Her Excellency hounerable

Salam ap kay colom main aaj anousoon ki barsat jari karwa di
hamary muashry main khawateen asay colom naheen likhteen ap ka colom nazim hikmat ki nazam haye faiz ka marsiya haye habib jalib ki inqalabi gazal haye
ap mansoor halaj hoo ? ap sarmad hoo ? ap dara shakoo ho ?
main ap kay qalam ki abroo ki istaqamat kay liye dua karta hun agar sari khawateen ki soch asi hoo jaye es muashary main inqelab ajaye aga main aap ki gurat e gunah ko baar baar salam kar raha hun mjhy es colom saye nisbat es liye haye civil rights human rights kay liye main naye bhi sahiwal jail ki yatra ki haye zindgi main esa koi kam naheen kiya jiss saye ap ko nidamat hoo
Special note
Zindgi qounain ki goli ki mutradif thi
lakin kabhi mounh naheen naheen banaya
Dear Madam,

I have read your article relating the above subject in the daily Nawa-e-Waqt of today. I appreciate your article and wish you to write something about education and educational institutions in Pakistan. According to my observation and experience the educational institutions have become a commercial industry. This industry is seen everywhere in every street and established in residential houses. In British days no school was recognized and registered if its building was not shaped like English words E or H. Similarly playgrounds and libraries were the most essential requirements of schools. Here in Pakistan there is no uniformity in courses and fees etc. Everybody is at liberty to charge any amount under the garb of "English Medium". It appears that the Ministry of Educations enjoys a sound sleep right from 1947 till date.

Thanks & Regards
Syed Arshad Hussain
my humble friend Robina Faisal .
Aslam Alikum Robina Sahiba
Ap kon hain .
apny aj kalum likha hai ye 2014 ka sub say bara kalum hai apny ghazab kar dia hai. wo b navay wqat main
Dastik: really good column. nation needs writers like you.
A woman is mother , daughter.
Go on writing.
God bless you with the courage u have.
Husnain Madrid
Subject: Bati
I have gone through your column Bati in daily nawa e waqat. The language is too harsh. Please be polite.
Raja m afsar
Respected Maidam ,
I did read ur column baiti in nawa e waqat . I do belong to the area Mir Hazar Khan ,same of the Amna the victome. I did complete my M.Phill and Gender Issues remained my topic of interest and also part of my thesis. the event of Amna seems an un-intential effort to break the social barears. I do appreciate such efforts. Although there are some other aspects of the events which may be/ must be kept in mind..when ever u feel the need to clear those aspacts( and u will not) I'll appreciate ur courage..
Rashid Zaffar Laghari
Dear Rubina,
You have done your job very well. You might be responsible to say Azan but how many Namazi comes its not your duty. Keep enlightening people and knocking at closed doors which are still not locked and need push. DATA Sahib quoted "you are not responsible for Jaza & Saza". Pl remember you are among those who are delighted to shout "zinda bad", do nothing but look busy. When both ruling parties heads are brothers, who can challenge them. It may be the time of dust, filth, garbage and epidemics but surely the rain would come and wash things. I am deeply impressed because you rasied true voice of true and loyal Pakistanis.
Marvellour and commendable job. Thanks for inimitable work.

assalamu alaikum
i agree with ur point of view...shehr k logon ki khush qismati hoti agr wo lineman ki baat maan lete...
aik aur baat add karna chahon gi k jin bastion ko Allah ne ibrat ka nishan banaya wahan ja kar Allah k azab se panah mangne k bajaye, aaqbat naandesh ulta wahan khail tamasha barpa kar rahe hain
Nabi Pak SAW ne perished nations k ruins k paas se na guzarne ya wahan se rotay aur istighfar karte huay guzarne ka hukam dia tha......kuja k fun???
may Allah subhana wa Ta'aala protect us and shower His mercy upon us all

Sana Zafar

I use to read your columns occasionally and most of contents inspired me, one could say that you are an experienced columnist. The issue which provoked me to write this mail to you is your recent interview with professor dr. Tahir ul Qadri known as mullah container after his last year peaceful jehad in Pakistan . I don't know under what circumstances you are compelled to interview this person who's own personality is very questionable within his own statements . If you believe this Maulanna is the champion of Islamic democracy which is not more than an eyewash to me then please disregard this mail. Why you did not ask him that gen Perwaiz Musharaf historic decision for helping infidels against a Muslim neighbor country stands at what level of jihad. Writing columns or doing any activity which is seen and judged by masses and could be a trend setter is a huge responsibility if any one propagates a hidden agenda his or her eternal companionship will be with same group. There are so many things controversial in my mind about Tahir Qadri which I do not think are even appropriate to write . I am living in Toronto for last 18 years may be if I get a chance to see you in person could discuss with you. You are a good writer with a vivid point of view about socioeconomic justice, my Humble request to you is stay away from scholars who ready sold our religion. It not worth talking them or showing there point of view on media.

Mohammad Arshad  Butt
Dear Rubina

My compliments on the way you conducted the article this morning. You have an ability to stay cool and help opposing readers reach agreement with words to address the situation with hidden truth. It is a pleasure to read your article. Thanks for helping us all find the best solution.

Aseer Khan
It is not just the teaching profession but every aspect of life is upside down and out of kilter in Pakistan. In fact it has been like that for decades. The education system is suffering along with all other systems in that country. The reason is simple – poor or non-extent governance. A handful few families own the politics who take turns in ruling the country like a game of musical chairs. They make sure that they keep the public poor, illiterate, hand to mouth and confused. The public is so backward and devoid of the capacity to think for themselves and like idiots, set out to vote the same, tried and true thugs and thieves who have been assessed and evaluated time and again to be totally useless and selfish and yet, the public goes out to elect them. I bet, 5 years from now the PPP thugs will be elected and they will still be as useless as ever but the general public will fail to learn any lesson from the history. Since they refuse to learn a lesson from their own history, they are condemned to relive it again and again.

What you have written on the education system and the teachers, you could write on almost any other discipline in Pakistan – it will apply – The whole country is being dismantled brick by brick.

The education and health system are supposed to be the responsibility of the state, but only when the rulers have interest and concern for nation building. The cycle of thugs and their monopoly over the political institutions cannot break unless the public refuses to go out and vote for parties like PML (A to Z), PPP, MQM, ANP and various Mullah parties. People should stay home and must boycott the elections when they see the same thugs or their family members keep running in the elections year after year.

Javed Chaudry
reference newspaper dated12.09.2013.
The exaple of tomato is simple but very heart touching and powerful to explain the difficulties of poor people.I repeated observed very closely that these difficulties are excessively available for poor people.I think that the writer of this article is symptetic and kind hearted personality.
Rafiq Javaid
AOA dear Sister,
I often read your column in daily news paper nawa-i- waqt. Today I read your writing early in the morning and decided to mail you. I request you to continue this kind of topics which really reflect our sick society's picture. unfortunately, the difference between rich and poor is increasing rapidly and no one is bothering. Perhaps this is going to be the possible biggest issue. Anyhow, I almost read all your essays and really felt them.

Plz carry on with kind heart for poor and needy.
remember me in your Prayers.
Best Regards
Dear Robina Sahiba
Assalamu Alaikum Rubina Faisal Sahiba.You have written very excellent column today.I totally agree with you.Well done and keep it up. Rana Talib
salam. mera name ikramullahkhan hay aur main mianwali ka rhney wala hoon but is waqat hum krl kahuta,rawalpindi main rhty hain.main ney ap ka artical newspaper main para (dastak) acha laga .so like u and u r job .is waqt mian govt.drgree college main parta hoon .main chata hoon k humary college mian jo problems hain un k bary ap ko inform karo .baki ap k jawab ka intazar ho ga..........
Hi, the first part of ur column is based on hate India technically and the later part u admit tht we are in search of our identity. Can u plz read, The Idea of Pakistan? Regards
Nice/inspirational post based on facts, published in news paper dated 05.09.2013.
I am not good in English and not well educated but i think that every good work should be appriciated. Anyhow many thanks for telling us about the reality.

Rafiq Javaid.
Dear Ruby Faisal
It is a nice article over indian peoples psychology .I can give You one example Nehru daughter Indra ghandhi she married with Muslim Feroz khan although she converted I read in an article she Did nikah in UK Mosque you can read over it on wikipedia. When she come back from Europe Mahatma Ghandhi givem Proposal that he wants to give Feroz khan Status as a son so they Change Feroz Khan to Feroz Ghandhi and Indra took name ghandhi From Feroz ghandhi its a long story.even she get two childrens and Why she give them hindu names because one child was from feroz and
Other was from Mr saleem who was servant in indian foreign service. They likes muslim as bed partner not life partners. So why rajiv and sanjiv (sanjay) why not they could name majid or Sajid. Hope you understand indian psychology.
Kind Regards
The Netherlands
00393881271143 viber
Dear Madam Rubina Aapa
Assalamo Alaikum

Thankyou for you as a host of Ehtesham Arshad Interview on the issue of Bangladesh and Stranded Pakistanis. These all are fact what are highlighted in this interview.I like your comments that Gaddar is best for Pakistan.Please keep it on for the betterment of Stranded Pakistanis living in 70 camps in Bangladesh. These camps are just like prison and we are the prisoners due crime for supporting Pakistan in 1971.

Humayun kabir

I read you essay in SAPulse you are a wonderful writer.
I likes yours refrences on yours Essay Beywaqar Azadi Hum Ghareeb 
Qomoon ki.Ibney Insha, Saadat Hassan manto, Kirshan chander.
Nice effort I read all columns in every news paper on net.
I find yours email so wote some lines because I inspired from yours
Writing, iam living in Netherlands since 13 years but every day I read 
News about our country so feel stress whats going on .just pray Allah
Bring in this great land peace and prosperity. 
            Kind Regards
             Abid   00393881271143 viber

Hello Rubina Faisal.

               I read your column in news paper today about independence day. Some days ago i also read your another column that was so knowledgeable. I am so impress of your columns your intellectual, writing skills etc.

   Will you write column on current situations, political, business aspects and more.

 If you have had a written column of you old one, pleas mail me. I thanks to you.

 Best of luck.

Shakeel A kh Hunzai

Dear Sister Rubin 

Hamza here. Sis I have read some of ur columns and this is to appreciate that you write really really great.. i am so much impressed by your though provoking lines..

its great that are residing in Canada but your heart remains in PAKISTAN and about its issues..  

MAY ALLAH give you good health and please keep up the good work.. 

Best Regards 

I read Dastak  article.
At the end of article you should add some solution to the problem.
Asslamualaikum !
Heartiest Eid Mubarak.
Read ur article "Greeb-i-Rabza".It was very logical but controversial
at the end u absolutely turned down the system of "sadqa & zakat"
whereas it is very successfully effective in a pure Islamic social
welfare state but not in any so called Islamic state such as Pakistan
which is 70% European styled democratic & 30% Islamic. Even then I
appreciate ur writing. Thanks.

Kunwar Iqbal

sister ap ne bohat acha kalm likha hy Allah taala ap k qalm me mzed taqt ata frmae me ne ap ka kalm pehli mrtba prha hy inthai ehhm subject pr jandar kalm lkha hy ap ne 




I read your column and its inside message was very dark and that was just to disgrace religion. you type people has just started now and we are seeing columns from them in various newspapers. blaming religion for what other factors are doing is ridiculous. first your slogan of human equality is false which has no base. how many type of equality would you people create?do you make tall and short equal, black and white equal ,ugly and beautiful equal, powerful and weak equal ,fat and thin equal, intelligent and fool equal, sharp and dull equal, ill and healthy equal and hardworking and lazy equal? certainly you not think that all the lesser people in these departments has not the feeling of deprivation? religion gives us light to what to do in all these conditions and religion also teaches us to be kind to any type of lesser people and don't make world your ultimate destiny and make for the hereafter(which is certain) by doing welfare for the people. religion is all good but the real problem is that people are not acting on religion. islam really discourages the collection of wealth and spending in material things but motivate them to spend on welfare of our country we are experiencing a so called Islamic system. yes islam encourage charity but strongly negate the interest and corruption which is causing problem. if you mix milk and urine in one glass , it will become urinate milk which no one of us want to islam is mixing with the things which it strongly denies. on the other hand socialism is a very unnatural system and long discussion is required for this topic. and one more thing, yes islam supports equality but in the field of sharia law where no one is superior(in other words justice system).islam ojective is the welfare of mankind and non other ,so stop blaming religion.

Khawaja Kashif

Just read you article published on the above date. Sometimes, I use to think that maybe what I see and observe is false, since I never hear the echos of my thought coming from another person. If you talk about these social issues with other, people react as if this is the norm, so no use talking. The article was very painful but like any good piece of art, kept me involved. Ironically it feels good to know that the harsh realities of life. Sometimes I feel that even here in the west the information media has become so fake and artificial that life it self seems artificial. There is no mention of pain, misery and of inhuman conditions. Strangely, people care about their pain but not others. I wish we could care for other`s pain, as if we cared for our own. But I believe we will one day reach that evolutionary stage, until then keep writing on these issues. 



ap ka coloumn "sahib e awaz" parha bohat nice laga. ap k coloumn aksar oqat achay aur soch bichar k qabil hoty hen. is coloumn men ap ne jis tara gulam zehan aur gulami ki zindagi ki jis tara akasi ki hai wo bohat achi aur haqeeqat k qareeb treen lagi. ap aksar apny coloumn men kisi personality ko madde nazar rakh k qarieen ko samjhany ki koshish krti hen jis se parhny wale per acha tassur parta hai aur dosra ap k alfaz ka chunao aur jumlo ki bundash bhi qabil e tareef hai.. overall ap ka ye adariya acha tha lekin is men aik jumla mujy confuse kr raha k" k na jan'na bhi aik tara se rehmat ha". is jumlay ko please thora sa elaborate ker den.

Rehan Ali Butt, faisalabad(textile student)

 ap ke baz colum bhht ache hote hen ,,,liken kai aasee colum hote hote he jin ke samj bilkul samg nai aatiii
ap ka basic subject kia he ap apne colum me ..........batana chaati hen...........
ap zayda politics per he likhte he.......or  bhot kam
Hi Madam,

i have read your today's article SAHB E AWAZ.You have described the reality of societies.Pakistani society also engaged this type of facts.There is need for sahb e awaz peoples.Thanks of you.

Majad Ghafoor

Muhtarma Aap ka article Sahib-e-Awaz parha, buhat kushey hoey keh
hamarey watan Pakistan main aesay such go or nadir likharey mujood
hain jo khul kar such lakhtey hain, Jazak Allah. Baqi mohtarma Nuzhat
Sadiqi kon hain marey ilm main nahey hay, in kay barey main agir
mumkin ho to kuch detail frahum kar dain ya in key koi website. Jis
tarha Aap nay in ka zikr farmaya hay to maloom hota hay yeh bhe suchi
or nadir Allah ki bandey hain. Allah Pak Aap ko Aapney hifz-o-aman may
rakhay or Aapney fazloan ka waris banaey.
Ur topic is regarding human behavior.....all are true but the point is here.this happen in educated people who know every thing but they become proudy..they feel sham on help of poor and needy people.if some luckly do some effort others are not support him same time they jok on him or her.....
I don't think why but its true......u are a good writer
i would like to talk with u more if u like

shahid maqbool
shad bagh lahore

Miss Rubina 
Today while searching the columns i found your one.
Normally i dont read your columns but this is the first time that i am reading and it was a good piece of Work.
i have one question .
Can a human raise his voice who is earning income from a Haram source??
Now i have started to believe that soon Pakistan will be the country of Zombies. In a true sense we are eating the meat of our brothers and our own peoples
We are sucking the bloods of poors and those who do not have powers to say.
A few days ago i have visited the Garhi Shahu bridge where railways sheds had been made. A beautifull scense with greenery everywhere , old english style buildings and rail tracks but now this all  turned into jungle where out of order Rail Cars are getting rust and turning into scrap. 
Pakistan is now Zombies country where no one speaks truth/ no one raise voice / and no one cares

AOA.Rab tala sy umeed hai k ap khaireat sy ho gi.aj main ap ka aik akhbari kalum phara jis ka nam (Mayray Hisab Sy Dunia Bhar Kr Hai) ye kalum phar kr mayri ankho sy anso a gae.Hamaray Mulk may kanoon to hain liken is ko na jaiz use kernay walay bahot ziada hai.mayray hisab k mutabic ager pakistan k her aik shair may 5 oficer iman dar lage jae to Pakistan taraqi ki raha py gamzan ho jae ga.1 SHO 2 Asistan Camishnor 3 Thaseel Dar 4 Exian 5 yae pakisatn ko bahot agy tak ly ja sectay hai.Allha Tala Ap ko Lumbi Umer dy(Ameen) ............................................................................  Her Shakh Py Bhiata Hy Ulo=Anjam e Gulsitan Kia Ho Ga

Dear Madam A.O.A
Madam you are a really a true writer. Pakistan needs true writers like u.
kindly write more about it
mohtram-ul-muqam janab Rubina faisal sb........!!!!!!!!


mere naam ehtesham-ul-haq. mera taluq mianwali se hai
mein B.a ka student hon or part time job. jinnah hospital mein main ker raha hon. mob..0306-600-5660

aj pehli dafa apka kalaam parah or yaqeen maniye k pehle dil khob roya or pher mujhe majbor kia k is kalam nigar ko kharaj e Tehseen paish kerni pare gi madam sb mein ne bhut kalam parhe hain hamre ilaqe k AJMAL NIAZI sb hainor bhi bht per yaqeen janiye ap ka kalam parh k mein khta hon k aj ki akhbar ka mawaza pora ho gia hai

waise to tamam tarefain or khobiyan ALLAH PAK k lie hain par os pak zat ne apko bhi bht piyari khobion se nawaza hai

apki sab se bri khobi yeh hai k aj k kaalam k hawale se k ap ne aik aise masle pe bat ki hai jo awami hai......

ab ap nawa e waqat ka pora idariya perhain to koi kalam nigar musharaf k hawle se likh raha hai hai koi khawaj saad rafiq k bare likh raha hai koi atical 6 k bare likh raha hai (aj k sare kalam ki heading lazmi perhna g)
bhai hamain is se kia hai mushraf ko kia ho raha hai or saad rafiq kion tankhwa q nhn le raha
hamain in se koi matlab gharz nhn hai hamain to kalm nigar pasand hai jo hamre bare mein likhe
hazaron insan wazirestan karachi peshware shaheed ho rahe hain hazron foj k jawan dehsht gardi ka shikar ho gai hain ham sirf aik jernail k bare mein kalam likh k awam ko in chakron mein dalian rakhin or last bat k merei 6th sense kehti hai k mushraf ko yeh kuch nhn kahein ge

soryy bat kahan se kahan nikal gai thank you so much apke kalam ki heading achi the jo perh k mein ne parhi or pher ap ne likha acha bhut

apka sher bhut piyara tha over all superb keep it up
thank you
w8ing ur answer
or aik sawal bhi pochna tha k ch naeem ko rehai mil gai hai
yani bari hain woh
apki or apki faimly k lie dua go
Just read your article in daily Nawa-i-waqat. Very good, brilliant, first-rate, good thinking.
With best regards,
Habib Hassan
Assalamu Alaikum Rubina Faisal Sahiba. A very superb column today. Well done and keep it up. You are a great opinion leader. Nasir Hussain
salam madem
I am sakhawat hussain shah. Firstly I appreciate to u about the editorial in new paper that is very impressive an favourable about poor an middle families.
I hope you would carry on this mission to open the eyes of judiciary.
Your's truly,
sakhawat hussain shah
Your column, Tufaiya, parasite, is an excellent column. The satirical diction is wonderful. You have inflicted lethal strikes on the evil aspects of bureaucracy. In fact it is the first good article I have come across in Urdu press on this subject. The woman who went back on her words and did not participate in your program, is a typical example of " honest" bureaucracy. .you have , very effectively, stated that right type of bureaucracy can bring revolution in the country.

