Dear Rubina Sahiba,

You have received three letters from concerned Pakistanis, who are looking for answers to their questions, the questions are related to Pakistan s insolvent socio-economic condition and God forsaken political culture. The problems are of course, quite obvious, the solutions may not be so clear. The implementation of any proposed solution would indeed be quite difficult as the thugs in power would not allow any development to take place that can put them out of business.

The first question from the first e-mail, in fact, is not a question, it is a statement claiming that every one knows what the problems are. Well, in that case, what are the problems? What is holding them back from coming up with the solutions? Are they sure they really know what the problems are?

The second question is an inquiry to determine why the people of Pakistan are avoiding the red revolution, perhaps referring to a bloody revolution. May they are patient people, want to wait for a peaceful solution.

The third question is if the intellectuals have ever given it a thought as to why the Pakistani people are getting worst off with the passage of time? The things can only deteriorate in time when the country is being ruled by incompetent people for decades in a row.

The fourth question: Has any one given it a thought as to why no leaders are created in Pakistan ?

The second e-mail describes the story of political workers and politicians such as Kaira and others. The related problems are nothing but typical tales of Pakistani political culture that runs on deceit and sham. Their political behaviors are interlinked; the origin of all of them is the same, which is, personal greed, incompetence and sole interest of creating personal riches at the cost of the country. They deliver nothing to the public, but create plenty for their own pockets and their foreign bank accounts. There is no accountability for the government officials and a system of check and balance simply does not exists.

In my opinion, all questions and concerns are related to each other and same causes are responsible for creating the problems and to sustain them. Unwittingly, the people of Pakistan are, to some extent, part of the problem although not consciously. Their fault is that they vote for same thugs for whom they have voted in the past. Pakistanis must refrain from relying upon already known incompetent and corrupt politicians. None of them is a leader of a caliber of any significance and the public must not rely on their sales pitch. They will be useless tomorrow as they were yesterday.

There are hundreds of problems but a single root cause for all of them - thieves and thugs pose as leaders and politicians who have a monopoly on buying the votes that leads to inadequate governance once they get into the office. In the 63 year history of Pakistan , the country has been ruled by both, the military as well as the civilian rulers. Each one was as bad as the other, the present ruling party is by far the worst in the history of Pakistan . The inept and incompetent governments are the main root cause for all the problems of Pakistan .

At a minimum, the executive running a country must have the following attributes:

Education and experience of running business,
Passion for providing justice and equity for all,
Strong interest in, and respect for science and scientists, and
Robust plans to deploy the best technocrats to achieve self-sufficiency for the country in all areas of science and technology.

Other than Jinnah , Pakistan never had a ruling individual or a party that possessed the attributes, listed above. No wonder the country is in a miserable state today. The present government is really digging the (economic) hole at a rapid rate. If they manage to hang around for another three years, Pakistan may never recover from its losses and its enemies may break it into several pieces to fulfill their own geopolitical goals.

The poor governance has been the problem all along. But at present, there is simply no governance at all. The rulers with fake degrees are busy in the loot and pillage of the national assets. Their official salaries and frills are no less than a loot when compared with the income of the average person; most of whom have no clean drinking water, electricity for only 4-6 hours in every 24 hours and poor health and education system. The businesses and factories are folding up due to electricity shortage.

Most of these problems have existed for decades, but now the magnitude of the problems is much greater than ever before. The population is increasing rapidly while the resources are dwindling at the same rate. The rulers fill their own pockets and disappear from the scene. The next set of thugs move into the office and repeat the process of plunder. In the end, the poor Pakistani public is left behind holding an empty bag.

The real question here is what to do about the lack of governance and how to get rid of the thugs?

There are solutions, but not easy to implement. No meaningful solution can be implemented under the present system. In theory, the present system is supposed to be a parliamentary democracy, in reality it is far from it, it is a farce. It is a civilian dictatorship, a kind of oligarchy, whereby a small group of individuals have all the powers like a dictator. All members of this group are complicit in robbing the public in broad day light under the pretense of democracy. The present day so called democracy was introduced via NRO. Since NRO has been declared null and void, the voting system that brought the present rulers in power should also be declared null and void and the public must demand for new elections.

