut into pieces for deterrence.( translated by Imran Ali ) .