Muhammad Izhar ul Haq
It is true, the bureaucrats make the back bone of the government in any country, not only in Pakistan. But the problem with Pakistan’s bureaucrats and the politicians is that they could not get themselves out of the colonial mentality and the related attitudes. The colonial values and methodologies had been ingrained on their psyche at the time when the British colonists left the country. Pakistan started its political life with individuals at the helm who had received the windfall as the British colonists left and the senior bureaucrats all of a sudden found themselves sitting in the highest offices. From 1947 to 1958 they were busy in establishing themselves in the new found freedom of ruling the poor, destitute and mostly illiterate public that was set in the slavery and had no idea about democracy as the land had not experienced any in the known history of that land. Had Mr. Jinnah been around for a few more years, he could have shown others the ropes of statehood and the requirements for nation building. The messy political and administrative situation that had been created by the inept bureaucrats and politicians was an open invitation for a military coup. The first military coup took place in October 1958 which introduced another undesirable tradition on top of all the other socio-political problems that existed. Today, the country is far from meeting the minimum requirement of having an adequate political culture necessary to manage the exploding population, the rampant poverty and illiteracy with political pressures of foreign imperialism. It took England about 5 centuries to establish its democratic norms that we see implemented today. During those centuries for political struggle, they did not have a threat from others in Europe, as the other European states of the period were not directly involved in the internal life of any country. In today’s Pakistan, the external powers have more say in its inner workings than its own voters out of its 180 million population. The method of selection and training of the bureaucrats used in Pakistan is the same as used by the British Raj – but they served England while today’s bureaucrats and the politicians serve themselves and their families. The notion of serving the public and building nation was not a mandate for the British Raj bureaucrats. Sadly, it is not a mandate for today’s Pakistani bureaucrats either. A complete change of system and an out of the box thinking is required that does not exist today.

Javed I. Chaudry

Hi Rubi:
It has been a long while that I wrote any comments about your columns. I do read them religiously and enjoy the contents with fantastic arguments. Ehtisan and Intikhab is a wonderful column and needs to be widely circulated. "Shaed k utra jaey kisi dil maen teri baat" with apology from Ghalib...

When would the political leaders budge? Hope we get one Mahaterr or Kamal Ata-Turk to change the destiny of Watan-e-Aziz....

Safee U. Chaudhri, PhD
Vineland, NJ 08361 - USA
respected Muhtarma,

I have read your various Articles In Nawa e Waqt & this JASSI is a marvelous HADD BETI.

Sikhs are really Sikhs & they created havoc during partition. About 100.000 Muslim ladies of East Punjab were rapes & 50,000 were forcibly detained in east Punjab by Sikhs.

I was along with my other 7 friends were at Wahga to provide First aid, food etc to these refugees. We 8 friends were there for more than 3/4 months. Six workers of 1947 have
gone back. One Mian Iftikhar ud din ( who was related to me) is in Missuaga with both kidneys failed. I had my Bi-Pass In Detroit in 1997 being American National..

We, the group worked hard to provide relief to incoming refugees in VERY BAD POSITION.
So this poor (lovely) Jassi suffered at the hands of sikhs & not only her parents.

We also worked as movement workers in 1946 at Lahore. My parents ( both from father's side & mother's side were staunch Muslim Leaguers. But today's Pakistan is far away from our ideals. We can pray for this poor country. We tghe remaing two are on our way back as our health is very poor. I do not write Articles but I have very good relation with Overseas Pakistani article writers. May allah blesses you with HIS REHMAT. Dua Abdul Waheed Rathore Lahore Pakistan.
Good Morning Ruby,
what an eye catching subject Ruby,
It was so sad, so romantic, so thoughtful and so heart touching; being a Punjabi, bearing father of a daughter and
coupled with the future social norms it is a lesson for the parents and society.
I would like to know how did you get the story, i mean the background if you could share and another thing;

Best of Luck
Asad Malik
Johar Town,
Aoa. I've read ur current dated column that's really awafull story of the history.
I appreciate ur statements, writing skills and knowledge that u collect.
Actually mje istrha ka column bht e arsy bad parhny ko. Apka subject or references bht zbrdst hn. Allah apka zor-e-qalam aur brhaye. Ameen
Zafar Hussain
from Multan
Salam !
I hope you are absolutely fine.
The day before yesterday, I read your column with title of " Teen Din Beenai k", it was superb and very inspirational effort done by you, that changed my thoughts about my stack holders, my official commitment, my study etc. I hope and wish that many of others must read that one and think about it.
The main purpose of this mail is say to thanks from core of my heart for changing my thoughts.

Allah ap ko humesha khush rakhay our isi tara ap ko ap k qalam ki madad se hmari rahnumai ki toufeeq atta frmaiy. (Ameen)
Your article in today Nawa-i-Waqt is also impressive in which you have beautifully presented the example of Halen keller.

You are right , we do not care of what we have.

“ I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble” (Helen Keller)


Qazi Israr Ahmed.
I have been reading your articles in Nawa-Waqt with keen interest but today's article is really thought provoking and shows your deep knowledge. It appears you are really a good scholar and a good researcher on various topics. Your article has left me saddened all the day and has forced me to look around me with a broadened view and perceptive. May God help you in influencing the lives of the people of Pakistan with your enlightened articles.

Imanaat Ali

Dear Ma’am,

Without changing our inner we can’t able to claim any kind of change anywhere. Being a nation we are entirely careless that what other think ,what is their needs etc. Your son rightly said where are the other people who fell with Mr. Imran ?

There is a lot of difference between unpar or jahil.

Take Care,
Qazi Israr Ahmed.
Dear Rubina,

You have very rightly drawn disctinction between the culturableness of the literates and illetrates. I have personally seen my self this distinction in many cases. So your contribution is very valid and useful - at least I found it interesting. Keep it up.

With my kind regards,

M. Tahir Saleem
Islamabad - Pakistan
Hi ma'am.
I have been reading your column in daily nawa e waqt since few days. You write as beauuuuuutiful as you are. specially today's column "jamhooriat ek merathn race" is really fantastic. You have chose wonderful words. Furthermore you some up the essay in a hope with critics. That's really wonderful, keep it up.
OK by . take care

Subject: Feedback on article "Imran Khan. .kaya chahta hay"

Salam Rubina!

Going through your article "Imran Khan. .kaya chahta hay" which is published in Nawa-e-waqt,i decided to write an email to appreciate you on presenting a unique analysis of situation which nobody is considering important. I am a daily reader of Nawa-e-waqt and occasionally read articles.Whenever any incident happens,all writers are writing ALMOST the same thing which is quite boring and unfortunately disappointing as well!

After the PTI's jalsa on 23rd march,some writers were against and some were in favor of Imran Khan but you have chosen a completely different perspective.I am an educated PTI supporter and will cast vote first time to any party.Your analysis has a depth and vision is beyond the apparent situation ,focusing on the result of the CHANGE which is unfortuantely not being fruitful in the past.

Being a Pakistani,these questions are in my mind too! What is real change?Can anyone define it for us?
I am very hopeful for the future of PTI and Pakistan,but i know this is not an easy task.It can take years to clean the garbage but alteast i will tell my children that i have chosen right people for our country and will not give the lame excuses as our parents have been giving us for years.

Rubina! your point is right. We are living in a society where Politics is in family system and Families are in Political system and hence both are destructing each other. Those who had sacrificed for the country are actually in the same financial condition or even down.My grandparents have also migrated from Amritsar(India) to lahore and they tell us how they had left everything for this LAND.The ones who were landlords at that time are still the landlords.They have strong presence in the assemblies.Do they have a birth right of ruling?Why always these paracha's,khar's,leghari's,bugti,makhdoom's and our super heroes (Army generals) have a right to govern the country?. . or Have we given them right to rule? or we consider ourself so incompetent no to argue? or we are so senseless and self centered that we dont care? . .We are treated like animals and still we are quite!
If this is not the limit then what should be the limit of cruelty?

If CHANGE is that the same mentality prevails then it will be of no use.Dont change faces,change the mentality.I wish that i have this attitude one day " i have given you vote,so what have you done so far? and before starting any campaign,politicians must present their policies and tell us what they have done while in a government like in other countries. I hope that this culture will prevail in our country too!

Hira Riaz
Graduated from FAST-NU lahore 2012
I just read ur article in naway waqat. May allah bless us to keep on the way u have well suggested for us













Dear Madam, AOA. It was a shear chance that I happened to read you column ,' Har Dagh hai is dil main bejuz dagh-i- Nidamet' describing your reaction on messages of Valentine day. I also then read your Khawatine day column. It was quite painful to learn about your perception of Muslims and Isalm.In the first place let me make some clarifications.
1-An Islamic Society ( a model ) does not exist anywhere in the World. The various Muslim groups that you may see or meet are a mixture of different creeds, cultures and civilizations to which they originally belonged.
2- Pakistan declares itself as an Islamic Country by name but its people do not represent Islam as revealed in the Quran and Hadith( Sunnah--Sayings of the Prophet pbuh)
What I have gathered from your two above mentioned columns is that you are quite a learned lady knowing a lot about Western, Hindue and other cultures from your terms of Mohabbat Ka Din, Seeta, Ramaiyna etc. I feel you have not read about Islam, Quran and Hadith( Record of Prophet'spbuh sayings). Must have been born into a Muslim parent family---inheritd Muslim). Use of the pharase Chooma Chati (kissing) in public by a lover is a western Value. This is not appreciated even in Hindue culture.
I donot want to debate or condemn what your views are about Mulims or Pakistan's prevlent culture here. I would request you to spare some time to studying Islam, Quran and Sunnah and some Muslims who have embraced Islam by choice. Thank you. Muhammad Azeem
As usual written with a heart. And very true. In life I have been surprised at eminent women having low self esteem. Women will have to have poise and confidence in themselves for others to recognize them. I would slightly disagree with the stark difference presented between Pakistani and Canadian societies. The problems here might be different but low self esteem is of the same quantum and sometimes the dissonance between family structures inside the house and society is so much that it leads to contradictions of a different kind
Pakistan consulate
All forms
Emergency text: 647-821-7166, no calls only emergency texts
Ph: 905-532-0042
Fax: 905-532-9531
Assallamo E llaikum Rubina ... Hope you are doing fine ...

Aaj hi aapka 1 Column daikha .... "" ... Lutf agya, aur aapko email likhey beghair reh nahi saka .... Hairat ki baat to yeh hai, keh pehly kabhi aapka naam nahi suna tha ... beher'haal, ab bookmark kr lia hai, Insha'Allah in touch rahunga ..... Ager koi aapki posts key sath mussal'sal rabta ka tareeqa ho, to bta deejie ga ..


Best regards ,
As salaam o alaikum.
Madam, I read your column in Nawa-i-waqt of 21st February, 2012. I want to raise objection against two things in your column. First thing is a sentence about Pakistan: "جہاں مذہب اور ثقافت کا نام لے لے کر عام کشش کی چیزوں کو بھی ایک کشمکش کی صورت دے دی گئی ہے". Here, i will not talk about "Saqafat" (culture) because it changes with the passage of time and differ in different areas of the world. But, our religion "Islam" should must be our first and foremost priority in all the matters of our lives. As Muslims, we strictly believe that Islam is right everywhere, and if Islam is stopping us from vulgarity, then it is obviously bad. And if you find it right (probably western society has made you find it right) and find it just "عام کشش کی چیز", then you do not have the right to raise your finger on the people, who are putting Islam first in their lives and raising their voices against vulgarity (actually who are doing right).
Second thing is that, You mentioned an incident, you saw in Lahore and afterwards tried to prove that the things like "Valentines day" are far better than such things already happening in Pakistan. Madam, i agree that incident was strongly condemnable and a matter of shame for our society, but do you think, one bad thing can be a justification of another bad thing? Like if you are doing one wrong thing, so you should do second wrong thing too. I hope, you will also find it illogical.
I totally agree with your statement " معاشرے کو اس قدر ہیجان میں مبتلا کر دیا گیا ہے کہ وہ موقع ملنے پرا قدر کی بے قدری کر دیتے ہیں اورپھر اس پر چُپ کی چادر ڈال دیتے ہیں". But the reason behind this is also that we are making distances longer between us and Islam i.e late marriages, vulgarity in media etc. And solution is not celebrating "Valentines day".
I don't know, will you read it or not & if you read then what response you will give. The main reason, why i am writing this to you is that, I read a Hadees several times, which means (in short) that we should try our best to stop wrong things, we see and if we can not stop then at least think that things bad. I hope, you will take this message in a positive way.
From: Sheikh Hassan.
This piece (mazdoor aur aag ka nizam) makes you cry. One Og the few columnists who has raised the issue purely for the sake of the humans who lost their lives. Had there been a religious angle, a state angle, a firqa angle, the paid trumpeters would have done exclusive programs. But alas they were only humans of myriad religions and castes. Written in the correct emotional mode, I am very impressed. No agendas, no line, pure humanity.
I would recommend the civil society and Rabina to agitate that one job is given to each family's descendants.
Atleast there was one voice that was raised for these non influential victims. They would salute you from the skies. I do from this earth

Pakistan consulate. Imran Ali

Rubina Sahiba,
In this column, you have quite correctly catalogued all the useless people of Pakistan starting from Sharifs, Bhuttos and Chaudharys to their next generation soon to assume their seats to reign the dynasties along with the political sidekicks like the Karachi Dons, the MQM ilk.
While all this is going on, the new character, Qadri is all we need to muddy the water as if it was not muddy enough already. According to a Dawn, on-line, Public opinion poll, 71% people (out of 3000 respondents) do not think that the long March will accomplish the intended goals. I am one of those who voted with them. This is all Pakistan needs, another Mullah who has the ability to talk to the dead, obviously reflects that he has been reading the Hadeeth while ignoring the Quran.
Pakistan’s political arena is nothing but a circus of thieves and thugs who are display their acts for no reason other than the loot and pillage, the only thing the rascals are good at.
The 14th January long march will be another interesting piece of political stunt. Let us see what transpires.
Dear Rubina Faisal shiba and Masud Shaikh sahib
I watched the interview with rapt attention. It is an excellent presentation. Please continue to present such exhilarating and enlightening talks. They, however, need a much wider audience and we have to think of spreading out the word more widely in the diaspora and even outside.

No Doubt it was very informative and important programe on blasphemy law,  Dr Tahir qazi was birlliant and you did very well to exract wise thoughts from him. I specially noted his strong emphasis."KAY AGAR KOI  YEH DALIL DAY KAY AISAY LAWS AUR JAGAH BHI HAIN TU YEH BAT ATAL HAY KAY PAKISTAN KI SOCIAL REALITY AUR JAGHON SAY BOHAT MUKHTALIF HAY. This what I say when I emphasise that parliamentary democracy aur jaghoon per bhi hay magar Pakistan ki social reality bohat mukhtaif hay yehan per woh Jamhori nizam kamyab hoga jo yehan ki social reality kay muabiq hoga. China, Malaysia, Middle East iski wazeh misal haiN. Jub tak Nizam social reality kay mutabiq naheeN hoga na taleem baRhay gi aur na hi fauji budget kum hoga
Syed H. Haider
Dear Ms.Rubina Faisal,
Thanks for emailing me the contact. I have very attentively heard the talk of Dr. Tahir Qazi on Dastak TV Toronto compered by you. He explained the things in detail in a very nice way on the Law of Blasphemy. I agree with him that In Pakistan, we have religious extremists and terrorists backed by Saudi Arabia and some other Gulf states. These are Wahabbis who kill the Sunnis, Shias, Ahmedis and Christians. They are foreign agents and must be condemned and taken to task with iron hands.
The law of blasphemy has nothing to do with religious extremism. This law is not the Quranic law. It is the man made law known as the law of land.  It is not against the Christians as propagated by the Westerners and the Americans. The law of blasphemy exists in many countries. Hitherto, not a single Muslim or non-Muslim has been hanged on committing blasphemy. Pakistan is an Islamic State and can not permit any sacrilegious activities. I agree with Dr. Qazi that Pakistan should be a secular country. In the modern political terminology, the word secular does not mean irreligious but pluralistic, progressive, inclusive, moderate and tolerant society respecting and protecting all races and religions. The founder of Pakistan Mr. Jinnah desired Pakistan to be a moderate Islamic welfare state but the religious hard liners supported by General Zia-ul Haq made Pakistan the hub of religious extremism. Every progressive and moderate Muslim must condemn religious extremism.
The law of blasphemy needs radical changes. We must see that justice is done. This law is like a deterrent in a traditional society like Pakistan. The man who commits blasphemy is produced before the court. If there is no judicial procedure executed, then the one who commits blasphemy has all the chances to face the wrath of the infuriated mass and get killed along with his whole family. This law must not be misused as it is misused in the case of Rimsh Masih. The minor girl can not be convicted under the Islamic law. I pity the police and the courts of Pakistan. It satisfies us that the court has ordered for her release on medical reports. He should have not been imprisoned. It has, unnecessarily, brought bad name to Islam and Pakistan. You have asked about the definition of blasphemy from Dr. Tahir Qazi. Blasphemy does not mean difference of opinion. It means to degrade, disgrace, deride, abjure, vilify and abuse the holy name and position of God, Prophet Mohammad and holy Quran. Will the Israelis permit any one to burn the Torah? Will the French and British permit to desecrate the Bible?  Will the Chinese permit to burn the Red Book of Mao? Will the Hindus permit to burn the Gita? Then why the Westerners are expecting from us that the blasphemer should not be tried in the court? It is not the freedom of speech or writing. In 1886, the British made the law of blasphemy to stop religious riots and rifts. Every cultured man must learn to respect the faith of others. The book of Smith titled  "On Liberty" should be read before knowing the real meanings of freedom of speech.
A few years ago, I had presented a dissertation in Toronto, Canada on the Law of Blasphemy. The meeting as arranged by Dr. Khalid Sohail under Family of the Heart Forum. I will e-mail you the dissertation soon. I appreciate the rational approach of Dr. Qazi on the subject. We must interpret Islam on progressive and secular lines but the blasphemy must not be permitted in any State.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Maqsood Jafri
Sep 10,2012
M/S Rubina  Faisal,

Thank you very much for conducting a very thought provoking and important program on blasphemy law on Rawal TV which is being misused to indulge in terrorism and killings and the position of our minorities is becoming very acute. This blasphemy  law was introduced by the ex dictator Ziaul Haq to please the Mullahs to remain in power by exploiting Islam to the maximum extent. The learned speaker, Dr. Tahir Qazi has spoke in favor of a secular Pakistan with very good arguments but the very word 'secular's will bring the wrath of Mullah on him because they are very strong.  Mustafa Kemal Ataturk took the decision to make Turkey a  secular state to end the religious exploitation and extremism in those days. 
Now Pakistan being an Islamic State and Islam being the state religion, therefore all Masajid and Madressahs should be nationalized and religious parties and groups banned to end all exploitation, deviations, extremism as in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. All religious literature should also be under government control to prevent hatred, exploitation, sectarianism, Maslak and party interests etc. which divide our Muslims lacking Quranic knowledge. Further in Pakistan due to rise in religiosity/extremism instead of remaining united in the name of Islam we are more divided on the basis of sects, Maslak, Fiqah, Pir, Faqir, Demi God, Taghoot, religious groups and party basis so much so we can not celebrate Eid on one day and our Masajid are also divided on sectarian, Maslak and party basis resulting in killings and hatred. Islam is a peaceful and progressive religion and therefore we should bring peace on the religious front to keep the country and its people united through nationalization stated above. The minorities should be free to practice their religion and manage their institutions well under government protection and subsidy also if needed. 
Quaide Azam never ever said that Pakistan will be a religious state as he himself was not a Mullah and neither the Muslim League was a Mullah/religious party. The Mullahs actually opposed Pakistan on the basis that partition will divide the Muslims and the left over Muslims in India will become slaves of Hindus and will be subject to discrimination. But after creation of Pakistan and taking advantage of the political wranglings thereafter, they invented a new slogan that "Pakistan Ka Matalb Kya La Illaha Illalla" which meant to say that it will be ruled by the Mullahs only in the name of Islam. I would request you to arrange such discussion and if possible hold a seminar also. Please see my article in Urdu times, Toronto dated 29th Aug. 2012 (mag section) onward on the role of our Masajid to serve as community centers and project Islam correctly in the West for adjustment in the mainstream society. Thanks.  
Syed Sadruddin Hussain:
In appreciation of a good friend.

