The Wave of Terrorism in Pakistan
By:  Dr. Maqsood Jafri, New York 

The column of Rubina Faisal of Canada expressed her deep grief and agony of the terrorists' bloody activities in Pakistan. She strongly condemned this inhumane killings and criticized the government for not taking sufficient acts to contain terrorism. I appreciate her sentiments for peace and non-violence, but I humbly submit that the present wake of terrorism is like a flickering flame of a candle. It is no more than a fluttering boat bound to sink.  In unity we stand, and in disunity we fall. I am confident that our valiant army will weed out all havens of the terrorists and soon maintain peace in the region. An American general is reported to have said that the suicide bombing is a lethal modern device difficult to contain. The  present civilian government and Pakistan Army are all out to crush the terrorists in the large interest of the country. There cannot be two opinions about the verity that Pakistan can only survive as a democratic, progressive, and moderate state. There is not a shred of doubt that the founder of Pakistan, Mr. Jinnah, desired to make a modern Islamic state. He was an enlightened person, and so was Dr. Allah Iqbal. Both aspired for a Muslim state based on freedom, democracy, and justice. They rejected obdurate theocracy and radicalism. On the other hand, the religious lot, like Hussain Ahmed Madani of Deoband and Attaullah Shah Bokhari, opposed the idea of Pakistan. On the political front, the hard-liners, like Abul Kalam Azad, Allama Anayatullah Mashraqi, Bacha Khan, Sheikh Abdullah, Abdul Samad Achaikzai, G.M. Syed and many others, opposed Mr. Jinnah. It is very tragic that not a single Hindu political or religious leader supported the genuine cause of the Muslims for a separate Muslim state  in the sub continent, but unfortunately some so-called Muslim leaders, for their petty gains, sided with Gandhi and Nehru. Today the followers of those people with the covert support of India are involved in the terrorist activities. 

Last week, I received an e-mail of Family of the Heart from Toronto in which Anis Zuberi praised the political wisdom of Abul Kalam Azad who, in his posthumously published book India Wins Freedom, predicted the dismemberment of Pakistan. To my astonishment, I received the follow-up of some Pakistanis supporting the political sagacity of Moulana Azad and criticizing Mr. Jinnah for making a truncated state. These people forget that Pakistan emerged out of the spin and sloth of the Hindus for Muslims.  The political treacheries of Nehru and Patel are the root cause of the creation of Pakistan. Lady Sarojeny Naido regarded Mr. Jinnah as the ambassador of unity between the Muslims and Hindus. How was it that the same ambassador of unity stood up and demanded a separate Muslim state?  The apt answer can be found in the recently published book of the former foreign minister of India, Mr. Jaswant Singh. In his book, he praised the great and honest leadership of Mr. Jinnah and blamed Mr. Nehru for his indurating attitude toward Muslims. Mr. Jaswant Singh was expelled from BJP for writing truth. The Hindu extremists caused the emergence of Pakistan. Their hatred for the Muslims is still visible from their attitude. When the Babri mosque was demolished, it was the exposure of Hindu extremism. Eminent Hindu secular journalist Mr. Kuldip Nayyer, in one of his latest columns, accused Mr. Murli Manohar Joshi, Mr. L. K. Advani, and Mr. Vajpayee for  conspiring for the demolition of Babri mosque. He writes that when he contacted Mr. Vajpayee and asked him for his views on this incident, he replied that the construction of the temple was necessary at the place of mosque. He even unmasked the false face of Indian secularism by writing that the then Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narasimha Rao, when contacted to issue the orders to stop this invasion on Babri mosque, declined to talk to media. We were told, Mr. Kuldip Nayyer writes, that the  Prime Minister was busy in pooja (prayers). He was praying in a Hindu temple while a Muslim mosque was being demolished, and his aversion gave his silent consent to desecrate the holy place of the people of the other faith. This is the real face of Hindu secularism. What did India do in Gujrat?  What about the incident of Somjhota Express?  Hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims were butchered by the Hindu hard-liners. The predators even did not spare the children and the ladies. What is India doing in Kashmir? It is all bloodshed and bloodbath. Is it Indian democracy that the docile and defenseless Kashmiris are being denied their innate right to self- determination?  

