Nice column, it applies not only to the current government but to all which we had the misfortune to put up with, since 1948.  The civilian rulers have always cashed in on the innocence and the ignorance of the people at large, especially those not well educated as well as the intellectually challenged educated ones. The military rulers received their legitimacy through the public hope because they mistook them as the messiahs who might liberate them from the feudal lords. It’s too bad, both types of rulers thoroughly disappointed the public in more ways than one can count. The corruption, ineptness and the incompetence have been the hall mark of each and every regime. Not one could deliver a thing out of whatever they had promised to deliver. Each regime turned out to be a charade and a deception on every account. None took the trouble to learn any lessons from the history. They were all autocrats and dictators in their own right, but somehow, it has become a general practice to call those in the uniform as dictators. Was Z. Bhutto  any less of a dictator? I identify them as the regimes with or without uniform, their behavior has been equally dictatorial. Bhutto’s grandson is busy these days to learn the ropes of the business to inherit the family dynasty. The country of 180 people has been written off like a stable of horses that gets inherited by a select few. It’s high time for the people of that country to start thinking out of the box.

According the Dr. Shahid Masood, The American Senate Intelligence committee recons that there is a good chance of another coup in Pakistan this year. This may be so because the Sharif and family appears to be sort of paralyzed and has not been able to do a thing while there is plenty to be done in that chaotic and terrorist infested country, Pakistan which has been turned into everything but safe for anyone. Here is the link for Dr. Shahid Masood’s recent talk show.