Those who live in and around Toronto and love writing, TV shows and freedom of expression Rubina Faisal is not unknown to them. She is originally from Pakistan, well educated, an established writer and conducts a TV show by the name of Dastak. I have occasions to attend some of her presentations on many topics on contemporary issues. I was amazed by her clarity, understanding and at times audacity to tell the truth. She was raised and educated in a country like Pakistan where freedom of expression is guided and selective. But she has freed herself from all these vicious circles and adopted her style and belief! This is not easy nor can it be done by too many people. Her literary, cultural, religious, philosophical views are all based on common sense and logic.

I think these amazing and important developments were possible due to her secular approach in faith and life both. She has amply proved that fear is not faith and politics must be based on pragmatic principles. She is a great fan of traditional Indian classical music. The person Rubina Faisal is a living example for us how a life can be dedicated to a cause good for the society. This is a very important realization for any purposeful life.
Akbar Hussain
Dear Rubina
I heard and read your story earlier but nothing beats the timing. On mother's day iska maza he kutch aur tha. Very well written and so close to reality, so heart melting and eye wetting narrative that although I had read it before still I went through it word by word. There are few things which you can read many times but still they remain fresh and don't loose their impact. This story is  it was one of them. Thank you for sharing it and making my day a little brighter and heart little mellower. I wish I had more words to express my feelings

Syed Haider Hussain

I read your article ADAB MEIN MAKAM
in the newspaper KHBRAIN, Manchester of June 2011.
It was cracking. So enjoyable to read.

Thank you.
Your brother
Kamber. UK
Hi Rubina,
Thanks for the link. I think this is one of your most beautiful creation. Well structured with perfect harmony, tempo, credence and imagery. 
And it was just a coincident that I attended that function and even more of a coincident that though I have to leave early, I had the opportunity of listening to your piece as it happened to be the first (or second) presentation.
I wish you the best in your creative pursuits. Keep up, Mutaal Mooquin
In your recent column, you have correctly listed “16” KEYA, though your list is not complete, we may still count these “16 KEYA” as major causes of our total breakdown. Now I have no hope as for any living society, if the one who writes (genuine not the copier) gives up the HOPE that means the there is no point to return. “AlamTab Tashna” had already said:

Yeh Ek Ishaara Hey Aafaat – e- Naghani Kaa
Kissi Jagah Say Parindoun Kaa Kooch Kar Jana

May Allah never make disappeared YOU and your PEN. We need both all the time.

Very excellent views. Thanks. The fact which we deliberately ignore or fail to understand is that Muslims need strict Qanoon (law) with Qazi Courts. In Arabia particularly Saudi Arabia where I worked in a responsible position as Adm. Officer in a project part allotted to Pakistan (King Khalid Military City, Hafar al Batin ), I came across various incidents in which our workers were caught and punished. One Senior Engineer when he landed his visa had expired by few hours only. But he was sent back. One driver had given a ride to Saudi Family to Dharan in our bus. He was a police officer (SHO) going back after leave. The next day this driver was caught at the intersection of a road when he could not stop his bus before red signal. He was locked up by the Shurta in the same police station where the concerned SHO was posted. But he expressed his inability to help him. The driver was finally fined which was paid by the SHO as a gesture.
In Pakistan we need Shurta Police and Qazi or Summary Court system with a new, short, non exploitable, to the point and hard Penal Code instead of the existing bogus and failed Anglo Saxon system of Police and Judiciary along with PPC and other laws depending on lot of paper work, exploitation and litigation. The big Corrupt leaders and Criminals will never be punished as they engage Big and costly advocates who are experts in falsehood, manipulation of cases, altering proofs and evidences, bribing the officials, purchasing the witnesses, obtaining endless adjournments, obtaining bogus leave on medical grounds to big criminals, bails, stay orders, needless arguments and counter arguments, delaying tactics, etc. etc. Mr. Zardari's case continued for 8 years and the judge failed to give a judgement and ultimately Pervez Musharaff fed up with the 'litigation' judicial system let him off. The big Advocates are billionaires as their sole aim is to protect BIG CRIMINALS from punishment through hook or crook. They are the enemies of the law and the country as they don't want law to prevail. It is  anti Islamic that a big and costly advocate can get you a favourable judgment as against an average advocate. Hence the duties of advocates should be to assist and help their clients on uniform fixed fee basis. Moreover in our Islamic State no one takes a Oath on Holy Quran in the courts to create Allah's fear. Hence falsehood prevails. But in the West if the advocate indulge in lying, his license is cancelled and is punished under Perjury Law. Not so in our beloved and corrupt country. That is why the corrupt say openly Pakistan is a good country where big criminals are not punished. Hence our corrupt leaders supported by corrupt advocates will never ever change this exploited systems. Only the honest citizens, patriots, intelligentsia, honest media, honest leaders can carry a long struggle to change the entire the police and judicial systems.  
As far as the exploitation of Islam is concerned resulting in extremism, Mullahism, sectarianism, terrorism, suicide bombings, killings of opponents, Maslak and Fiqah differences, blowing up of girls schools, video shops, even barber shops in tribal areas of the North, the only solution is to nationalise all Masajid and Madresahs and ban relgious parties, groups, Tehriks as they instead of projecting Islam and creating unity in our country, have actually divided our people into various sects, Maslak, Fiqah, personal cults, parties, groups, Pirs, Aalims, Faqirs, Aamils, Mazar worship etc. Pakistan is an Islamic State with Islam as a state religion and as such all religious matters, Masajid, Madressahs, religious literature should be the duty of the state not individual and parties as in Arab Countries.    
Syed Sadruddin Hussain,
Rtd. Adm./Legal Offcer, ADA/CAA, Karachi.
I understand your emotion as a Pakistani and it is a very good piece of write up. You presented your feelings in very nice words.
Keep it up.
This is a good program. Gen. Zia after toppling Bhutoo had a personal ambition to rule Pakistan till death.  He had to eliminate Mr. Bhutoo who was a great challenge to him. Zia exploited Islam to fool the masses that he will impose Islamic Nizam shortly and then created a bogus non elected so called Sharia parliament with no powers. He conducted a bogus referendum in the name of Islam to get himself nominated as our 'President'. Later he conducted bogus elections on non party basis and nominated Junejo as PM later to be dismissed for ordering an enquiry into the scandal of Ojhri Camp blast. 
Syed Sadaruddin
Rubina Sahiba

I watched with interest, your interview with DR Tahir qazi. Dr. Qazi with marginal information about Baluchistan ended up 
repeating the same mantra that is being touted in US Congress. The annexation of Baluchistan was illegal and forcefully obtained. 
So it deserves to be an independent state.
Is'nt that the same as what occurred in Hyderabad Deccan, Kashmir and Goa? Why do we keep forgetting that aspect.  The reason why Baluchistan needed to be annexed into Pakistan was simply because it needed a buffer between Afghanistan and Iran. Both these countries were hostile to Pakistan at that time in favour with India.
I am glad you pointed out very clearly, it is the leaders of Baluchistan who, like all other leaders, are the culprit. All these people want is to get rich on the backs of poor helpless peasants. 
Very simply Dr. Qazi himself wishes to improve the quality of stitching on his suits. 
The only recourse is to pour in funds to elevate the standard of living for the Baluch population. We need industry, universities and security of life in that territory.  Chance of such improvement are very low if Baluchistan breaks away and is swamped  with predatory nations plundering its resources and enriching the pockets of the leaders who sit in the West smoking Cuban Cigars, drinking French wines, indulging on Scotch Whiskey and driving Rolls Royces.  What benefit does a poor Baluch get from such 
ill spent opulence. 
Pakistan needs to change its policies and politicians else face its disintegration. That can only happen when the poor are made to understand that they have the prowess to change it all. 
My request to you, as a broadcaster, is to appeal to the masses who do not understand English Language. Speak in Panjabi, Sindhi, Pashtu and Baluch. Repeat what you said and make them understand they have to rise up and be counted. That is the only action that has the potential to create positive results. 
Syed W. Hussain
potential to create positive results.
Syed W. Hussain
Minto marhoom  dobarra  paidaa  naa  houngay.  Koi  Khtoon  Minto  Nahien  Bun  Sakti.  Khwashaat, Jinse, Qudratti  Bannawat  Alhida  Alhaida.  adaqat  kay  saath  Izhaar  mumkin  Nhien.  Whee  Whaanvi  bhee  banna   Naamumkin.
    Urdu  Zaban  aik  naamukammal  Zabaan  Haiy.  Is  haqeeqat  kay  Bawajood  Ghalb  say  laikar  Fraaz  tak  aour  Abdul  Razzaq  Malihabadi  say  Laikar  Mushtaq  Yousufi  Tak  issay  bahun o khobi  Istaimaal  kiya  gaya.  PPaiwandkaarian  bhout  ki  gaien  Laikin   is  tahreer  maien punjabi  zaban  aour  kirdaar  dounoun  say  insaaf  nahien  ho skka.  Yeh  bhee  samajh  maien  naa   Aaya  keh   Imrat  kaa  dousraa  Janam   kaissay  houwaa?   With  good  wishes:    Tariq  Khan
Assalam O Alakum Rubina...
I happened to read your Afsana Maa... May Allah Bless Your Mother and Shower His Rehmat on her..
Actually Have no words to write.
May Allah Bless You
Dear Rubina: I have read your write up on Mansha Yaad Sahib. Its a beautiful one; written with love and reverence. It really speaks of your genuine love for the real "literary genius" that Mansha Sahib was. It hurts to use the word "was" for him. Thank you for being above the fray and thanks for a sensitive expression of love and respect .... اللہ کرے زور قلم اور زیادہ
Tahir Qazi.
Mis Rubina sahiba Adab, mein nay ap ka colum parha jo app nay Imran khan par likha or us mein us ko as leader show kia, Lakin mein yay wazia karta chalon k mujay app ki bat say itfaq nahin, kiun k mein us ko Leader nahin manta kiun k leader wo he hota hai jo Awam k darmyan rehta hun na k awam k kandon par. Maray Aba Jan nay mujay sirf 1 naseehat ki thi or kaha tha k baita iss par amal karo gay to kubi zindagi mein mushkil paish nahin ay gi unhon nay kaha tha k "kubi zindagi mein apni kahi bat say mut mukarna chahay jan kiun na chali jay" mein nay Khan say k moun say America k ly bht harsh word sun rakhay han even he was involved in the slogon of "Go America Go" Lakin ajj mein daikhta hun or sunta b hun us ki batain jis mein wo America k ly Naram Gosha rakhta hai. What is this? mujay pata hai k us ki malkiat mein 300 Kanal ka gur hai jis mein wo rehaish pazeer hai, Agar wo Awam ka Numainda hai to wo pehlay Awam k Mutabik to ay ? Kia wo nahin janta k us k mulk ki awam bht pust hai ? or us k mulk ki awam bht majboor hai? us k mulk ki awam khasta halat garon mein rehti hai? agar wo leader hai to pehlay awam ki tarha 1 sada Makan mein shift ho beshak apni property ko apnay kabzay mein rakhay lakin awam k mutabik 1 sath makan mein rahay ta k us k mulk ki awam abi pust hall hai isly us ko yay zaib nahin daita k wo Ali shan makan mein rahay or khud ko Awam ka Leader kahay or app log b us ko as leader promot karo, Leader tha Liaqat Ali khan, Leader the Hasrat Mohani, Leader tha Ch. Rehmat Ali, Leader tha Johar. In mein say bashtar log jub bemari ki halat mein bistar par he rahay to un ko 1 khasta halat makan mein paya or Hasrat Mohani Member of Parlement thay lakin Train mein third class mein safar kartay thay un k assassay kia thay 1 sandook, 1 Lota, 1 Gathrri or 1 Charrrri. Bila Shuba Yay thay wo log Jin ka Naam hamaisha zinda rahay ga or yay he han Leader na k Imran Khan........RIZWAN
Dear Ms.Rubina,
I hope all is well with you. After a long time, I received your fresh column. I enjoyed reading it and was remembered of the days when 10 years ago Mr. Imran Khan had invited me at his office in Islamabad and we had two hours exclusive meeting. he had asked me to join his party. As, I was and still am in Pakistan Peoples' Party , I thanked him for his gracious offer. I have mentioned this meeting in my book titled" The Ideals of Bhutto" specially written at the wish of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto in 2007. Last month this book has been re-published by National Book Foundation, Pakistan with the message of President Asif Ali Zardari.
So far as the politics of Mr. Imran Khan is concerned, it has many facets and folds. Why is he being sponsored and supported the ISI? It can be discussed with you but not written on inter net. But I agree with you that he is an honest leader and feels for his countrymen. He desires change and I pray for his success and hope him to deliver. Let us see what happens. Your column is replete with your patriotic feelings and I appreciate your conviction with all sincerity.
With warm wishes and regards,
Sincerely yours,
Dr.Maqsood Jafri
New York
November 18,2011.
Salam Rubina Sahiba- Your phrase ..imran khan logoun k sajdaoun say bachna "

Brings in my mind the thoughtful couplet of Allama Iqbal (if I am correct) which Imran Khan was wise enough to quote in the past, ‘wo aik sajda jisay tu giraan samajta hai, hazaar sajdoan say dayta hai Aadmi ko nijaat.’ best

Dear madam,

1st of all i have to say that you way of writing is fabulous, the way in which you described the personality of Sir Imran Khan. and the good thing is this that we have no right to intervene any one's personal life as u said.
my mainly reason to write this email that please don't stop writing about imran and never hide the truth what you know about him. even he goes in a wrong way or the way to truth.Best Regards,

Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Rubina – Congratulation. Your column ‘Surprise over Surprise’ has turned into a great success. Keep it up. I am glad I have learnt one thing thru your website. The site is not most wanted only among those who Love, MISS, ACKNOWLEDGE and BELONG to Pakistan but your site is also seen by those who do belong to Pakistan but per their own mental state upfront they act and masquerade that they have nothing to do with Pakistan. In both cases a common thread is ‘Pakistan’ and this does sign it will remain in our hearts no matter what kind of passport we now carry.  

We Pakistani came to North America, we left our Home Country for our own reasons. To me, this migration should not be taken as a matter of pride but indeed, it is a ‘Best of Worst’ accretion we went for. I regret those who show their de-attachment with Pakistan, Urdu and Islam as a fashion just as they carry blue passport. This band of people need to realize when they traveled abroad, Pakistani Passport was in upper pocket of their shirt that they had on, otherwise they would have yet been living in their own “Village and driving “Tanga instead of “City” and “BMW” respectively.  

Never forget, we owe to Pakistan, we need to pay back to Pakistan and we need to stay attached with Pakistan, Urdu, Punjabi or other languages we speak there. I am glad you are doing this already with your pen and you need to continue. Never get predisposed from those who do committed to memory with Pakistan, Karachi, Lahore, Urdu, Punjabi, First School, First Cycle’s Ride First Flight they took, but do not accept they yet remember everything. They always get vanished by time  – Good Luck - Zoha

Dear Rubina Faisal jee,
Salaams. First belated eid mubarik to you.

This article of yours really does present the actual picture in all its forms and shapes of hypocrisy that exist in us as a nation. Amir Liaquat is simply a manifestation of that and you are right in saying why be surprised when we have moved away from all those grave issues, concerns, the daily despair and hopelessness that exists within the society and the criminal behaviour and attitudes that exist.

keep up the good work and inshallah your efforts will not go wasted.

Asim Khan
Aap ka  muzmoon waqaey lajawab hai...khush rahiye...aap hamesha hee nadir aur dil-khush-kun tehreerein aur
maloomati cheezein likhtee haiN...qalam ki tarash talwar ka kaam dey rahi hai is raey ko aalmiakhbar par laga  dein.Meherbani hogi. AH
Farida Lakhany
Rubina Faisal Sahiba..... Aapka Coulmn Parh Ker Buhat Achha Laga.
Aapka Coulmn Aina Hay... Haqiqat Hay.
Aap Ne Jis Khoobsurti Or Andaz Se Likha Hay Meri Taraf Se Daad Qabool Farmain.
Allah Barkat Ata Farmaey.....................Or Hum Sab K Halon Per Rehm Karay Aameen Share Kernay Ka Shukriya.
Sahartab Roomani
Dear Robina Faisal,
I am one of your fans in Pakistan due to your straightforwardness. I always read you.
You are our asset.
Syed Muzammil Hussain
امید کے بخیر ہونگی۔ تازہ کالم پسند آیا۔ پوری قوم منافقت کا شکار ہے، تبھی تو ہم نے دین،عبادت، سیاست۔ تجارت، معاملات،عدالت گو زندگی کا کوئی شعبہ ہم نے نہیں چھوڑا جہاں دو رنگی، دوہرا معیار،اور دو چہروں کے ساتھ حاضر نہیں۔ میں نے اپنی ایک نظم میں کہا تھا۔
۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ ایک چہرے پر کئی چہرے لئے پھرتے ہیں لوگ ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔
۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ اصلی چہرے کا ذ را د ید ا ر ہونا چا ہیئے ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔
ایک چہرہ تو اپنے اصلی روپ میں ظاہر ہوگیا۔ اگرہر شعبہ سے نمائندہ شخصیات کے اصلی چہرے کا دیدار کیا جائے تو ایک حمام میں سبھی ننگے نظر آئنگے۔ اور جب تک ہم انفرادی اور اجتمائی طور پر ان رویّوں سے نہیں نکلتے تب تک ذلت و خواری کے دامن سے نکلنا دشوارہے۔ یہ مردہ قوموں کی نشانی ہے۔
اگر ہم کارزار حیات میں سرخ روئِ حاصل کرنا چاہتے ہیں تو اعلی اقدار اور اعلی اخلاق سے ہماری تہزیبی وراثت بھری پڑی ہے۔ اسے اپنائے بغیر ہم زندہ قوموں میں اپنا شمار نہیں کرا سکتے۔
علامہ اقبال نے کہا تھا۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ اگر نم ہو تو یہ مٹی بہت ذرخیز ہے ساقی ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔
محمد فاروق نسیم
Aamir Liaqat ki gallian deyne wali video sahih ha ya ghalat, main iss bahas mein nahin parna chahti kiyon ke mujhe nahin pata.  Lekin mujhe itna zaroor pata hai ke Aamir Liaqat ne ahmadion ko apne show mein "wajib-e-katl" kaha tha aur kuch logon ne ye sunne ke baad chand Ahmadion ki jaan le li thi.  Mere nazdiq kissi ko bhi "wajib e katl" kahna aik buhat tang nazar aur khokhlay pan ki nishan dahi karta hai.  Iss liye Aamir Liaqat ki tarha ke characters ka humaray muashray ko kharab karne mein buhat haat hai.  Inhi logon ko sun sun ke hamaray han na masajid mahfooz rahi hain aur na school.  
Read your coulmn, very interesting, thank you for letting me in your circle of info and your web page.
I always say to people who talk about the bad to worst situation in Pakistan that "jo boya tha wohee to kat rahay hain, bobool kay pairh par angoor naheen ugtay" from day two of independence every body started thieveing their brothers, aqnd coroupting the systems one side for the money the other side for illegal gains that is why we are standing in hell.
Please stay in touch.
(905) 426 7188
Rubina Fiasal sb 
bhoot khoobsoorti kay sath 
aur rakh  rakhaoo kay sath muamla 
bhut wazeeH kadia ---salamat raheeeN

Rubina sahiba,

I had never heard the name of Amir Lyaqat before until I received an email with a You-Tube link and the subject line reading about some fake scholar. Out of curiosity, I watched the clip for a few minutes and it was not difficult to assess the kind of trash I was looking at. It seems the video has been shared with more or less every one  around the globe within a few days. Only I have received 3 copies of the link from three different people.