One man one vote only works if the voters are educated and knowledgeable about the system and are in a position to assess and evaluate the political candidates. Giving the voting rights to those who are totally illiterate, only results in electing people like Jamshed Dasti with fake degrees and other semiliterate, the parliament is full of them. With this level of intellect, they cannot be expected to run a government for 170 million people in modern times.

The Pakistani voters must refuse to vote for any one who has been in politics before and is known to be incompetent and corrupt. There is hardly any point in trying them again. This goes for more or less all the major parties that exist today. No one should vote for any individual who has been in power in the past or at present. Their performance is known, why to repeat a mistake. There are those who want to get into the PM office the third time. The public must refrain from supporting them. If they bring them in power again, they will be as useless in the future as they have been in the past.

A revolution is required to ban all the current politicians for life who are in the parliament today. Perhaps a military dictator who possesses those attributes, listed above can come in to set a new political direction and save the country from a complete collapse which is imminent for Pakistan .

The bottom line is that one has to be either selective about the voters, or be selective about the politicians running for public offices. The present feudal system works only in favor of the feudal lords and does not serve the public. A party where the leadership is inherited via a will is totally unacceptable and dangerous for the country; the proof is in the pudding and Pakistanis are eating that pudding right now. Pakistani public must refrain from supporting the family dynasties posed as political parties.

There is no shortage of highly intelligent, educated, patriotic and competent people in Pakistan . There is no shortage of leadership either, but the problem is that the present feudal system will not allow any good man to rise and take charge to turn around the fate of the nation. Imran Khan is perhaps the best example. He will never get any where without being able to spend billions of rupees to buy his political clout. The corrupt political old hands have already stolen so much money over the years that they can afford to invest a small portion of the loot to buy support, create their clout and pull in the votes from the illiterate villagrs. Have you not noticed, it is mostly the same handful of individuals who are in and out of the parliament? In most cases, the business of the national loot has become a family dynasty and the public offices are handed down from father to son as if the country is their personal property. It is the responsibility of the Pakistani public to ensure that they do not encourage the political parties to become family owned dynasties.

Pakistani public must think outside the box and devise a political democratic method that can be operated independent of money. The system must allow ordinary but highly educated people (non-feudal lords) to run without the need of buying the political clout. The feudal lords and their army of paid help brings in truck and bus loads of villagers and other illiterate cross-section of the country and instruct them to deposit their ballet papers in a particular ballot box. This is how the feudal system works and wins elections every time. The feudal system works for rich political families only, certainly not for ordinary Pakistanis. The feudal families need to be removed and banned from the political system of Pakistan . They have destroyed the country, the country cannot afford to allow them to pretend to be the national leaders, which of course they are not.

Under the present and very unfortunate circumstances, it is highly desirable to hope that a patriotic and an intelligent military dictator would come in and ban all the current politicians and at the same time allow only those to vote who are educated citizens. The system can revert to one man one vote, when every one is educated to at least Grade 10 level; it may take another 100 years.

In future, the Pakistani public must refuse to vote for any one who has been a politician in the current feudal system or any one who represents any of the political parties currently in the parliament. These unscrupulous politicians have been tried in the office, there is no point in bringing them back again. Pakistanis keep putting the wolves in charge of the hen house. They must learn from their mistakes they must not vote for these people again.

Furthermore, Pakistani public must support the recent Supreme Court notice to the president about the dual office which he is holding. The constitution requires the president to be independent of all political parties and partisan interests. Not only that he cannot be an office bearer of a political party, he cannot even be a member and supporter of any. In a parliamentary system, the positions of the president and the provincial governors are of non-political nature. When is Pakistani public going to learn these important but subtle points?

Remember, the Pakistani voters have put the clowns in offices where they do not belong. It is the duty of the Pakistani public to remove them as early as possible before the country is totally destroyed and they must never vote for them again. This is how Pakistanis can help themselves and their country.

In case the army is unable to fix the political problems, as did Kamal Ataturk in Turkey some 80 years ago, then the public must carry out peaceful demonstrations in every city and demand for new elections to get rid of the present NRO improvised government. They should be ready to go to the level of civil disobedience until their demands are met and the present thugs are forced to leave the high offices. It is worth repeating that any new election, whenever held, will only bring useful results if the public refrains from voting for any of the present day politicians, whether in the government or in the opposition.

Javed Chaudry