In Pakistan

Name your agony a daughter

The column depicts a very serious social problem that exists in poor, 3rd world countries such as Pakistan, India and many others. These behavioral problems have persisted for decades in those societies and only getting worse with time.

Pakistan is a country where a large majority of people have no education, they are  brought up in poverty stricken substandard family environment, they have no hope to lead a better life. The socio-cultural problems coupled with the lawlessness and anarchical conditions in which they live; it is only natural to experience the sexual violations that regularly take place along with millions of other unethical and law breaking incidents at every level of the public life. 

The social life cannot be improved without education and good economic conditions. These two requirements cannot be met unless the society has means of a sound source of income for every individual in the country through business activities, industry or vast natural resources which are being fully exploited for the benefit of everyone in the country.

The current government, like all others during the last six decades is indifferent to every  national issue, is thoroughly incompetent and inept. They have no plan to improve anything in the country. In most cases, they are not even good enough to pay a mere lip service to any of the serious issues.

The police and judiciary are totally politicized, they provide no protection or justice to the ordinary people. They are sold to the highest bidders. Poor people cannot afford to buy justice it is simple as that. When it comes to the incidents like rape, the legal system is moronically tilted in favor of men. The rape victims often end up in prison. The lawmakers are generally semi-literate feudal lords or Mullahs who confuse the  religious dogmas with Islam. In fact, Islam does not exist in Pakistan. The man made rituals and dogmas have taken the place of Islam.

The life in Pakistan for ordinary citizen will never improve unless a fundamental change in the government system is not implemented. None of the present day political parties are good enough to serve the country. All the political parties and the Mullah mafias need to be disbarred from the government system. The government needs to have highly educated people elected on a party-less system that requires no money for election campaigns. This is the only way the country can be improved to provide help for the ordinary person on the street.  

Javed Chaudry 

March 23, 2014