As far as using the colourful language is concerned, occasionally, I suppose, most of us end up using when pushed against the wall. But using that language with no justifiable reason and using it as a figure of speech makes this person simply the lowest of the lowest kind riff-raff. I don’t know what is he doctor of, but only today some one mentioned that his degree is fake too. So the guy is caught red handed selling his fake antics. The scholars and responsible people do not behave the way this character is caught doing in front of the camera. I admire the member of his team who was bold enough to uncover yet another fake – I thought all the fakes are in the parliament and various legislative assemblies of Pakistan.

Make no mistake, the people have not forgotten or overlooked the 16 hour electric load shedding or the absence of gas in their kitchens. They have been talking about them ever since the PPP thugs took over, and I am sure they will still be talking about it for the next 10 years. But the discovery of real Amir Lyaqat provides a break in the monotony and provides them with a change of pace with additional entertainment.

From your column, I am having a little difficulty to establish whether you are upset finding that someone can stoop so low as this fake scholar, or are you upset that people are celebrating the discovery of yet another fake?

They will soon forget all about him, but not before he forgets about his deceptive business and looks for a job in a different field that does not expose his face – such as, for example, a clown’s job. The public will never see his real face. As long as he does not repeat his favourite colourful words, people will never know his true identity. He can live happily ever after hiding behind the clown’s mask.  


آپ نے ڈاکٹر طاہر القادری پر سجدہ کروانے کا الزام لگا دیا ہے۔ کیا آپ نے ان کے اس فعل کی وضاحت کہیں سے جاننے کی کوشش کی ہے۔ افسوس ہوتا ہے ۔ ایسے لوگوں پر جو بنا جانے فتوی جاری کرتے ہیں۔
Rubina Ji:
Great job to bring it to the surface Do not defend any behavior or an individual. Agreed to disagree. I think that it is okay to expose Amer's two-faced views and behavior, as it has to be started from some where. However, it must not stop here, it should continue. Now the time has come that all corrupt politicians, corrupt armed forces chiefs, corrupt executives and so called ulema should be exposed to cleanse the watan e aziz.
Safee U. Chaudhri, PhD
dear rubina AOA
thats what i always thought of this person 

thanks for jn karachi.islam dukan per bikti hoyee aik most profitable product bun chuka hai aur us ka best shopping mall hai TV channals .rooh sey aari color full "religious looking activities" her taraf hain.once munno bhai wrote...chor kon jo pakra jayea...amir sirf pakra gaya hai otherwise i can see lots of other amirs jo khuley phir rahey hain.
thanks for keep writing on these issues.may ALLAH be with you

Really good column. I think that it is the duty of all the  intellectuals (like you) to show the dirty faces  of the Mullahs and the politicians to the innocent Pakistanis. thanks, Maaood Punjabi.
السلام علیکم محترمہ روبینہ فیصل صاحبہ
امید ہے مزاج گرامی بخیر ہوں گے اور آپ رمضان المبارک کی سعادتوں سے دامن مراد بھر رہی ہوں گی۔

میں آپکی تحاریر کا خاموش قاری ہوں جبھی تو آپکا ہر کالم ، ہر نئی تحریر میرے ای میل پر موصول ہوجاتی ہے۔

عامر لیاقت سے متعلق تحریر میں بھی آپ نے اپنا غیر جانبدارانہ و حقیقت پسندانہ معیار قائم رکھا ہے۔

مجھے صرف ایک گذارش کرنا تھی کہ انٹرنیٹ و میڈیا ٹیکنالوجی کے منفی رویے پر بھی ہمیں نظر رکھنا چاہیے۔ آپ نے ڈاکٹر طاہر القادری کا ذکر جس انداز میں دوغلے پن کی ایک مثال کے طور پر پیش کیا ہے۔ اس پر مجھے آپ جیسی علمی و پختہ فکر شخصیت کی معلومات پر حیرت ہوئی ہے۔ اسکے علاوہ بھی کسی پیر صاحب کے ہاتھ و پاوں چومنے کو آپ نے غیر اسلامی سمجھتے ہوئے نشانہ تنقید بنایا ہے۔

حقیقت یہ ہے کہ ڈاکٹر طاہر القادری کو سجدہ نہیں کیا جاتا اور نہ ہی مذکورہ یوٹیوب کلپ میں سجدہ کیا جارہا ہے۔ وہ پاوں چومنے کا منظر ہے۔ جسے یار لوگوں نے اٹھا کر سجدہ کا عنوان دے کر دلی بغض و عناد کا اظہار کیا۔ وگرنہ ڈاکٹر طاہر القادری اپنے عقیدتمندان سے سجدہ بطور معمول کرواتے تو دنیا بھر میں ایسے ہزارہا مناظر دیکھنے کو مل جاتے کیونکہ آپ یقینا جانتی ہیں کہ انکے عقیدتمندان، انکی تنظیم منہاج القرآن کے ممبران اور انکے تنظیمی سنٹرز و مراکز دنیا بھر میں موجود ہیں اور پاکستان کے بھی ہر شہر و قصبے تک انکے مراکز پھیلے ہیں۔ حیرت ہے کہ پرنس آغا خان وغیرھم جو واقعی اپنے مریدوں سے سجدے کرواتے ہیں ان جیسوں پر تو ایک لفظ نہیں لکھا جاتا جبکہ وطن عزیز اور دین اسلام کی بے لوث خدمت کرنے والا شخص جس نے دہشت گردی کے خلاف مبسوط فتوی جاری کرکے دنیا میں اسلام و مسلمانوں کے چہرے سے دہشتگردی جیسی مکروہ کالک دھونے کی کوشش کی ۔ اس پر تنقید کی توپیں کھول دی جاتی ہیں۔ خیر یہ ایک الگ المیہ ہے۔

فی الحال آپکی خدمت میں اتنا عرض کرنا مقصود ہے کہ اولیائے کرام، مشائخ عظام ، بزرگان دین و اساتذہ کرام کے ہاتھ پاوں چومنا سنت نبوی صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم، سنت صحابہ ، سنت تابعین اور سنت بزرگان قرون اولی ہے۔ یہ عمل آداب اسلامی کا حصہ ہے۔ ایمانی تسلی و تشفی کے لیے چند حوالہ جات عرض ہیں ۔
سنت رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم سے ہاتھ و پاوں چومنا

١۔ زارع بن عامر - جو وفدِ عبد القیس کے ساتھ آپ صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کی بارگاہ میں حاضر ہوئے تھے - سے مروی ہے:
لَمَّا قَدِمْنَا الْمَدِيْنَةَ فَجَعَلْنَا نَتَبَادَرُ مِنْ رَوَاحِلِنَا، فَنُقَبِّلُ يَدَ رَسُولِ اﷲِصلی الله عليه وآله وسلم وَرِجْلَهُ.
''جب ہم مدینہ منورہ حاضر ہوئے تو اپنی سواریوں سے کود کر حضور نبی اکرم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کے دستِ اقدس اور پاؤں مبارک کو چومنے لگے۔''

اس حدیث کو صحاح ستہ میں سے سنن ابی داود (کتاب الادب، باب قبلۃ الجسد، ٤: ٣٥٧، رقم: ٥٢٢٥) میں روایت کیا گیا ہے۔ علاوہ ازیں اسے امام بیہقی نے السنن الکبری (7: 102) میں اور امام طبرانی نے اپنی دو کتب المعجم الکبیر (٥: ٢٧٥، رقم: ٥٣١٣) اور المعجم الاوسط (1: 133، رقم: ۴۱۸) میں روایت کیا ہے۔

٢۔ امام بخاری نے ''الادب المفرد'' میں باب تقبيل الرِّجل قائم کیا ہے یعنی ''پاؤں کو بوسہ دینے کا بیان۔'' اس باب کے اندر صفحہ نمبر ۳۳۹ پر حدیث نمبر ۹۷۵ کے تحت انہوں نے مذکورہ بالا حدیث کو حضرت وازع بن عامر رضی اللہ عنہ سے ان الفاظ میں روایت کیا ہے، وہ فرماتے ہیں:

قَدِمْنَا, فَقِيْلَ: ذَاکَ رَسُوْلُ اﷲِ صلی الله عليه وآله وسلم. فَأَخَذْنَا بِيَدَيْهِ وَرِجْلَيْهِ نُقَبِّلُهَا.
''ہم مدینہ حاضر ہوئے تو (ہمیں) کہا گیا: وہ رسول اللہ صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم ہیں۔ پس ہم آپ صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کے مبارک ہاتھوں اور قدموں سے لپٹ گئے اور اُنہیں بوسہ دینے لگے۔''

یہ الفاظ خاص مفہوم کے حامل ہیں۔ راوی کہتے ہیں کہ ہم نے صرف ہاتھ مبارک پکڑنے پر ہی اکتفا نہ کیا بلکہ ہاتھوں کے علاوہ پاؤں مبارک کو بھی بوسہ دینے کا عمل جاری رکھا درآں حالیکہ ہم نے آپ صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کے ہاتھ اور پاؤں مبارک پکڑ رکھے تھے۔

٣۔ امام ترمذی نے اس مضمون پر ایک حدیث حضرت صفوان بن عسّال ‏رضی اللہ عنہ سے بیان کی ہے۔ وہ فرماتے ہیں کہ قومِ یہود کے بعض افراد حضور نبی اکرم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کی خدمت میں حاضر ہوئے اور سوال کرنے کے بعد اعلانیہ گواہی دی کہ آپ صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم اللہ کے سچے رسول ہیں:
فَقَبَّلُوْا يَدَيْهِ وَرِجْلَيْهِ. وَقَالُوا: نَشْهَدُ أَنَّکَ نَبِيٌّ.''انہوں نے آپ صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کے ہاتھ اور پاؤں مبارک کو بوسہ دیا، اور کہا: ہم گواہی دیتے ہیں کہ بے شک آپ صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم نبی ہیں۔''

اس حدیث مبارکہ کو امام نسائی نے السنن (کتاب تحریم الدم، ۷: ۱۱۱، رقم: ۴۰۷۸) میں اور امام ابن ماجہ نے السنن (کتاب الادب، باب الرجل یقبّل ید الرجل، ٢: ١٢٢١، رقم: ٣٧٠٥) میں روایت کیا ہے۔ امام ترمذی نے اس حدیث کو الجامع میں دو جگہ روایت کیا ہے: پہلی بار ابواب الاستئذان والآداب میں باب فی قبلۃ الید والرجل (٥: ٧٧، رقم: ٢٧٣٣) میں اور دوسری بار ابواب التفسیر کے باب ومن سورۃ بنی اسرائیل (۵: ۳۰۵، رقم: ۳۱۴۴) میں۔ امام احمد بن حنبل نے المسند (۴: ۲۳۹، ۲۴۰) میں، امام حاکم نے المستدرک (۱: ۵۲، رقم: ۲۰) میں، امام طیالسی نے المسند (ص: ۱۶۰، رقم: ۱۱۶۴) میں اور امام مقدسی نے الاحادیث المختارہ (٨: ٢٩، رقم: ١٨) میں روایت کیا ہے۔
اتنے اجل محدثین کے اس حدیث کو روایت کرنے اور اس سے استشہاد کرنے کے باوجود بھی کوئی متعصب کہہ سکتا ہے کہ یہ ایک یہودی کا فعل تھا، ہم اسے کس طرح لازمی شہادت کا درجہ دے سکتے ہیں۔ اس سوچ پر سوائے افسوس کے کیا کہا جا سکتا ہے کہ معترض کو یہودی کا عمل تو نظر آگیا مگر جس کے ساتھ کیا جا رہا ہے وہ بابرکت ہستی نظر نہیں آئی۔ حضور صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم نے یہود کو تقبیل سے منع نہیں فرمایا تو یہ آپ صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کی سنتِ تقریری ہوا۔

٤۔ علامہ ابن تیمیہ کے جلیل القدر شاگرد حافظ ابن کثیر سورۃ المائدہ کی آیت نمبر ١٠١ کی تفسیر میں ایک واقعہ بیان کرتے ہوئے لکھتے ہیں کہ ایک بار حضور نبی اکرم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کسی بات پر خفا ہو کر جلال میں آگئے تو:
فَقَامَ إِلَيْهِ عُمَرُ بْنُ الْخَطَّابِ رضي الله عنه فَقَبَّلَ رِجْلَهُ وَقَالَ: يَا رَسُوْلَ اﷲِ، رَضِيْنَا بِاﷲِ رَبًّا وَبِکَ نَبِيًّا وَبِالإِْسْلَامِ دِيْنًا وَبِالْقُرْآنِ إِمَامًا فَاعْفُ عَنَّا عَفَا اﷲُ عَنْکَ فَلَمْ يَزَلْ بِهِ حَتَّی رَضِيَ.

'' حضرت عمر رضی اللہ عنہ کھڑے ہوئے اور انہوں نے آپ صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کے قدم مبارک چوم کر عرض کیا: یا رسول اﷲ! ہم اﷲ تعالیٰ کے رب ہونے، آپ کے نبی ہونے اور اسلام کے دین ہونے اور قرآن کے امام و راہنما ہونے پر راضی ہیں، ہمیں معاف فرما دیجئے۔ اﷲ تعالیٰ آپ سے مزید راضی ہو گا۔ پس حضرت عمر رضی اللہ عنہ مسلسل عرض کرتے رہے یہاں تک کہ آپ صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم راضی ہو گئے۔''

اس روایت کو دیگر مفسرین نے بھی متعلقہ آیت کی تفسیر میں بیان کیا ہے۔
اب سوال پیدا ہوتا ہے کہ حضرت عمر رضی اللہ عنہ جیسے اجل صحابی کا حضور نبی اکرم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کے قدم مبارک چومنا اور خود تاجدار کائنات صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کا انہیں منع نہ فرمانا کیا (معاذ اللہ)عقیدہ توحید کی خلاف ورزی تھا۔

۵۔ امام مقری (م ۳۸۱ھ) اپنی کتاب تقبیل الید (ص: ۶۴، رقم: ۵) میں حضرت بریدہ رضی اللہ عنہ سے ایک واقعہ نقل کرتے ہوئے لکھتے ہیں کہ ایک مرتبہ ایک اعرابی بارگاہ رسالت مآب صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم میں حاضر ہوا اور اس نے آکر عرض کیا: میں نے اسلام قبول کر لیا ہے لیکن میں کچھ مزید چاہتا ہوں تاکہ میرے یقین میں اضافہ ہوجائے۔ پھر حضور نبی اکرم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم نے اجازت دی تو اعرابی کے بلاوے پر ایک درخت اس کے پاس آیا اور اس نے کہا: یا رسول اللہ! آپ پر سلام ہو۔ اس کے بعد طویل روایت ہے اور آخر میں اعرابی نے تمام نشانیاں دیکھنے کے بعد عرض کیا:

يا رسول الله! أئذن لي أن أقبل رأسك ورجلك.
"اے اللہ کے رسول! مجھے اجازت دیجیے کہ میں آپ کاسر اقدس اور قدم مبارک چوم لوں۔"

اس کے بعد روایت میں ہے کہ حضور نبی اکرم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم نے اس اعرابی کو اجازت مرحمت فرمائی۔

ہاتھ و پاوں چومنا حضور نبی اکرم صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کے بعد صحابہ کرام و آئمہ کبار کا معمول

کسی کے ذہن میں یہ سوال پیدا ہوسکتا ہے کہ قدم بوسی صرف حضور نبی اکرم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کے لیے مخصوص ہے۔ لہٰذا ذیل میں ہم اِس اَمر کا جائزہ لیتے ہیں کہ غیر انبیاء صالحین اور مشائخ عظام اور اکابر اسلام کی دست بوسی و قدم بوسی کی کیا حقیقت ہے؟

یہ ایک حقیقت ہے کہ علماے ‏کرام اور مشائخ عظام کی حضور نبی اکرم صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم اور آ پ صلی اللہ علیہ وآلہ وسلم کے دین کی خدمت کی نسبت سے تعظیم و احترام بجا لانا منشاء اِسلام ہے۔ اِن کی تعظیم کو شرک کہنا باطل اور ان سے بغض رکھنا نفاق کی علامت ہے۔ کتب سیر و احادیث کا مطالعہ کرنے والا ہر شخص یہ بات جانتا ہے کہ اکابرین کی قدم بوسی ہمیشہ اہل محبت و ادب کا معمول رہی ہے۔ اِس سلسلے میں چند نظائر پیش خدمت ہیں:
١۔ حضرت صہیب رضی اللہ عنہ، حضرت عباس رضی اللہ عنہ کے غلام تھے، وہ بیان کرتے ہیں:
رَأَيْتُ عَلِيًّا يُقَبِّلُ يَدَ الْعَبَّاسِ وَرِجْلَيْهِ وَيَقُوْلُ: يَا عَمِّ ارْضَ عَنِّي.
''میں نے حضرت علی رضی اللہ عنہ کو حضرت عباس رضی اللہ عنہ کے ہاتھ اور پاؤں چومتے دیکھا اور آپ ساتھ ساتھ کہتے جاتے تھے: اے چچا! مجھ سے راضی ہوجائیں۔''

اسے امام بخاری نے الادب المفرد (ص: ٣٣٩، رقم: ٩٧٦) میں، امام ذہبی نے سیر أعلام النبلاء (٢: ٩٤) میں، امام مزی نے تہذیب الکمال (١٣: ٢٤٠، رقم: ٢٩٠٥) میں اور امام مقری نے تقبیل الید (ص: ٧٦، رقم: ١٥) میں روایت کیا ہے۔
٣۔ اسی طرح امام بخاری کے بعد امت مسلمہ کے نزدیک ثقہ ترین محدث امام مسلم کے شہر نیشاپور میں جب امام بخاری تشریف لائے اور امام مسلم ان کے پاس حاضر ہوئے تو اَئمہ کے اَحوال پر مبنی تمام کتب میں درج ہے کہ امام مسلم نے امام بخاری کا ماتھا چوما اور پھر ان سے اجازت مانگی کہ:دعني حتی أقبّل رجليک، يا أستاذ الأستاذين وسيد المحدّثين وطبيب الحديث في علله.
''اے استاذوں کے استاذ، سید المحدّثین اور عللِ حدیث کے طبیب! آپ مجھے اجازت دیں تو میں آپ کے پاؤں کا بوسہ لے لوں۔''

اِمام بخاری اور امام مسلم کا یہ واقعہ ابن نقطہ نے 'التقیید لمعرفۃ رواۃ السنن والمسانید (١: ٣٣)'میں، امام ذہبی نے 'سیر اعلام النبلاء (١٢: ٤٣٢، ٤٣٦)' میں، امام نووی نے 'تہذیب الاسماء واللغات (١: ٨٨)' میں، حافظ ابن حجر عسقلانی نے مقدمۃ فتح الباری (ص: ٤٨٨)' میں اور برصغیر کے نام ور غیر مقلد نواب صدیق حسن قنوجی نے 'الحطۃ فی ذکر الصحاح الستۃ (ص: ٣٣٩)' میں روایت کیا ہے۔
٤۔ علامہ شروانی شافعی 'حواشی (٤: ٨٤)' میں لکھتے ہیں:
قد تقرّر أنه يسنّ تقبيل يد الصالح بل ورجله.
''یہ بات پایۂ تحقیق کو پہنچ چکی ہے کہ صالح شخص کے ہاتھ اور پاؤں چومنا مسنون عمل ہے۔''

محترمہ روبینہ فیصل صاحبہ ۔
امید ہے مندرجہ بالا حوالہ جات شریعت اسلامیہ کے اس اصول کو واضح کرنے کے لیے کافی ہیں۔ اور آپ آئندہ کسی تحریر میں ان حوالہ جات کی روشنی میں انصاف سے کام لیتے ہوئے ان آداب اسلامی کا ذکر جائز و مثبت انداز میں ضرور فرمائیں گی۔ کہ مجھے آپ جیسی علمی و انصاف پسند شخصیت سے یہی توقع ہے۔

جواب کا منتظر

محمد نعیم رضا
ویانا ۔ آسٹریا
Baiti buhat achha column hai. Al;lah kare zore qalam aur ziada! perwazi
my dear
 i read a colum in news express yesterday . written by liaqat aamir. then i came to know that some  thing  is is plotted against him . now it is difficult to know the truth & lie . the problems , we can not solve ( govt ) .
but this attitude has become trnquliser for the nation .  inshallah it will change i hope & believe .
 dont worry .  how is ur ramdan ?
with lot of thanks to send me ur  colums .
Allah hafiz
 dr naqvi
Rubina Sahiba ,  Mir ka aik sher hey ke:
DonoN hathooN se tha'miye dustar ---- Mir Saheb zamana nazuk hey
Bawujood Mir Saheb ke mashware ke yeh likhne ki jur'at ker raha hoon ke shayad  aap meri baat per tawajjoh deN . Mera mashwara hey  Jo kuch likhna chahti  heiN yuN likheeN  ke  zaban qari per garaN na guz're . lehje ki shaistagi khayal meiN husn peda kerti hey .  Aap ne likha "Dr. Israr  Ahmad aik taraf mushrik ko dozkhi aur jahan'nami kehta hey." Aap 'kehtey heiN' bhi likh' tiN tu mu'nasib hota. 
Yeh aap ki khatir likh hey, warna meiN  na Dr. Israr se na doosre se molvioN se muta'aser hooN. Mera yeh sher mere ah'sas ki terjumani kerta hey
iman ki tu yeh hey ke iman se ga'ee   ----  Jab se anis waqif-e-ahle haram ho'ey
Anis Zuberi
Dear Ruby
I appreciate your thought provoking and courageous article.
You are truly an excellent writer who can draw attention of readers towards very serious issues in our country and culture.
All the best
keep up the good work
Rubina Bibi! Aap ne baray khoobsuret andaz mein Hairet se Hairet tek ka safer tou tai ker liya laiken abhi Haqeeqet ko Suret-e-Majaaz mein laana hai.... Mujhay ummeed hai keh phir uss Teryaq ka aser shuruh hoga jo aapke Andaz-e-Tahreer mein chupa hua hai.
Duaon ka Talib.
Syed Iftikhar Haider 

Rubina – You have correctly listed out flaw of our multi dimensioned culture and society. I was one of them who did not like what we have found over You Tube. The reason I also reacted is not Aamir Liaqat, his language or his act in front of TV Camera as I know same language and dual faces are now our identification though it never appears on our National ID Cards. My only concern was that once Video was released within 02:00 hours he had posted his clarification on Twitter.  This has turned the story to right direction indeed.