So far as Moulana Azad is concerned, he remained the president of Indian National congress from 1940 to 1946. His Urdu book Ghubar-e- Khatar is a literary masterpiece. We cannot ignore his religious and literary status, but we cannot admire his anti-Pakistan stance. In November 2008, in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, the Academy of Letters arranged the book launch of my Urdu columns, Chargh-e-Afkar, which in English means The Lamp of Thoughts. Senator Akram Zaki, the former Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan, who happens to be a good poet and scholar as well, presided over the function. In his presidential speech, he said that, after the Ghubar-e- Khatar of Moulana Azad, Charagh-e- Afkar of Maqsood Jafri has impressed him as far as the literary style is concerned, but as far as the novelty of thought is concerned, Maqsood Jafri is the Voltaire of our time. It  was his greatness to say that. Afterwards, I said that I would never like to be compared with Moulana Azad who was only a show boy and a toy in the hands of Nehru. 

While discussing the present wave of terrorism in Pakistan, I am naturally driven or drifted  towards India. It is my considered opinion that the so-called prophecies associated with Moulana Azad's book posthumously published are fake. They have been included in his book by the Hindu publisher intentionally just to cast him as a sage and a seer and to deride the political wisdom of Mr. Jinnah. Moulana Azad by faith was a Salfi. The Deobandi clergy opposed the very idea of Pakistan. Moulana Hussain Ahmed Madani was one of them. Dr. Allama Iqbal, in one of his Persian poems, addressed him and refuted his views. Some of the neutral political analysts are of the opinion that when the Pakistani students go to Deoband for studying religion, they are approached by the Indian Intelligence Agency RAW. They are brainwashed by the purchased mullahs. These elements unconsciously play into the hands of the mischief mongers. Some analysts suggest that the government of Pakistan should stop the visit of Pakistani students to Deoband if it wants to wane the religious extremism in Pakistan. 

Indian sane leadership must prevail on the policy makers that the destruction of Pakistan will eventually destroy India. Both the countries need peace and harmony for the better future of their coming generations. The people of both countries are prey to disease, illiteracy, poverty, and backwardness. The disdainful attitude will never serve the purpose. We are neighboring countries, and we must live like good friends.  The intelligence agencies of both countries must not be involved in terrorist activities. The Kashmir issue must be resolved amicably under the UN resolutions. India, with the collaboration of Israel, is planning to dismember Pakistan. If, God forbid, Pakistan is dismembered, then the Indian solidarity will be also at stake.  Thirty-eight movements of insurgency are in India. Pakistan and India must learn a lesson from our past bitter history. I strongly appeal to the intelligentsia of both countries to come forward to save the poor people from agony and plight.

The military rulers of Pakistan brought misery and destruction to Pakistan. After the death of Quaid-e- Azam and Liaqat Ali Khan, our civil bureaucracy seized the power. People like Ghulam Mohammad became our rulers, and then General Zia pushed our country into the dyke of destruction. He wanted to linger in his unlawful rule and unnecessarily involved our country in the American and the Russian tug of war in Afghanistan. Daud Khan had a slight tilt to America. Russia got annoyed and alarmed. It was entirely the internal matter of Afghanistan. General Zia should have desisted from poking his nose into their affairs. It is he who has to be blamed for religious extremism, sectarianism, and terrorism. To date, we are bathing in our own blood. Pakistan is under attack. Daily our cities are bombed. The innocent people are targeted. Under the circumstances, the present government is sincerely crusading against the terrorists. What else could be done?  The patriots should  give suggestions to control the situation. It is unfair to criticize the law enforcing agencies. Pakistan should talk to the American government in clear terms about the India/Israel collaboration to damage Pakistan. Pakistan should also ask America to stop Indian interference in Pakistan via Afghanistan. The Indian Consulates in Afghanistan are supporting the insurgents. If America really wants to crush the terrorists, it will have to seal the open border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The intrusion of China to contain the terrorists can be very helpful for Pakistan. China is the tested friend of Pakistan, and we must take her into confidence to contain terrorism and to stop the war threats from India. 

America should have no objection to seeking help from China. The goal is common.  We have to purge the world from the extremists and terrorists. We are the stake holders. We are suffering. We are bleeding. We need international help. We have to knock at all doors. It can only be done by democratic governments. Any move or conspiracy to finish the present democratic government will bring irreparable loss. The army cannot succeed in this noble mission without the support of the people. Let us join all to eradicate the roots of extremism and terrorism with the power of a democratic and constitutional government. The pitfalls, loopholes, shortcomings, and  the weakness in the governance can be eliminated by suggestions and support, not by undemocratic maneuvers and conspiracies.