Rubina Sahiba,


I share your sentiments about what is happening in Pakistan. There are disasters, no matter which way you turn. It is indeed very painful. But regretfully, Pakistan is a grand example of ‘blind leading the blind’. The country falls from under the control of one set of political mafia to another, and the process keeps repeating itself decade after decade. Judging from the sense of responsibility and the level of competence, the present day rulers are by far the worst than the country ever had the misfortune to be ruled by. These are the thugs who are the NRO beneficiaries and playing the game as set forth by the Anglo-American forces to destabilize the country in the interest of certain imperialistic geo-political gains that the American have planned for the region.


The natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods and storms hit more or less all countries, but the lack of proper management in every walk of life in Pakistan simply adds to the problems of the general public.


Pakistan has plenty of intelligent people in all sorts of scientific fields but their deployment and the proper use of natural resources depends on the rulers who have absolutely no competence in running the affairs of the state in any meaningful way.


Its funny that the Americans threatened Pakistan to fall in line after 9/11 or be ready to be bombed back to the stone age. Judging from the rulers, the country is already in the stone age. Most of the thugs who are currently sitting in the parliament are hopelessly incompetent and ignorant about the needs of the country and how to plan for the future. Not one of them has any knowledge or interest in science and technology and how to apply it to improve the economy and standard of life of the general public. The disciplines such as, the town planning, flood management, water resource management and power generation are some of the areas on which no attention has been paid for decades. Some improvements were made during Ayub days, but very little has been done during the last 40 years.


Regarding the recent Air Blue crash on Margala Hills, it will take several months for the experts to study the black box recorders before the final report will be known but a few comments may be in order even now. According to the papers, it has been revealed that the captain of the fateful flight, although very experienced, suffered from diabetes and hypertension (a consequence of diabetes in many cases). The question of pilot fatigue was also raised. It was also mentioned that the first officer (co-pilot) on that flight had very limited experience. I must mention here that according to Transport Canada and the American FAA rules, a diabetes patient is never allowed to fly as an airline pilot. So much so, in Canada (I suppose, same applies in other developed countries) even a bus driver loses his license to drive a public (fair paying passenger) vehicle, let alone an airline pilot. Being an avid aviation enthusiast, I find it highly irregular to see an over 60 years old diabetic patient as the captain of a large airliner. Although it is premature, but I will have to say that human factor appears to be the main cause of the crash. The problem goes back to the mismanagement and incompetence of authorities at all levels in Pakistan, hence, the deep hole that the country has dug up for itself.