A fact of the matter is, if the Video is fake and EDITed, his ignorance would be the best revenge. He also explained that six years old Aamir has now been changed. Now he ends his program with DUAA and he also conducts 27th Ramzan DUAA etc. All his explanation and his recent column technically endorsed that Video is not fake. Who is here to recall if this Video is six years old (as he is now changed and he only speaks Islamic Language), that time he was a clean shave good looking show-biz person and I agree he was not hosting “Binaca Hit Parade” songs program but he was yet engaged with Mazhabi Program.

Just for your information, you have correctly noticed his expensive fashion/designed attire. Let me tell you the history. From Geo to QTV/ARY, his wardrobe is being managed by his wife who is running her Fashion Garment business. Here Aamir is honest – Ghar Ki Bat, Ghar Ka Business Ghar Mein He Reh Raha Hey.

Please keep your good work up.
Dear Rubina,
You have touched very important aspect of life. Jealousy is like a fire that burns the jealous person but the fool does not know how he is marring his own person.
Dr. Maqsood Jafari
It was a very nice article. Thanks. In talk shows the participants just talk without any sense. In our society about Five million HAVES (WADERAS/SETHS, Mill Owners, And Big business) control every thing. The means of Production, distribution, Banks, Insurance, and almost every thing which matters is controlled by them including POLITICS!!! They are LEECHES. They employ MULLAH for their purposes. I should continue this dialogue but its of no use. Every one knows the Cause but none has the remedy rather dare not!!! REGARDS
Thx dear Rubina for ur links. I really having read ur columns have fallen in lov with your scholarship. I wish to meet u one that lucky day.
Ghulam Ali

Subject: a coment from تبصرہ برائے محترمہ جنابہ روبینہ فیصل

آپکی ویب سائٹ پر آپکے رخ روبی ونعم پر نظر پڑی تو بے اختیار مجھے پپروین شاکر صاحبہ یاد آ گئی وہی شرمیلا پن ،انوکھااحساس،اور رخ تاباں پر وہی رنگ اور وہی سُر نما کنکھتے ہوئے جذبات سب نمایاں تھے تو میرے ذہن میں اچانک یہ سوال ابھرا کہ یقینآ متاثر ہوں گی پروین شاکر صاحبہ سے لیکن جب مارگلہ کی پہاڑیوں پے کیا کیا؟نظم مطالعہ کی تو یقین جانیے کے اس نے آپکے ذات میں موجود منفرد ادیب کا جو شاہکار بنا کے سامنے کھڑا کیا وہ آپکے ظاہری حسن سے کہیں زیادہ تھا اور میں تعریف جیسے موضوعات پر بہت خال خال لکھتا ہوں لیکن آپ کی تحریوںنے مجبور کیا دوبارہ تعریف پے جب قصور کے کھسے افسانہ پڑا بلا شبہ علامہ کا شہر یاد آیا اس کےمصرع کے مصداق اہل نظر کریں گے تازہ بستیاں آباد (اقبال) آخر میں ایک چھوٹی سی اصلاح طلب بات بلکہ گزارش یہ ہے کہ اپنی ویب کا اگر کچھ یا زیادہ مواد اگر یونیکوڈڈ بھی رکھیں تو بہت بہتر ہو گا تاکہ سرچ انجنز کے تلاشنے میں زیادہ سے زیادہ آئے۔۔خدا نگہدارونگہبان
احقر العباد ایم اے رضا
منزل اب تو عشق سفر میں دیکھ رضا یہ آئی ہے
اس کی یاد کا اجلا سورج میرے گھر ہر شام آیا

very good column !
gehrayee meiN uternay aur gehrayee meiN girnay meiN kaafi farq hai.... alfaaz k istemaal k hawalay say yeh baat zehn meiN aayee tau socha aap kay saath share kar looN.
Razi Allah Ta'ala sirf as'haab-Rasool kay saath mansoob hai. PaighamberoN par tau salaam bhaija jana chahiye ---"Alehes.Salaam" ----
column aap ka bohut khyaal angaiz hai, Allah karay zor-e-qalam aur zyadah, aameen

Faisal Farani

Rubina Bibi,

This is just to acknowledge that your columns turn me on and my days are inspired knowing that our girls have the courage and skills to define the root cause of problems. Unfortunately they cannot do more than that but at least they spread the truth. You
are a brave girl and very patriotic. I pray to Allah that He gives you strength and courage to continue your mission. Our hopes are on young people like you.
With lots of prayers,

Uncle Mukhtar
Rubina Baytee,
i appreciate that you have examined the High-handedness of Army, Rangers & of Policefrom a different angle BUT the FACT IS THE  FACT. You cannot justify their action simply because Anti Pakistan Forces are fanning hatred against Pak Forces who are the custodians of our nuclear plant and our sovereignty.
There are so many realities which we (Pakistanis) are not prepared to accept. For example,
The Kashmir Issue. To be honest, neither Kashmir is, nor Pakistan has any Right to demand for a Referendum. For your information, I am forwarding copy of my letter to Dr. Khursheed of Jamat-e-Islami on this subject. It was published in Jung Lahore and in some Indian Urdu newspaper but remained un-answered by J.I. or any Pakistani medium.
Pakistan's Army & Defense Forces  want this issue to remain un-solved for their own survival. If this problem issolved, we need not to have such a large army and spend 75% of the National Budget for Defense.   ----  amy is our Biggest Burden particularly once we have become a nuclear power..
Beset Regards.
Your :owing Uncle : SKY.
Dear Rubina,
Your column is excellent as usual. we must not condemn our army. Our army is dedicated to our country. But we must condemn the generals who impose martial law on Pakistanis and treat us like dogs. We must resist against all dictators and corrupt politicians.
Sincerely yours,
Dr.Maqsood Jafri
Dear Rubina Sahibah,

I am glad it’s you who wrote the satire, ‘Adab main Muqam’ and not someone like me, devoid of sense of appreciation for poetry and literature. I am not sure whether you are praising all those literature lovers from Indo-Pak continent who have emigrated to various western countries with a passion to serve the literature from the place of their origin or are you in fact critical of them. In a way, it is commendable as they are propagating their language and the literature of their land, perhaps extending its life a bit – in the west, it may eventually die anyway.

Regarding your comments on the act of throwing parties for up to 50 people only to share their latest writings is of course one way, to ensure a provision of a captive audience obliged to listen and to repeat certain flattering phrases on regular intervals. This act also ensures the future invites to such gatherings and confirming at the same time that they own sophisticated, literary minds, a feather in their cap, in many circles.

I often wonder, why all the poets and fiction writers must be born in Indo-Pak continent and all the scientists are born in the west? Is this a natural phenomenon or merely the result of the peculiar socio-economic and political conditions that have existed for over two centuries in India that acts as a catalyst for poetry and what have you that you can lump under a general heading of Adab? If that part of the world had created one tenth number of scientists, compared to the number of Adabi Nasar Parey writers, the region may have been lot more prosperous today. Isn’t it about time for our societies to start thinking in terms of advancing in science and technology instead of coming up with 99 ways to define the beauty of someone’s eyes, hair, smile, gait and the whole none yards of the anatomy and how enchanting she appears in the moonlight. I suppose it is quite understandable – the hot and dry land would trigger dreams of moon light and music of the rain drops – how scientific, or is it just romantic? How about a few of us find a Muqam in Science & technology for a change, that will pay for the rent and the hydro bills, at least. The payment of rent and hydro bill became a real issue for Ghalib after Bahader Shah Zafer had been taken for the steamboat ride in 1857. The Desi Torontonians have had more Shame-Ghalib and Faiz in the last 5 years than they ever held in Delhi or Lahore in 50 years.

I hope I have not been too Bay-Adab to the Adbi lot.

Javed Chaudry
boaht khoob
bach bacha ker bhi acha likha gaya ha
aik kist iss sey bhi sakht hooni chahaeye

Safdar Hamadani
Chief Editor-Aalmi Akhbar
is baar aap nay us mozu ko mizah kay rang meN lekin sanjidgi say lia hay jisay meN 10 barasoN say zaed arsa say pesh karta aa raha hooN aur galiaN khata ja raha hooN.
aap nay facebook kay hawalay say apnay andaz meN is meN mazeed haqaeq ko bian kar dia hay.andhera gehra hay phir bhi apnay apnay hisay ka diya jalatay jana chahiay.
haider qureshi
Dear Rubina,
I really enjoyed this column. I could not stop spontaneous laughter. You have portrayed the real picture of the sham writers.  There is a difference between a great writer and famous writer. For fame people believe in public relationship and need crutches. I appreciate your beautiful read.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Maqsood Jafri
Khaleel Y. Siddiqi
B.A., LL.B., D.S. & B.M.(LONDON, UK)
True - I have also written articles and poems on the attitude of these so called self proclaimed writers and danishwars.
sar pey charrh key boal rahey haiN poadey jaisey loag
Peirrh baney khamoash kharhey haiN kaisey kaisey loag.


Dear Ms .Rubina Faisal,
I hope all is well with you. Your interview on "Chehray" with Dr. Pervez Parwazi  portrays the factual position of religious extremism in Pakistan.  These hardliners are the enemies of Islam, Pakistan and humanity. They are brain washed by mullahs who are the agents of India and Israel.
The points you  have raised in your column are vital and potent. I appreciate your rational and balanced views on this issue. I congratulate you for such a noble and real Quranic message. With out moderation, there is no concept of Islam. The middle path is the best path, is a saying of the holy prophet. The writers and intellectuals must oppose sectarianism, terrorism and religious extremism.
Sincerely Yours, 
Dr.Maqsood Jafri
Dear Rubina 
I must confess that I never read any of your columns but the one you read out on Chehre was really worth listening. I commend you for that. It is unfortunate that all people of goodwill condemn mazhabi junoon in Pakistan but there seems to be no solution. 
The founder of the country thought that he would mobilize Muslims of the undivided India in the name of Islam to carve out a country and then matlab nikal jane ke baad he would  declare country a secular state. He did not realize that Islam would become a millstone around the neck of each Pakistani. 
Anis Zuberi
Dear Ms.Rubina Faisal,
                               Your column depicts the true picture of Pakistan. The only thing I will like to add, which you may please tell Perwazi sb. also is that according to my research Pakistan was created by the Allies, after WW-II to have an access to the Soviet Union & China. Indian National Congress was a leftist, pro Soviet Union Party. If the British left the Subcontinent without dividing it there was a danger that the Soviet Union, China & India would make a very strong Axis against the Allies.
Yours sincerely,
Saeed Rahmani
Rubina, salaam!

aap ki nazm -----suna hai koi Lahore ja raha hai---- bohut saari daad ki mustahiq hai.
is khoobsurat nazm ki takhleeq par mubarakbaad qubool farmayeN.

aap ka mukhlis,
Faisal Farani

Dear Rubina,
I have very minutely studied your "Afsana" titled "Budrang Sofa." kindly emailed to me. It has moved me. A daughter is maltreated by her father. A wife is cheated by husband. A mother is ignored by children. It is a sad portrayal of a woman.  Some sentences are like maxims. They show your creative ingenuity. It is a representative story of Urdu literature that can be presented at international level.  I have all praise for it.  I am much impressed by its' depth and sublime message. It is touchy and revels some hidden physiological and psychological facts about women.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Maqsood Jafri
New York
Asslom O Alakem Rubina;

Just want to say that you are great, sensitive and heart touching writer. I am the regularly readers of your columns and often after reading your columns it make me very sad , some time very exhausted and also motivated.

My pray that might Allah give you strong health and many many happiness.

Nasir Khan
Abu Dhabi.

Dear Ms. Rubina,
As usual very touchy column. We live in the age of pigmies. It is very sorrowful. The dwarfs have become tall and the legs of the men of stature have been severed by the sword of spite and sloth.
I share  your lamentation on this deplorable plight. Whether it was Mastana or Moeen Akhtar ,all have suffered at the hands of capitalist culture. The family of  poet Habib Jalib is dying of poverty.
It is shocking to see that we have no plan and policy at national level to look after the genuine literary and cultural personalities.
Sincerely yours,
Dr.Maqsood Jafri
Khaleel Y. Siddiqi
B.A., LL.B., D.S. & B.M.(LONDON, UK)
Phone: 647-628-1933
Hello Ruby Faisal, Hope you are fine. This column of yours about the sad deaths of Babu Baral, Mastana and Moeen Akhter is a great tribute to these great artists. I had personal attachment with Moeen Akhter as we both were members oh Pakistan Cultural Committee. I really miss him a lot. OK, have a good time, Regards from, Dennis Isaac.
Dear Rubina jee,

An excellent write up on Moin Akhtar saab. He was definitely an artist without no boundaries and a man for all seasons....we will miss him dearly...

Asim Khan
Rubinajee ,
A'dab.Bohot khoob sabsara kiya hai aapney...Hum aapki tehreeron ko
nemat samajhtey hain....Moin Akhtar ka jaana woh saneha aur khalaa hai
jo kabhee bhar nahin sakta,bus uskey kirdar sey ooncha mein ney fun ki
duniya mein kisi ko bhee nahin paya.Aur Dinasaur ki baat bhee khoob ki
hai aapney,ek naya andaz apney article ko diya hai.
Likhtee raha karein.

Rubina Sahiba - it’s not a story of 39 years and 3 months, it’s a story of 63 years and 7 months. It’s a story of a continuing mismanagement of resources by the most rotten and incompetent individuals at the helm. All the incidents that you have reflected upon in your column can be analyzed, one after the other as the direct consequences of ineffective and inapt rulers bungling every thing they had touched.  

In the most recent situation that arose after the arrest of the CIA operative in Lahore, the primary interest of the rulers was to safeguard their black money deposited in the American and other foreign banks against getting frozen in case they fail to deliver the terrorist to the US. The civilian rulers and the armed forces top brass were all united in demonstrating their obedience to their masters in Washington. Since they have the power, they can do any thing they want, to ensure their personal interests – the national interests are only a secondary consideration.  

Loosing the East wing, is the consequence of decades of mismanagement by the inapt rulers. Towards the end, when chips were really down, both Gen. Yahya and Z. Bhutto played their cards that brought the situation to an undesirable end. Bhutto had personal interests of becoming the king even if it meant only half the country.  

Today, Pakistan is fighting a war for its existence – a direct consequence of American presence in the region since 9/11 and Gen. Musharraf’s cowardly decisions to accept every American demand only to legitimize his own rule. The story continues to NRO creating a sham democracy. The democracy is said to be a system of government by the people, for the people. The Pakistani democracy was conceived and designed in Washington to support the American geo-political interests in the region. NRO, promulgate by Musharraf on the behest of the US had one goal: to appoint compradors who would be paid for by the poor Pakistanis, but truly serve the American interests. The story of 63 years and seven months continues with all the wrong people at the top.  

Javed Chaudry

Dear Rubina.

This kind of writing -- reminding people about their failures, criticizing their collective ego with heartless immunity -- would probably make you great if you were getting your columns published in Pakistan on a regular basis. This kind of rumination, or think-piece, is polemical. Moreover, the problems of the Old Country won't go away any time soon, so what to do?

One way forward is to drown in fiction.

Use your imagination to create stories and resolutions to those problems of living and loving in the Old Country (or in the New Country). The world lives on hope, so give people a dose of hope, not reminders of hopelessness.

My wish for you is to channel your boundless energy and passion into writing fiction. Don't write from your head; instead, write from the heart.

You can do it!


روبی تمہارا خوبصورت کالم انتالیس اور تین مہینے ابھی پڑھا۔۔۔پھر سے پڑھا۔۔۔۔اور دل کر رہا ہے پڑھتا ہیں رہوں۔ بلاشبہ تم برضغیر کی ان چند خاتون کالم نگاروں میں سے ہو۔۔۔جن کو انگلیوں پر گنا جاسکتا ہے۔ میری اس بات کو آج نہیں تو کل دنیا ضرور مانے گی۔ بس ایسا ہی اچھا لکھتی رہوں۔۔روز۔۔۔روز۔۔۔۔اور روزانہ

Zarrah Hyderabadie
Chicago,IL , 60659
Tel, 773 780 6413

محترمہ روبینہ صاحبہ، آداب و سلام
آپ کی سائٹ روبینہ فیصل ڈاٹ کام دیکھی. اردو والوں میں اتنی نفیس ویب سائٹ کم ہی دیکھنے کو ملتی ہے. آپ کے پیج کا کنٹینٹ بہت اچھا ہے. اردو میں مختلف اصناف میں لکھنے کی آپ قدرت رکھتی ہیں. ہمارے یہاں تو صنفِ نازک خال خال ہی قلم اٹھانے والی نظر آتی ہیں. آپ کا مسلسل لکھنا اور وہ بھی پابندی سے یقینا اردو کے لیے اچھی خبرہے. بہت مبارک. اللہ آپ کے قلم میں زور اور خیالات میں برکات دے، -آمین. ایک مشکل یہ پیش آی کہ آپ کے پیج پر ہی فیڈ بیک دینے کا اہتمام نہیں دکھائی دیا.

Dr. Rehan Ansari, Bhiwandi

Khaleel Y. Siddiqi
B.A., LL.B., D.S. & B.M.(LONDON, UK)
Phone: 647-628-1933



I was a young man at that time and politically active too. I do not think that you have your facts right. You have linked different events with each other and given a feeling of a “bigger” conspiracy, which is not based on facts. Over a period of long time, Pakistan Army with Razakaars from Alshams & Albadr (both were franchises of Jamaat-e-Islami), plundered and killed thousands of people in Dhaka, Rajshahi, Khulna, Sylhet and many other cities towns and villages and we behaved like occupiers, we never gave them proportional representation. This is a Punjaabi feudal thing in connivance with the Pakistan Army generals. Lot to say, but what is the use. We have never changed and still are a nation of “bikaoo maal” who has said “labaik” to all incoming invaders and even provided them shelter etc. 

