Rubina Faisal's Column Oct. 07, 2013

It is not just the teaching profession but every aspect of life is upside down and out of kilter in Pakistan. In fact it has been like that for decades. The education system is suffering along with all other systems in that country. The reason is simple poor or non-extent governance. A handful few families own the politics who take turns in ruling the country like a game of musical chairs. They make sure that they keep the public poor, illiterate, hand to mouth and confused. The public is so backward and devoid of the capacity to think for themselves and like idiots, set out to vote the same, tried and true thugs and thieves who have been assessed and evaluated time and again to be totally useless and selfish and yet, the public goes out to elect them. I bet, 5 years from now the PPP thugs will be elected and they will still be as useless as ever but the general public will fail to learn any lesson from the history. Since they refuse to learn a lesson from their own history, they are condemned to relive it again and again.

What you have written on the education system and the teachers, you could write on almost any other discipline in Pakistan it will apply The whole country is being dismantled brick by brick.

The education and health system are supposed to be the responsibility of the state, but only when the rulers have interest and concern for nation building. The cycle of thugs and their monopoly over the political institutions cannot break unless the public refuses to go out and vote for parties like PML (A to Z), PPP, MQM, ANP and various Mullah parties. People should stay home and must boycott the elections when they see the same thugs or their family members keep running in the elections year after year.

Javed Chaudry