Dear Rubina,

Disregarding the long term issues of first class cricket structure, lack of international cricket and poor fitness levels (and hence fielding) of our players, when it came to the tactical analysis of our team's performance in this world cup, I would say the following:
Given that we had such a poor batting display, I think that we did well to get to quarter finals. Effort put in by our bowlers, the way they were handled by Misbah and coached by Waqar (let's give him his due where it is fair to do so), were all exceptional. The 'jazba' shown by our bowlers was extraordinary. This, remember was the second string bowling attack that we could put together. Their display is a proof of the depth of talent that we have in that department.
Our game against South Africa brought tremendous joy to us. Of course mainly because we won but also because this game re established our belief and pride in our fast bowlers. We also lived up to our reputation of having a mercurial talent. Something I feel we give as much importance to, as we give to winning. At the expense of our long time suffering fans, we would rather be outrageously unpredictable and interesting to watch  rather than showing boring, solid consistent performance!

Let's hope that the performance shown by Wahab turns out to be the starting point of a long and consistent patch of his career. Aqib Javed has shown to have a good coaching mind. He ought to be engaged by PCB so that he can continue to work on emerging bowlers. Ehsan Adil and Sohail Khan both have enough potential, which if coached correctly, could turn them to world class fast bowlers. Mohammad Asif, remember was one of many above average bowlers when he started. It was mainly Aqib's coaching that made him a world class A strike bowler. His loss, I am convinced, was the biggest loss to Pakistan cricket after the match fixing fiasco. But then that, is a separate discussion.

In the QF against Australia, we tried to play attacking cricket, but were just not good enough. We tried to take the game to Australia by aiming to score 300 runs. May be Misbah and our think tank in charge of deciding game strategy should have realised that our bowling attack could defend 250 odd score as effectively as other teams defend 300. We should also have known that despite our best efforts, the only time when we scored 300 plus was against part time players of the UAE. To think that somehow, we could break the mould and would score 300 plus against the likes of Starc and Johnson was a bit barmy. Misbah, Afridi and Akmal got out trying to hit balls over the cow corner which they did not need to do. I think that they played their shots as they were trying to do too much. May be that is exactly what Australia wanted us to do. We could have played to our strengths and played in the old fashioned way. But then it is always easy to be wise with the 20/20 vision of hindsight.

In our batting, we have got to think why our batsmen can not effectively rotate strike. Tapping balls in gaps and running aggressively are skills that our batting coaches have got to work on. Agreed that these are not easy to learn and practice but you have got to do what you got to do. Shehzad and Akmal are both talented enough to mould their batting in this way.I personally have been rather disappointed with Sohaib Maqsood and have not been impressed with the batting potential of Haris Sohail. Fawad Alam, provided his integrity could be assured, ought to be preferred ahead of both of them.

And finally, we come to fielding. Traditionally, our Achilles heel. If Bangladesh and Sri Lanka can improve in this department, surely we can too. Would need regular physical training sessions, cultural change, provision of good grounds and dedication. All under the watchful eyes of a proper fielding coach. The old men of our team, Misbah, Younas and Afridi were also, easily, the best fielders. Reason of course being that all three were fitness freaks. If you want to succeed at international level, then you have GOT to work hard. That is where, I would again mark down Sohaib Maqsood. Laziness can not and should not be tolerated. Historically, our team because of sloppy fielding gives away 25 or more singles and because of poor running between wickets, fails to take at least 25 runs. That's 50 runs straightaway. You just CAN NOT keep on doing this and still hope to win.