This is the time to reap the harvest, that is nor nearly ripe and ready. Inna Lillahe wa Inna alaihey Rajeoun.


Najeeb Kazmi

Rubinajee,Adab.Aapka muzmoon zara der mein padha Sheen Zoha key baarey mein lekin dil ko chhoo gaya.Maloom na tha key unhon ney Sonnet par kaam kiya hai.Bus unkey liye dua ka charagh jala kar apney hissey ki roshnee hum kar saktey hain aur logon mein bhee yeh pegham-rasaani unkey baarey mein kar saktey hain.

Aapkey qalam ko khuda aur taqat ata karey takey apnee poori taqat sey yeh roshni phel sakey. WS

Farida Lakhany

 Baat ab daleel hi peh aa ker rukki hay tu aik pur-az-daleel muzmoon hazir hay. Aap ki baat main bohet dum hay laikin iss muzmoon main bhi daleel hay.Khud faisla kigiay.

Forwarded as received.
Syed Haroon Wasti

ap ne buhat he acha coulmn ( sheen zoha) likha he ap ki har baat pe dad deta hun.
aur sab se barh kar mujh ko ye khoshi hui he ke ap ne aik aeisey insan ka taaruf mujh ko kra dia he ke ji ko main ne aj tak nai suna tha main is ko apni badqismti hi kaho ga.
behar haal sister ji ap bohaaat achi hain ap ka har qalam shooq se parhta hun Allah ap ko lanmbi umar de (Ameen)
aur ap ham nujawano ki rehnumai karti rahey........

Allah ap ki har dili dua qabool karey.....(Ameen)

Sister ji ap koi aisa qalam bhi likhey ke jis se jo loog pakistan se baher hain ...un ko pakistan ke sath lagan paeda ho. main samjta hun har koi pakistan se apni matti se piyar karta he

lakin aik baat he main ap se kehna chahta hun aur patta nai ye fitrat he ya kia he main na to fitrat ko samjta hun aur na hi fitart ki baton ko kiun ke meri umar mera ilam mujh ko is baat ki ijazat nai deta baat ye he ke ham loog jo pakistan se abher hain ham aksar beth kar apney mulk ke haal ke barey main batin kartey hain.laikn kuch loog (main aisey logo ko badqismat kaho ga) aisey bhi hain jo mulk aur hukmrano ko bura kehtey hain main nai kehta ke wo mulk ko bura kehtey hain lakin un badnasibon ke mun se jo naam niklta he wo merey piyarey pakistan ko hota he ...............plz ap ap koshash karna ke log merey mulk ka naam achey se achey alfaz main lain. agar koi aur merey mulk ka naam in alfaz main le to us se larai ki ja sakti he lakin jab apney hi dasney lagin tu badla leney ki himat nahi rehti insaan kii soch ke zaviey badal jatey hain insan sochta he ye to merey apney hain. tu pher soch badley ki nai ati balkey ankhon main anso atey mulk ke halat in logo ki baton se nahi theek ho sakty jo mulk ko har waqt aik khilona samjtey hain aur Eurpe ki tarref har waqt zuban pe latey hain main sab se ye hi kaha karta hun ke hmarey mulk main qanoon he lakin ham loog us par aamal nahi kartey aur ye loog us par amal kartey hain. so baat ye he ke laton ke bhot baton se nahi mantey kuch loog is tarh ke bhi hotey hain. to ap wo loog hain.

apno hi ne mera nam-o-nishan mita dia he.
ghear kiun mujh ko sitar samjhian gey.

ap ke bita ap ka bhai.

Rasib Ali

ماموں جان کی برسی پر آپ کا مضمون "شن ضحٰی - زندہ و جاوید" پڑھا آپکی تحریر میں اپنایت، درد اور خراج تحسین کا ایک انمول امتزاج ہے. اتنی اچھی سچی اور مثبت تحریر کم ہی پڑھنے کو ملتی ہے. آپ نے ثابت کر دیا کےآپ نے محسوسات کو صرف پڑھا ہی نہیں بلکل اس میں چھوپے ہر پیغام کو سمجھا اور درد کو محسوس بھی کیا ہے. آج میں پورے وسوخ سے کہہ سکتا ہوں کے جب تک آپ جیسے باصلاحیت اور حساس دل رکھنے والے اور دوسروں کا درد باٹنے والے موجود ہیں کوئی تخلیق کار مر نہیں سکتا.

آپ کی تحریر میں، دل میں گھر کر لینے اور احساس کو زندہ رکھنے کی وہ توانائی موجود ہے جس سے علم کے چراغ جلتے ہیں. میں کوئی ادیب یا شاعر نہیں صرف ایک قاری ہوں اپنے احساسات اور جذبات لکھنے کا سلیقہ نہیں. پھر بھی اپنے آپ کو روک نہ سکا اس لئے امید ہے کے آپ کے مضمون "شن ضحٰی - زندہ و جاوید" کی پزیرائی میں اٹھنے والے قلم کی ہر غلطی کو نظر انداز کردینگی. اس دعا کے ساتھ اجازت کے الله آپ کو ہمیشہ خوش رکھے اور بےپناہ عزت سے نوازے (آمین)

آپ کی دعاوں کا طالب
سید عادل
جوائٹ سیکٹری، بذم اردو لندن
Phone: +442087153952

Dear Madam Rubina - I am writing from Karachi, Pakistan. I am an avid user of the internet and read and write about current affairs. I received the link to your column about the assassination of Mr. Salman Taseer and I just don't know how to thank you enough for it. Although I have read several articles and heard many talk shows about this tragedy I can safely say that your article and your analysis is the best. The introduction is absolutely superb and left me speechless and the long delay in my writing to you has been deliberate; I wanted each word to sink in and I can assure you it has had a profound effect on me.
One great advantage you have is that you are sitting so far away and can, like a historian, look at things more objectively. Nevertheless you deserve commendation as not all those sitting far away use this advantage and most of their views are coloured by their own prejudices which they carry with them and on their sleeves.
I must thank you once again for sending me the link to your article as I now have a great article to quote in my arguments against the people who propagate extremism and murder.
Hope to continue receiving mail from you.
God bless you.
Naushad Shafkat .
Assalam O Alikum

What a tremendous column, I really appreciate your thoughts, by GOD your way of thinking has shivered my soul.

I salute you & hope your efforts would change the way of spirit of people like us one day.


Thanks & Regards
mery piyare behen rubina asalam alekum sale nouw mubarak .nayey saal per app key taraf say aik achey threr mousool huwey men our mery jesey un cunt abel app koo our app key mehneth koo app key qalem koo geraje aqeedeth pesh kertey hyeen .iss kaa aik usoole too yeh hye keh .apneey muslek koo choroo math our kesey key muslek koo cheroo math .2afoo der guzer .piyar muhabath insan koo insan samujehna pece amman wagerh wagehrah . .khawaja zafar s.v.president pakistan press calub belgium calam such joht tabsareh kaa muhtaj zafar kaleem 0032472808055-0032487242041-0032-36088356
Another thought provoking article about the madness that has engulfed Pakistan.
Aqueel Athar
Assalam o alaikum w rahmtullah
Special thanks for sending ur new column link. God has blessed u very beautiful writing stile.I hope that u also in touch with my MATA E KARWAN has been publish in Daily NAWA E WAQT. Ur fresh column on TASEER is a true picture of our society unluckily. But there are something emotionally you mentioned speciously about( molvi ko siasat sy bahir rhana chaiay) it is discussable details.
Dear Ms. Rubina :

Salam and wish you best for the new year ,,,

Just want to congratulate you for a very well thought out and well written article about the state of affairs in the home land ,,, I feel same way and am sure millions more have the same feeling too … but few, like you, are able to express it so well …

More power to your writing prowess …


Arif Mirza.
This is the best column -- or at least one out of all those that I have read of you -- that is based on logic, touches the heart and appeals to the mind. I am taking it onto myself to circulate it among all those I can reach in one way or the other.
I decided to return home after my kids settled down, wife passed away and chasing the mighty Dollar ceased to be necessary. Here I get to meet old friends and relations to share memories of days gone by, but thats about all. The country that I loved and fondly remembered when I had to live abroad does not exist anymore. People here have simply gone mad. I feel that if I want the love for my motherland to be preserved then I must move away from here. Its the same case with religion that I was born into and later chose to stick to. 
Salman Taseer was my next-door neighbor of my present abode, my class mate in the college and a friend. He was no angel but certainly a better person than these despicable mullahs who write columns, deliver sermons and masquerade as the pious souls. I fear that if I live here any longer I will turn into a kafir and patriotism will evaporate with every breath I take.
This response to your piece is not only an applause but also to vent the frustration that I feel within. I apologize for taking your valuable time.  
Sarwar Sukhera      
Your write-up is very touching and daring too; it is very close to factual and real analysis of the situation .I do forward to my friends and they appreciate too. Thanks for keeping me posted. God bless you.
Thanks. It is tragic and particularly so for his family that Mr. Taseer was killed by his own bodyguard. The fact that so many of us have joined in and devoted so much time to mourn his loss for so many days is indeed laudable. The media in particular have spent countless hours on discussions and published God knows how many articles on his passing away which is also very touching and commendable. Apart from anything else, it implies that we are kind, compassionate, caring and thoughtful people ---- but is that really so?

The tragic episode also brings to light another aspect of our society that is deeply troubling. While Mr. Taseer was just one man, thousands of equally innocent men, women and children have been blown to smithereens in the drone attacks by Pakistan’s alleged friends and 'strategic partners' and countless others injured and maimed for life. They do so with impunity and without any warning. For them it is like playing video games with the lives of people who are our own and they haven't stopped. The wanton, merciless and inhuman killing that is a crime against humanity under international law goes on unchallenged, unhindered and without much comment.

We have to ask why is it that the death of one man touches us so profoundly while we turn a blind eye to the killing of thousands of other Pakistanis, regardless of age, sex or culpability, by a foreign power? Their lives surely are just as precious to their families and their loss certainly has a far greater impact on those they leave behind. Do we consider these people as not our own or the children of a lesser god, to borrow from Arundhati Roy, and hence not worthy of our sympathy and compassion? Or is it that like the government and the armed forces we too believe foreign powers have the right and license to kill Pakistanis where and when they like? Why are we not as outraged in their cases as with Mr. Taseer and why have we not been demanding and protesting for their protection?

The callous disregard and sheer insensitivity is a national shame that will never be washed away from our collective conscience and history will condemn us for it in no uncertain way. It is not simply Mr. Taseer's killer; we are all sick and full of pretence and hypocrisy. It is time all of us re-examined our attitudes with a modicum of honesty and started to fear for what Allah Subhana Ta'ala might make of our pretensions and lack of humanity.

Regards. K. Hussan Zia.
Behan Rubina Faisal
thanks for this --it is indeed voice of many silent people--U have courage to say it but we have not --May ALLAh give us this courage-- i have sent this article on face book of Aqeeel Abbas Jaferi tooi further want to say
قرآن مجید میں ھے  لیل کنواں ھے ان لوگوں کے لئے جو ناپ تول میں کمی کرتے ہیں - مولانا احتشام الحق تھانوی اس کا تبصرہ کرتے ھوئے کہتے ہین کہ لیل ایک کنوئیں کا نام ھے جس میں آگ کے شعلے بھڑک رہے ہیں اور اس میں طرح طرح کی دیگر آفتیں ھیں -مولانا احتشام الحق تھانوی مزید کہتے ہیں کہ  جب محلے والا دکاندار اپنے ترازو مین گڑ بڑ کرکے آپ کو معمولی مقدار مین چینی یا کوئی اور چیز میں کمی کرکے دیتا ھے تو اسکے لئے اتنی بڑی سزا کیوں ھے - جبکہ اتنی ہی مقدار میں کوئی چینی یا کوئی اور چیز چوری کر لے تو اسکی اتنی بری سزا نہیں ھے - وہ تشریح کرتے ہوئے کہتے ہیں کہ سزا دراصل اس اعتماد کو توڑنے کی ہے جو اس دکاندار نے آپ کے اس ترازو پر کیا تھا کہ یہ صحیح حالت میں ھے -- چنانچہ سلیمان تاثیر کے کیس میں ہم نے اس آدمی ممتاز قادری پر اعتماد کیا اور اسے بندوق پکڑا دی تھی لیکن ممتاز قادری نے اعتماد کو ٹھیس پہنچائی -اسے اگر یہ واقع کر نا ھی تھا تو اس وقت کرتا جب وردی میں نہیں ھوتا - دو ہزار پہلے چندر گپت موریہ کے دور میں ایک کتاب لکھی گئی تھی جس کانام ارتھ شاستر تھا -اس مین بھی تقریبا" یہی بات لکھی تھی کہ پولیس والا اگر کسی بیان میں دروغ گوئی سے کام لے تو اسے دگنی سزا ملے گی بنسبت اس عام فرد کے جو یہی جھوٹ بولے- وجہ یہی ہے کہ حکومت وقت نے اس پولیس والے پر اّعتماد کیا لیکن اس نے جھوت بول کر اس اعتماد کو  توڑ دیا  

۔Dear Ruby,
I really liked the thought provoking column, you have touched based on some of the very difficult and grey zone areas
I also agree with alot of your ideas ,please keep me in the loop for your new write ups
happy new year
al the best
Dr Aliya
روبینہ اس بار تُم نے اچھا کالم لکھا ھے۔۔۔
رفیع رضا
Dear Rubina Beti,

Thank your for your wonderful article. I understand that your writings have a vast reader in the West but, as I guess, may be lesser in Pakistan, where we have dearth of right thinking people. If already your articles are published in Pakistani Urdu dailies or magazines it is very good. If not, please send them to Pakistan also for publication.

With love
my dear rubeena .
after a long time u wrote some thing .
but how sad it is ....?
hwo long we can cry .
how long we feel sorry for such brutal action .
who ia going to stop ????
mumtaz qadri ( the murdedr ) said he listend a speech in a jalsa there it is said the he ( sulman tasee r) said such things .
so he decided to kill him . b/c he wanted to be ilmudin gh azi.
ut wrirings r always moving .
Allah karay apkay qalam ki sachiyi sey koi aissi kiren obhray jo <<baidari << ki kiren ho
bohat acha or suthra likhti ho
suman shah from paris
In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
Mohtarma Dear Robina,
Assalamo Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh
Well done. Jazakomullah. You took the courage on the Shahdat of Sulman Taseer and for your comment of Shuhda-a-Ahmadiyyat. After the demise of Sulman Taseer Marhoom, I checked condolences messages on YouTubes, at was to my utmost surprize that their were very few. Most politician are very covered(buz-dill).
Namak-Haram cannot be Mohibb-a-Rasool nor Aashq-a-Rasool. No one should be permitted to take law in his own Hand and become god to punish others. Much can be written on this topic, may be next time.
Zarif Ahmad from USA

I read ur article. V.nice and impressive. This is really that most of the country-people had become blind. They do not love prophet Muhammad pbuh if they did then they should spend their whole days and nights according to hazoors teachings. But they can't because they don't like such things, simple !

So ignorant .... so selfish, so bad .....

Best regards to you and your courage !

Allah hafiz
Best Regards

/Mahmood Fateh Ahsan
Ph: +46 (0) 708 208471
Dear Rubina
Thanks for the nice column, which give us a new way of thinking about our society.
I saw your new column after a long time, please give some time for ordinary persons of Pakistan.
Hope I ll see your column soon.
Thanks again
Kamran Asghar
Dear Robina

Bravo. Very nice article, like always well balanced thoughts. Keep it up

waaah , kiyaa baat hai, behad fikr angez, asar aafreen...
sorry Rubina Ji main hamesha dair kar deti hoon, baarhaa chaahaa k aap k columns parh kar aap se raabita karoon....kam az kam apne sataashi alfaaz aap tak pohnchaa sakoon......

dair hoti rahi. mazirat khwaa hoon lakin aaj k column toa ihsaasaat ko janjhor dene waalaa hai salaamat rahye, likhti rahye.



Rubina sahiba, the story of the mullah and his affair that you have included in your column, I think, represents the religious state of affairs and a confused disposition that most every one is displaying in Pakistan.


The narrow minded, semi-literate, hadith thumping mullahs are rampant. Many issues and questions which can easily be decided upon with the help of clear guidance provided in the Quran are being confused by using the man made fairy stories taken from the sea of the ahadith where every reader can pick up the story that supports their own mindset.  


The lawyers, allegedly, showered the religious terrorist, Qadri with rose petals. What can you expect from the courts and their judges where a murderer is called a Ghazi who takes the law in his own hand and becomes the judge, the jury and executioner all in one.


Pakistan is not behind in the areas of science and technology, but it is also behind in the area of its own religion. There have been huge rallies in support of freeing the Ghazi, a common murderer and a terrorist.


The government is hopelessly ineffective to control the situation and take an initiative in reviewing and revising the blasphemy law and ensuring an equal security and justice to all, including the minority.


Javed Chaudry

Rubina Saheba,

AoA. Your latest column, as usual, is very thought-provoking and certainly pinpoints the problem menacing our nation. The problem simply stated is that everyone thinks they can and must implement their own agenda in their own way -- let law be damned.

The unfortunate fact is that this culture of lawlessness which has nothing but contempt for the law is actively pursued and practiced by our so called political elites -- Salman Taseer being a prominent member of that abnoxious class. Also, by ignoring the rule of law, this class has amply convinced the general public that they are above the law and hence taking a legal route against them is an exercise in futitilty. So, if someone believes that a certain person of influence has done something wrong, he can forget going to the court to get redress. We have seen how during the last two years the courts have been thumbed down by the corrupt and the criminals and all efforts to bring them to justice have been doomed.

Little surprise then that this man (the assasin) did what he did. Perhaps, if law worked in Pakistan, someone, if he felt that Salman Taseer had done an outrageous thing, may have thought that rather than shooting the man, it is easier to go to the court and prove his point. Only if.

Another thing I find distasteful in the current hype about this unfortunate killing and abuse of the so called Blasphemy law is : why so much noise now? Only because a member of an elite ruling class has been murdered? Becuase surely lot of other people have died before, equally unjustly and equally for the same reason -- blasphemy, real rarely but mostly perceived or imagined. Not only just non-Muslims (for they are considred fair game) but Muslims as well. Nobody raised such a storm then as I see now on the national TV.

Any way, after reading your articles, I always have a feeling of satisfactiont hat at least there are some people left in our community with a good heart in combination with a good head too, which can think clearly. My very best complements to you, with thanks.
Warm regards.

Akhtar Lodhi

MashaAllah, a good column Rubina, Asal baat law implementation ki hai, Toheen-e-Risalat ki saza Quran o Sunnah se qatal hi sabit hai, mager zimedari riyasat ko nibhani hai.

Saif Ullah Khan

 روبینہ مجھے آپ کا یہ کالم بہت اچھا لگا ھے. ظلم اور استحصال کے وسیع پیمانے ہر کام کرنے کی ضرورت ھے . پاکستان میں اکثریت شرفاء کی ھے لیکن ان کی شرافت گونگی ھے . سلمان تاثیر کے بہیمانہ قتل کے بعد تو لوگ اور بھی سہم گئے ھیں. اس لئے اب ھماری ذمہ داری اور بھی بڑھ گئی ھے کہ ھم کسی ظلم پر خاموش نہ بیٹھے رھیں. آپ کے اس کالم پر آپ کو بہت سی دادوتحسین . آخر پہ اپنا ایک تازہ شعر آپ کی خدمت میں عرض کرتا ھوں ... قاتلوں کو ھار پہناتے ھیں ھم ... اس لئے تو ھارتے جاتے ھیں ھم ... والسلام ... خاکسار ... رشید ندیم
Dear respected Rubina Faisal
Adaab : guzri Eid aur " Roti Khati Mortian " ki ru.numai par dili Mubarakbad qabool ho.
syed Sarwat Zoha kay ki Report say sub kuch jan kar ajeeb si kaifat tari hoi . magar ham abhi ziwal pazir hain Na janay
ye Fall kahan ja kar rukay. ager aik saheh kam karta hay to kay us kay meherban paida ho jatay hain .
Aap ka Urdu Adab kalye kaam bahut tamiry hay. Aap urdu Adab kaylye aik sarmaya hain. Allah taala aap ko mazid himmat aur hausla
ata fermay , Aap apna work jary rakhain ho zoor-e-kalm aur ziada.
Dheer Dauoon kay sath
Irshad Hashmi

Dear Ms Rubina,

I have read your columns and poetry. Everything is very impressive.Your way of writing is persuasive and I belive that it must leave long lasting impact on way of thinking and understanding of other people. This actually the leadership, I mean playing your role to bring the positive change or to develop the nation.

Just read your column "Pakistani Awaam Ka Apnay Siasatdaano ko Kharaj-e-Tehsin". In this column you have figured out some common habits of our nation in a very impressive way. We, as a nation, always blame others for the bad things happening to us. I mean we always blame that Government is responsible for all the miseries and at the same time we make all necessary arrangement for the victory of that polition which was previously fired by the courte on account of fake Degree. It means that we are not honest to overselves.

Please keep it up and make us realize through your writings and other acts that if we want to get rid off the liers, first we will have to kill the lier inside us.


Nisar Ashraf

Dear Rubina,

I have started reading your book. You have fire which is basic ingredient. You have love for humanity. You have deep sense of belonging to your homeland. Fortunately you are in a country which has achieved a level in better life for humans. Please learn research more then think what should be transferred to Pakistan. You have a very long innings to play don't be impatient. I have all faith in your generation. You would certainly achieve what we could not.

Mahmood Sham, editor Daily Jang

Dear Rubina,
Congratulations on the overwhelming response of your readers. For you, it could be a bit unexpected to see such a big crowd, but for me it was not. I am sure you must have jotted down the advices that the honorable guest-speakers passed you on with utter sincerity. Munir Sami's analytical discourse was simply amazing and very enlightening. I would love to read it on FOTH site whenever it is available. Ahtisham Sahib's impromptu speech was very impressive. His command on the selection of words and fluency was definitely as brilliant as Dr. Narang's. Listening to Ahtisham Sahib was a pleasant experience. I am really very sorry for forgetting to buy the book and have it sign by you. Please sign a book and whenever we meet, I would love to take it from you.
Kind regards
Assalamo Alaikum,

How are you Rubina? Today, I saw again your website and your writings esp. those who have tried to praise your "critique" of the situations and reasons why people are doing whatever they are doing in Pakistan. I saw mostly praising your wallowing about Pakistan and could not see the honest critical review of your writings. So, I thought to add mine.

Sometimes we do get carried away by too much praise and forget ourselves and our purpose. I'm going to say nothing new to you which I did not say to you earlier. However, this time, I'd request you to pls. gather enough courage to make these words of mine as "part" of your website. Despite my repetitive requests, you have not stopped seeing doom and gloom in everything about Islam and Pakistan. Yes, a positive critique is necessary but not mentioning anything positive about even the worst evil found in Islam or Pakistan/Pakistanis is injustice. You have got a vision, power to write and express. All I'm requesting is to start looking and recognizing the positivity, love, caring and the "unique" Pakistaniyat in every individual from that land where you and your fore-fathers belong to. Try to think like a nurse who does not get freaked out by seeing blood. Rather she goes ahead, cleans the wounds and encourages the wounded ones to keep hopes of life alive.

I know you can and am looking forward to seeing that lovely part of you signing praise and enjoying that beautiful "you" within Islam and Pakistan. Wish I could write more, but Iqbal already said it all in his "Shikwah and Jawab Shikwah" :)


Amir Ali Tayyab
IT Consultant
Dearest Rubina Bibi,

I read your Book Launching event news and like to congratulate you and your family for the courage, enterprising spirit and deep love for the motherland. In fact you are a real individual that Allama Iqbal hinted in his verse:
Sitaroo Pa daltay hain jo Kamand.

We like young writers who show the courage to point out the mistakes of the so called leaders ( traitors). I do not know the contents of your book and can safely guess from your writings that it may display your concerns for the injustice and corruption of Pakistani Leaders:

About a month ago, a Pakistani lawyer interviewed me and asked me to describe my overall view of Pakistani Nation. I do not give categorical statements about the whole people but over the 64 years what I experienced is that we are Wealth Worshipers (not hero worshipers).

A rich man can get away with murder and a poor man is punished for petty crime.The whole Nation (99.999%) is nervously shivering and about 400 hundred theives are shamelessly defending each other on the open media. And to the interviewer I said; I can safely say.
"Brain damaged".
Hamiat nam hai jis ka gai Taimour ke Ghar sey

Sorry I wanted to express my felicitaions on your Book and faltered away from the original theme. To end this note I quote Iranian poet Hafiz:

Che Dalair Duzd ust ke bar kafay Chirag darad;

( The theif is so brave and is stealing with a lamp in his hand )

And with that I end my feelings of appreciation .


Uncle Mukhtar in Chicago Illinois
السلام علیکم
رمضان المبارک۔ سیلاب زدہ بچی کا خط پڑھا۔ ماشا اللہ آپ نے اس کالم میں معاشرہ کی قلعی کھول دی ہے۔ پہ د ر پہ آزمائش اور امتحانات کا ایک طویل سلسلہ ہے، حکومت اور انتظامیہ بیان بازی کے سہارے انسانیت کی خدمت میں مصروف نظر آرہی ہے۔ سیاست دان اشرافیہ اوراہل ثروت میں بھی آزمائشوں کا سیلاب دیکھ کر بھی مثبت احساس کا فقدان نظر آتاہے۔اس سیلابی انقلاب سے سبق لینے کے بعد انسانیت کی خدمت اور بے سہاروں کا سہارا بنے کا جذ بہ بیدار نہیں ہو رہا بلکہ کوئی فوجی انقلاب اور کوئی انتہا پسندی اور دہشت گردی کی بات کرنے میں مصروف ہے۔= بس دعا ہے کے اللہ تعالٰی آزمائشوں سے نکال کر سیلاب زدگان کے ساتھ ساتھ اُن کی بھی اصلاح اور ہدایت و رحمت کا سامان اس رحمت والے مہینے میں کردے۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔
محمد فاروق نسیم

The good and very good article. Tashbihat bohat zabardast hain. Bohat hi acha likha hay.

I have seen your article about Imran Khan .I think no one can write better than you on this topic. I really appreciate the words you have used for our high level politician .In fact they have born with the golden spoon to loot and enjoy the national income without contributing a penny out of their Swiss accounts. Bangla Desh is better than us . We can see their products in Wall Mart , Old Navy & all other international franchises . In our country our top leaders are distributing the national fund to their party leaders in shape of development funds (which is a political bribe ) to maintain the support for illegal activities and shifting the national income to their overseas accounts.

Once again you deserve the appreciation indeed.
Sardar Azimullah Khan
السلام علیکم
مضمون موت سب پر ہے پڑھا۔ آپ نے موجودہ صورت حال کی پوری عکاسی کر دی ہے۔ لیکن محترمہ اس پر غور و فکر کرنے اور اپنے رویوں کو بدلنے کے لئے ایک حساس دل چاہیے۔ جو ہمارےعاقبت نا اندیش لیڈروں کے پاس نہیں۔ ہم ایسے دور میں جی رہے ہیں جہاں بے حسی کی قیمت ہے مگر حسساسیت کی کو ئی قیمت نہیں۔ لیکن بحرحال قوم میں اس شعور کو بیدار کرنے کی ضرورت ہے۔ ورنہ احساس زمہ داری کے بغیر ہماری کوئی حیثیت نہیں۔
محمد فاروق نسیم
Robina Allah ap ki baseerat ko aur jila bakhshay aur alfaz main itni taseer atta karay keh koi ek insan bhi sanbhal jaey aur apni teenat ko badal kar kisi insan kay sukh ka zamen ban jaey. Duago

Tahira Rubab Ilyas
"Respected Rubina sahiba,aap ney yeh sub kuch( mout hum sub per hya ) likh ker jahad kia hey kash humarey hukmaran aqel key nakhin ley aap perashan naa ho sirkozi or kemron sey hamarey sadar sahib deray jin ki jaiadad waha hey hum unkey udhorey khawboo ko sunhero khawboo mey badalney nahi dey gey .wo jantey hey BATIL SEY DABNEY WALEY AASMAN NAHI HUM,SOO BAR KER CHUKKA HEY TOU IMTAHAN HAMARA.Allah Subhan aap ko mazeed sutch likhney ki himmat atta kerey ameen."
Dear Rubina Baytee,
I very much appreciate your feelings on what is happening in Pakistan.  BUT what is the solution ? 
If you ask me : the only way out is a Revolution. Some Military Dictator should get up; arrest all political leaders & their family members,   particularly Zardari, Rehman Malik, Nawaz Sharif, Shabaz Sharif, Choudhry Bros., Ishaq Dar, and all those top Business-men and Landlords,  Civil & Military 0fficers who have their
WEALTH DEPOITS OUTSIDE PAKISTAN. Then force them to transfer all their wealth to Pakistan Government and then  ......  SHOOT them all with NO EXCEPTION.
The second phase should be to immediatley abolish Landlordisim.  Thus leaving no chance to live and enjoy  on UN-EARNED  MONEY.   
The 3rd  action should  be to  declare Pakistan  a Sunni Hanafi state banning any other sect to preach thier teachings publicly or privately  .... no Barailvi no Quadri, no Shafaee; no Maliki; no Humbaly; no Shia ; no Ahmadi , Only one Azaan that too by State Radio
or TV  Any violation of this Order should be Public Hanging. 
Once a few Hundreds are hanged EACH in Peshawer, Charsadha, Naushera, Abbotabd, Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Multan, Bhawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Quetta, D.I.Khan, D.G.Khan, Sukker, Nawab Shah, Mirpur Khas, Larkhana, Hyderabad, Karachi, etc., THIS RELIGIOUS FANATICISM will  come to an end.
The 4th phase would be A General Elections in which only Real Degree Holders be allowed to contest.  No need to have a Senate .... a Luxury.... created by the capitalists
The 5th and the most important action will be the granting of autonomy to each province. Centre should have Defense, Foreign Affairs, Communications, and Currency
All other functions .............  Education, Health, Agriculture, Industry, Natural Resources, Local Administration, Police, Judiciary, etc ...........  should be with the Porvincial Governments.
All Provincial Services should be for the people of that province ..... Punjabis for Punjab, Sindhis for Sind, Baluchis for Baluchistan  and  Pathans should be for Pakhtoon-kha. 
But who is going to Bell the Cat  ?   
Khaleel Y. Siddiqi
B.A., LL.B., D.S. & B.M.(LONDON, UK)
Phone: 647-628-1933


Salam Rubina Sahiba – I would like to add these phrases to your extremely well written article, first of all, your depiction of the Pakistani administration brings in my mind Janab Ubaid Ullah Aleems’ sheir, ‘khudaya mein zindigi kay azaab likhoon key khwab likhoon.’

My father said years ago, the only way left to save Pakistan is through bloody revolution. That is going to be very painful but bearable.

Let us not forget that ‘zulm phir zulm hai barhta hai to mit jata hai.’


Syed sarwat zoha wrote:

"Rubina Sahib - Read your recent column. You have compared two incidents in an appropriate manner. Aap Kaa dukh aap kay Qalam say Numiy~an Hou Raha Hey. Though these lines normally do not reach to Arbab-e-Ikhteyaar as they are always overseas
you should not give up. Subh Agar Hum Nahee Dehk Sakay Tou Koi DOusra Zarror Dehk Lay Gaa... Congrats... on your good work. Please keep this good work going on...Regards"
Respected Rubina!

ap ka afsaan Burf parha, ap ka andaaz-e-biaan lajwab hay, bahut achi situation creat karti hen ap or apne characters ko khoob nibhaati hen.

But men ye zarur kahoon ga k Burf afsanay ka jo buniadi khayal hay, woh kafi used hay, is topic per bahut se afsanay likhay ja chuke hen, or is afsanay men kahani bhi itni jaandaar nahi hay, you know afsanay k liay kahani darkar hoti hay, agar kahani na ho to phir woh afsana nahi just kuch lines hoti hen, ek mukaalma ban jata hay, ek taqreer ban jati hay. juziyaat nigaari ki b kammi mehsoos hui is afsanay men or rabt ki b zarurat mehsoos hui.

I hope k ap mere comments per mind nahi karen gi.

Munir Ahmed Firdows,
Dera Ismail Khan
Rubina Je

Aap ka nya column parha lakin zra dair se qun-k mn annual vocation k lya July main Pakistan gia tha, column bohat ... bohat ... bohat acha lga. Aap ki feelings bohat haqiqi aur sachi han aik true Pakistani ki hasiat se ........... usloob-e-bian bohat mutasser-kun hy, kuch sentences tau bohat pasand aye, itna aala column likhny per mary taraf se mubarak baad qabool kren. Dua hy k Allah aap k Qalam ki Rawani main mazeed izafa kry, share kerny ka shukria.

"Rubina Sahiba - Have had read your poem on "Margala" Hills. Perhaps due to its theme and background any greeting would not sound appropriate but needless to mention you have compiled your deep sorrow, pain and grief with your own words in amazingly good manner....However, I have concluded that this setback has changed not our lives but also the SCENE.. At least me, going fwd. I am not going to call this Waadee, 'Margala' anymore but 'Karbala'...... Regards"

syed sarwat zoha

محترمہ روبینہ فیصل
السلام علیکم

قرطبہ مشاعرہ کا لنک ارسال کرنے کا شکریہ۔ آپکا وہ میناروں والا مضمون بھی پڑھا۔آپکی نئِ کتاب بھی آن لائں دیکھا، ماشا اللہ آپ بات سے بات نکالنے کا اچھا فن جانتی ہیں اور اسے بڑی خوبصورتی سے اپنے کالم کا عنوان بنا لیتی ہیں۔ آپ نے قرطبہ مشاعرہ کے کالم میں جن نکات کی طرف اشارہ کیا ہے،اس سے میں متفق ہوں۔ یعنی ہم لوگوں کوصرف مشاعرہ ہی نہیں بلکہ اپنے تمام تر پروگراموں میں، گروہ بندی اور جتھہ بندی سے نکل کراپنی زبان ،اپنی ثقافت، اپنی تہزیب اور اپنے دین و ایمان کی حفاظت کے لئے پر خلوص کوششیں کرنی ہونگی۔ تبھی جا کر ہم اپنی قوم کو قعر مزلت سے نکالنے میں کامیاب ہو سکتے ہیں۔ شاید میں آپ کو بور تو نہیں کر رہا۔ خیر پھر ملینگے اگر خدا لایا۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔
اللہ حافظ
محمد فاروق نسیم

Dear Rubina

I've been away from the European scene for more than 4 years, and have no idea about the recent activities of Urdu-wallas. Your column on the Barcelona poetry reading was not less than an eye-opener for me. What I had seen in my 20 years of stay in Europe, was quite the opposite: an Urdu poet would not stand another Urdu poet, period .

I'm not sure how long ago this miraculous Mushaera took place because you haven't given any dates, but if it's a recent happening, then I must congratulate the organizers of this event and request them to arrange for more events like that.

I saw some of Dr. Taqi Abidi's literary research work when I was in Virginia this summer, but I have never met the gentleman personally. Your description paints him as a well groomed, courteous and honorable person with refined manners and a polished taste for poetry and literature. Please convey him my regards when you see him next.

Thanks once again for your continued contact and all the literary gems that you so generously shower upon me.

Arif Waqar
BBC, Lahore
My dear rubina
thanks a lot for ur kindness that u always send ur Colum to me. ur latest Colum . Mushahera . its excellent the way u explained the reason of success.
i agree with u 100%.
we r so miser that if ther person weather he is Pakistani we never appreciate. this is one single reason of our deteriorations .

i salute u & dr abidi as well .
i wish i cold be thier to witness this beautiful gathering.

my new novel ( behshat ka rasta . is published. last month.
when i was in Pakistan .
now i came back Australia .
how can i send this book to u for tabsera ?
i hope u & all ur family is happy & healthy.
ur columns alyas make me cry .
but this is wonder full .
with lot of prayers
Dr . shaugufta naqvi
melbourn .
+61 3 8300442 447
Dear Rubina sahiba, I have red your column. It is very interesting and waiting for the next. I am working with Pakistanlink in Los Angeles. as Editor Urdu. I would like to publish the report of Mushara in Qurtaba. I know Dr.Taqi. He is working very hard for the cause of Urdu. Please send me your stories for publication in Urdulink.
I would like to tell you something about myself. I am a short story writer. My five books have been published in Pakistan .Recently a new book has been published under the titl of " Safad Pather" It comprises of short stories, a novel and sketches of famous writer, namely, Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, Mirza Adeeb, Ahmad Fraz, Qateel Shafi and Farigh Bokhai. As soon as i receive copies from Pakistan, I will send it to Aligarh Urdu Club.

With best regards,
Anwar Khawaja

Your write-up on Masjid-i-Qurtaba has made me feel sad.
I visited the Mosque as well as the palace and gardens of Grenada many years ago but I did not feel sad. I just thought that "we" built them and then lost them but Muslim Spain was a great phenomenon.
Two years ago, I visited Seville, the original capital of Muslim Spain. The great mosque there was converted into the grandest cathedral in the world. Among other things, it has the tomb of Christopher Columbus. The Muslims lost Seville and then made Grenada their new capital.
In a coincidence of history, just when Christian Spain conquered Cordoba and Grenada, Sultan Mohammad Fatih conquered Constantinople. The big church there was converted into a mosque. In yet another twist of history, the Turkish Republic turned Aya Sofia into a secular historic monument.
History is like a river, it changes course and there is not much you can do about it.
The number of Muslims in Europe and North America is growing steadily and that is like history changing course again.
We should look back and then look ahead.

M Saeed Khalid

Do not be sorry or sad for qurtaba. It is part of rise and fall of civilisations. The Qura'n also states changing of people de to their deeds. Inshallah these places shall revert to that desired state that ever Muslim misses.

Thanks for this article.---I want to tell you that i was anxiously waiting for this article of yours---Some sentences of it are of worth to be quoted elsewhere.
I have read a lot of books about Spain in addition to of Nasim Hijazi , Mustansar Hussain Tarar , Maulana Waheed ud din Khan .Now i can add this article in that list which i usually quote.Thanks again

Qamar A Abbasi
52 25th Street
Troy NY 12180

Dear Rubina,
thanks for the nice tehreer magar kaun samjhay ga dil kay in abloon ko jo khood hi phoot tay aur phir kisi nai musafat say peyda ho jatay hain, yahaan kis ko kahani ki samajh aai hay sab hi andhay behray aur goungay hain.
Ap canada say yahaan tashreef lein aur ham Germany say nah ja sakay kaheen tow andha moorrdh ho ga gis ko koi deekhta hi nahi faslay keysay paat sakain gay jab keh manzil kay wajood ka yaqeen hi nahi chaal tow rahay hain magar gumgasht e manzil ki tarha jis nay ab mehz chalna hay manzil ki khooj ya zaroorat rahi hi nahi.
Nizam e program e qartabah bhi tow wohi thha koi kisi mulk peh wah wah karwanay ko sadarat chahta hay aur koi insaniat aur ilmi sifate illahi ka qatle aam karta hay aur apni wah wah kay liay door door say nami girami loogoon ko ikathha kar keh qurb o jawar kay sachgoyoon ko neechha dikhanay ka intezam karta hay, (NAKAM) behaar haal sabhi ko apna roll ada karna ahy ham ko islah ki koshish say kaynat ka nizam qabile fehm banana hay allah ham jeysi haq kay hasool kay liey tarrpti roohoon ko aamale e kheyr kay rizq say seyrab karay.
ap kay liay Duago hoon

Tahira Rubab Ilyas

M/s. Rumedi International Imp & Export
Finkeneck -4,
25462 - Rellingen, Germany.



Khaleel Y. Siddiqi
A'dab.Kiya khoob pehloo hai sach mein aur haqeeqaton mein tarasha hua jiska naqsha aap ney pesh kiya hai aur bari bahaduri aur bareek beeni key sath isey qalam band kiya hai.Bohot khoob.Aap isey apney muzmoon key aakhir mein rae dahee key column mein chaspan kar saktee hain.Allah aapko likhney ki taqat sey aur nawazey.Ameen!
Farida Lakhany
Rubi Ji:
. Believe me that your pen is powerful and you pick up the right subjects to discuss.
Qartaba hal ya mazi, is a wonderful kavish and I am grateful that you have suggested to visit this piece of art as well a memory of our past splendid history. Now after reading this article my old desire has resurfaced to pay a visit to this place which has been remembered and written by many of our scholars both secular and religious.
Please accept my sincere gratitude for the great effort.
Safee U. Chaudhri,PhD
Vineland, NJ 08361

Dear Rubina Sahiba:


The Silent Calls for Prayer from the Church Steeples (Klisaoun ke darmian Khamosh Azanain) is a nicely written essay reminding us of the early Muslim history in Europe. We can reminisce the Islamic golden era of Al-Andalus for its nostalgic and historic values. When it comes to the study of history, there are always lessons to be learned or else we are condemned to relive it. While the history of Moguls in India is still so fresh in our minds, obviously we have failed to learn any lessons. Today, as you have pointed out, the people of Pakistan are re-living the economic, cultural and political circumstance which was created in India during 17th to 19th century as a precursor to the British occupation of the whole subcontinent of India. Alas, some nations refuse to learn lessons from history – and we are it.  


Most of the Muslim nations today are suffering in the hands of unscrupulous and deceitful, self appointed leaders. In reality, they are not leaders, they are compradors who serve foreign powers for personal, short term gains and end up creating foreign supremacy over their nations for centuries to come. The 18th century Indian history is repeating itself in today’s Pakistan. We can see the living examples of this in Pakistan, Afghanistan and the oil Sheikhdoms of the Middle East.


It should not have been surprising that Pope Benedict had refused to allow Muslim prayers to be held in the Cordoba Mosque, which is now a Catholic Cathedral. Times change and so do the social and cultural conditions. After all, the Cordoba Mosque was built around an old Christian Church. Today, the Muslims are not short of mosques or land to build new ones. They should be mindful of what they have to ensure they retain what they own today rather than cry for what they had lost centuries ago. As far as holding the prayers is concerned, God is omnipresent and ubiquitous, one can pray to him every where or any where. Before we complain about the Pope in connection with our claims on the Granada Mosque, we should review the behavior of our own people in Pakistan where the mosques and churches are being blown up with bombs along with the worshipers.




Dear Rubina:
Although I always admired the beautiful architecture and interior designs of the Mosque of Cordova, I don't think Muslims had any right to occupy Spain and colonize it for centuries. The Umayyad colonizers did not do so for the sake of Islam, but it was just an empire building process, very similar to what the British, French, Spanish and Dutch and others did in Asia, Africa and Americas and Australia. Let's not glorify Muslim occupation of Spain. It has NOTHING to do with the teachings of the Holy Quran. Let Cordova and the mosque remain Spanish property.
Have a wonderful day.
Taj Hashmi
Allah, Haq Subhanahu wa Taala ... Requires, the Muslims, to ... "Hold fast, unto, Deen e Islam...
Not, Disintegrate, into Firqahs" ... Groups, Formed on the basis of Trivial Differences, in Ritual Practices.

Firqahs, "are" the tafreeq, meaning, Schisms, and Divisions ... in Body Islamique ... In, that the
Tafreeq ... Is in, one Muslim Group's Disagreeing; at times violently,
with the another, regarding the mode, of the Performance, of ... a Ritual !

Thus, the In-Fighting, among Muslims, on flimsy differences,
what in essence, are only "Ritualistic Differences" ... These
Ceremonial Differences, have very little to do with Islam

The "Groups based" Differences, and In-Fighting, is essentially Superficial ... hence فروعات ...
and Farooaat are Differences, in a Ceremonial Ritual's Practice.

Thus, a Firqah ... Is, the Ritual Form, of Practicing Deen e Islam... The Ritualistic Version, of Islam ...
Its sanction lies in the Fact, that, those Following a Ritual Islam ... readily Allow
Interest in their lives ... saying,
"بھائی مذہب تو انسان کا ذاتی معاملہ ہے ... سود تو دنیاداری کا اہم جز ہے، جب
وقت آیے گا دیکھا جایے گا ...

Do you suppose, it is correct, for one to declare another, a Kafir, merely on the basis of
how, one differs from the other in, say ... addressing his Creator.

Syed Hasan Shahid Bukhari
06th May, 2010

Buhat khoob, buhat kam log es tarah sochtay hayn, Dar asal hamara danashwar munafiq ho chuka hay. es my adeeb bee hayn politicien bhee garaz kah har woh log jo kisi na kisi jaga pay kuch makam rakhtay hayn woh sab hee munafiq hayn, hamara hal aysa ho chuka hayn kah jab bhee bhook lagayee gie hum apney satiyoon ko hee kaha jayeen gayee.

buhat acha likha ap nay. keep it up

Well written. The solution is that all of us who believe in the necessity of the unity of the Muslims should start the slogan 'Return to Qura'n' and practice it. Paste it every where preach it when and where ever appropriate in a subtle way. Say nothing more.

Dear Ms Rubina
A friend of mine sent me your article on firqas. I found it very thought provoking. You have called a spade a spade. This is the real problem and threat facing our country and nation. I hope some other writers can draw the attention of the masses on this issue, otherwise it will continue to contaminate us more and more. with kind regards.

javed iqbal
A bold and thoughtful effort. Keep it up. Dennis
you have touched a very sensitive topic very sensible and wisely
I wish and pray that people like yourself are able to create awareness among us as muslims and as pakistanis,as it is very badly needed
all the best
assalam o alikum
aap ne molvi ko bura bhala kehnay mein koi kasar nahin utha rakhi shaed iss ki waja koi zati ikhtilaf ho ya koi aur mein nahin janta. magar aik baat jo mein aap ki nazar kerna chahta hoon wo ye hai k kabhi aap k husnband ya children ya father ya brothers ne kisi dosaray firqay k molvi k peechay namaz perhi hai. har giz nahin perhi ho gi. asl mein molvi ko hum ne hi strick keya hai. deen aik hi utra tha magar aap aur mein ne iss mein rakhnay daal deay bus molvi ko kosna kafi nahin. dosra terrorism ki bat ki aap ne. pakistan ka prime minister sab se bara terrorist hai bcoz ye brussels kya kernay gaya tha. lanti ka bacha israel k khilaf nato ko kehnay gayatha ya nato k sath comprise kernay. iss ka saboot kal ki speach hai jis mein israel ka zikar to nahin albatta nato se mangi gae kherait zooror nazar aati hai.

Respected Rubina Faisal Saheba
Salamat rahen
Aap ka coulmn firqay kayoon, ghaur say parha , aap kay dil main jo dard hay , ye bahut say diloon ki awaz hay,magar har shaks
kay gird aik hisar hay magar ab tuta pinjeray say nikalna cahata hay aap ki tarha aap apna safar jari rakheen aap
yaqeen rakheen bahut say loog aap kay sath hain.
Dheer sari duaoon kay sath
Irshad Hashmi
Jawwad Jay commented on your link:

"Rubina jee SALAM ,,,,Yehi tou hmaari qoum ka,

muslim qoum ka sub se barha alamiya hay

k hum firqoun ko mazhab se zyada ehmiyat daitay hain,

kehnay ko tou hum sub firqa parasti k khilaaf hain

magar under hi under, dil hi dil main, hum kisi na kisi

firqay se bhi wabasta rehtay hain,,,,,

kiya ye munafqat nhi hay,,,

MUNAFQAT jo kufr se bhi barha gunah hay,,,,

FIRQA PARASTI jb hi khatam ho gi jb hum

apnay under k MUNAAFIQ ka gala daba daingay,,,,

oar wallah aalam ye waqt kb aaey ga jub

muslim itni himmat walay houngay.

بہت خوب کالم ہے ۔

اشعار کس خوب صورتی سے جا بجا ٹانکے ہیں۔تحریر کا اثر دونا ہو گیا ہے

ایک بے بضاعت اور بے نوا پڑھنے والی کی طرف سے خراج قبول ہو

جہاں آر
Dear Madam Rubina Faisal

assalam o alaikum

hope you are fine.

Actually this column of yours is written in great haste and in a time you were extremely emotional. I dont know whom you are addressing. You are just airing your anger on all sides. Yes. Me too, among scores of other muslims round the globe, do pray, do pay zakat and alms, and the like, but I don't think I am burdening someone with the load of these things as you have given a picture of yours. Molvis have done a lot bad, and they are done it in the name of Islam. This is so because they have only Islam with them to sell out. Rest are selling their commodities. Islam is ever and best sold by the molvis. But these molvis have never been so powerful unless the dogs which we have been keeping for our safety would'nt bend to serve their cause. This is the real curse. Maybe you find enough courage to jot the real and complete picture. You are excused since you cannot!! Aap hi kiya, mard e momin k bhi to bachay hotey hen, mard e mijahid bhi to pait rakhta he.... Anyway

yay firqa bandi hamaray zawal ka nazara hay jisay dunya k ahle danish hamaray mantaqy nateeja k muntazir hain.....yay zamany may tabah hu nay ka roashan saboot hay....
zahid amin.
Dear Rubina, Aap nay sirf aif fiqrey mein sari kahani keh di hay. Quran mein kiya likha hay. Hamara Mulla hamein kiya bata raha hay.

In Mazhab sab say pehlay apni maan ki god say seekh ta hay. Maa agar mazhab janti hay. Usnay Quran parh ha hay us ko samjha hay us par amal kiya hay. Issi tarah Walid ka maam la hay unhon nay yeh sab kiya hay tab 90% imkan hay keh aisay waldeen ka Bachha firqa parasty mein nahin paray ga.

Firqa agar Paanch hein to is mein koi haraj nahi hay. Yeh Jama Azhar Misr kay Manay huway hein.

Shafi Malki Hambli Hanafi Jafri

Is kay baad sari khud parasti aur apni leedri chamka nay wali batein hein.

Han agar walden paray huway nahi hein tab insan ko haq ki tallash khud karni paray gi. Beshak Ismlam deen -e- Fitrat hay. Is ka matlab hay keh har insan peda hotay waqt muslim hoga lekin bara honay par woh apnay walden ka mazhab
qubul karay ga. Lekin Quran kay mutabiq us ka farz hay keh woh haq ki talash karay.

Adam Ibrahim Musa Eisa Mohammad yeh sab Muslim thay Allah taala ;ki taraf say.
Jab insaan science parh ta hay tab usko pata chalta hay key gravity kiya hay.

Issi tarah agar Quran na parh ha aur na sam jha tab kiya pata chalay ga keh mazhab kiya hay.

Rubina Ji

"Khahan mer gaya sala" baut khoob....kash kahee nakhuda mel jaye es watan ko.

Muskratee rahye aur apne qalam se logoon ko jagane ke koshash jari rakhain,,,ke insan to koshash ka hee mukalef hai na.

Allah Hafiz

Shabbir Butt
روبینہ فیصل

تم نیں تین لوگوں کی خطوط تو چھاپ دیے ...
یہ تو بتاو تمہاری اپنی بھی کوئی را ی ہے ؟
یا صرف صحافت پرزندگی گرزانے کا ارادہ ہ ہے

بہار حال ، اب چونکی تم نیں سوالات اور جوابات بھیح ہی دیے ہیں، اور
(bey Farmayad) "بقول شخصے، یہ بات "بے فرماد"
کی زمرے میں آ جاتی ہے لہذا
میں ان سوالات اور جوابات کو، تمھارےہے سوالات اور جوابات تصّور کروں گا.
اور، جوابات، با وجوہ طوالت، انگریزی میں لکھوں گا

Because, I am not proficient in the Roman script, which, most of the times, Trans-literates, my Roman,
into a strange version of, Urdu تجوید ... And in correcting it, I have to waste a lot of time, thus, my resort to,
what I am proficient, at ... Writing on the PC, in English.
Therefore, in future, as a rule, I will be replying to all your long queries, in English.

so here goes ...

I suggest, the better way to a REQUIRED Understanding, is in your, first reducing the Subject, into its Specifics.
Meaning, if you want to Know, how the Automobile Works, you should take it apart, and study its sundry Components;
it takes time, but you learn, and are able to improvise, and make one suited to your Specs. Otherwise ... you Continue
to Associate the engineered Ashton Martin; DB 5, 6 or 9, with Hollywood's James Bonds.

Regarding the First Letter...

I think, the gentleman is under the delusion, that "عالم ا ادراک انکی ذات پر موقوف ہی" ...
Anyway, his حل , of a Red Revolution ... what here, ostensibly, implies a bloody revolution, is an
outdated concept.

Because, such was only possible, when, Pakistan's population was around 20 million, a
100 years ago, and a blood bath, was then in the Required Order, of things, done, by such, as
Communist Adventurers.
It is certainly not applicable, to the present day, Pakistan, with a population of 180 million.

Because, In a situation, where hundreds of millions of Humans are involved, a Required Change,
can only be effected, by Changing the State, of the hundreds of millions of Minds.
Hence, it means, the Change, in the Perception of Reality, by these vast numbers, and is therefore,
the Correct Solution ... not an Arain's proposed "Surkh, Inqalaab, or Salaams."

If you carefully read what I write, you will remember, that I had earlier sent you the definition of "Leadership" ...
But I will repeat it once again:

"In the Islamic Concept, Leadership Means an Accountable Responsibility"
of the Ruler ... not the bullet proof cars, public adoration and presidential palaces ... etc. etc.

That, Leaders are born ... not made, at the Harvard, or MIT like Schools, ... or at our Colleges and Universities.
What these Schools and Universities Produce, are essentially Brand Mangers.

Thus, a National Leader, cannot, and should not, be equated with, a Commercial "Brand" Manager.

Its like Mirasis, and the Hera Mandi walay, or the Lohaars or the Chamaars and the Arains, being Branded,
as the only Castes, as ones, having, the Required Qualities of Leadership ... For this is how, they are prone to Act,
think and Believe. Because, Nothing else Exists, outside, their Kouaans .

Why ? Because, the Political Form of Leadership, and Governance, is an Art Form, and it takes at least 5 Generations, in Power, to Perfect the Art ... and these Mirasis, and their Generated, do not have the Art ... But is it not foolish to equate, Singing, Tabla and Sarangi Nawazi, with Governance ... or Managing the Public Affairs, in Real Life ?
Have you noted the Symphony Orchestra like Arrangement, in our Political statements ... Be it the Brass, or the Percussion, or the Strings and Flutes ... all ... Basically Following, differently, a Performed Work, of a Composer ?

Whats wrong, in Pakistan, is, that sumandar paar kay Shylocks, and Cowboys, over the past two hundred years, have, been successful [with Free Masonry and Money] to Place, these so called, Excellent ... Grand Masters, and Covert Chamchas ... the Khan Bahadurized, Mirasis and Arains etc. at the helm of of our Political Power, and later, Calling them, your Excellencies !

Why ? Because, these Mirasis etc., and/or their First or Second or third or fourth Generations, lack the Required Mettle of Character, thus, they are easy to Manipulate ... towards the Sumandar Par Walay's Objectives, than ... the Right Mettled ones, who always refuse to sell their Zameer: conscience, or, the Watan .

But let me tell you ... I have nothing against the Mirasis etc., as human beings ... What I abhor, is their, first or Second or third Generation's, "Importing, and then Mandating, their, inferior Culture, which is unfit for the Institution, of National Leadership."

Regarding the Second Letter, referring to "Roshni ki Jhalak ... Imran Khan ... And why, it is not Reflected in his Team ...
I have to say, "That what, the gentleman from Lala Musa sees, in the Person of Imran Khan, has more to do with what he wants to Believe, than Reality."

Imran is good, as far as Cricket, and the Philanthropic Orientation of his Cause, is concerned... That he should not have gone beyond these two, as the Purpose of his life ... There are infinite possibilities in them both, and he should have devoted his energies to Cricket and Shaukat Khanum Hospital ... instead of Translating the Turkish Justice Party's Manifesto, into a Movement, he is not qualified to lead.

But in countries, with a leadership, like the present one in Pakistan, composed of Mirasis etc., one is easily distracted by Personal ambition ...

Try to Remember, " روشنی ... Emanates From Truth ... not the Chehras of Cricketers, or NGOized Philanthropists, or the Khan Bahadur Progeny, or the Playboys and the Julahas, Lohaars, and Mochis, etc. turned Milllionaires and Billionaires by Robbing the People and the Corrupt state. The hedonist Sardars, Jagirdars, the Bank frauds, Corrupt Bureaucrats, Judges, Mullahs, and Bandits are also a part of this long list ... Misfits ... but Placed, Rulers " ...

Thus, "Companions of Pakistani Leaders, are the True Reflection, of their Real Person ... What we see, of them, in the Media, or in their real life faces, is an optical Illusion; created by makeup, and at times, by our hopeless Delusions.
It is for these Reasons, that, a Political Change in Pakistan, means a Change, of names and Faces, they all Speak one Jargon ... They neither have the Capacity, the Ability or the Intent, to Change the Reality of the Pakistani's Pathetic Condition, in Pakistan...
Do you Understand ?

Regarding the Pakistani, writing from Saudi Arabia, that " people of Pakistan, cannot seem to be unable to Unite at a Point" ...

The Fact of the situation, is quite different, than what appears ... For it is so, because of the Placers Hired, Local Proxies ... well fed, well placed, and secured ... whose job is to see to it, that People of Pakistan do not rally and Unite under one Flag ...

And ................................. about the famous, the youngest Billionaire, the Programmer of face book, I have to say, that first, he used his head, made the Software, by Applying, his Idea ... Thus, came up with a web site, which could Serve the New World Disorder Plan, thus, was Allowed, [like his Fellow Programmers] as Owners, of Media and the Internet Sites ... by his Establishment...

Tell the boy, "Do not to run away from Pakistan" ... come back home, do whatever little you can do, face the World's Oppositions, and singlehandedly build Pakistan's Place on the Internet, do so, for your Future Generations. That this is what, we are supposed to ...

Syed Hasan Shahid Bukhari
27th May 2010
:) ye to murghi aur anday wali behez hi ho gai Rubina behen.

Although I have a much smaller intellect to cook up any solution to our national tragedy, but I do have a small incident to share. It happened in 2002, in Lahore. I was driving my car home, when a man came from wrong side, and almost hit me. I pushed hard brakes. He, while speeding his car off, angrily looked and passed on some curse. Only one thought hit my mind at that moment, "This man deserve a Trespasser like Musharraf to be his representative". And then I realized that majority of us carried this attitude of trespassing, exploiting whatever is within our power etc. We deserved Musharraf, as much as we deserve Zardari today.

Yousuf Sahib, as you talked of "red revolution", I wish that you would have been alive in times of Karl Marx, so that you could have told him to stop writing Das Kapital in first place.

I think that understanding a problem is a step towards its solution. So by writing and thus raising awareness about understanding our problem, we can move closer to solution. But in the end, it is not the scholars, but each and every person who's living in Pakistan, holds the key to solution. Let's stop "deserving" Zardari and these rogue leaders first. Wo "Sala" sahih wala leader khud hi samnay aa jaiy ga :)
aap ka article tu aap k har article ki tarah ba maqsad hay magar ham nay tu FB ku hi band kar dia hay ......ub na bajay ga bans na ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.... zahid
محترمہ روبینہ فیصل صاحبہ
آپ کا کالم بہت اچھا لگا۔ تیسرے برقی خط میں فیصل شہزاد نے چیٹ چینل،آن لائن گیم سرور کے بارے میں درست لکھا ہے بلکہ کچھ اردو سائٹس بھی ان میں شامل ہیں۔لیکن اصل مسئلہ یہ ہے کہ ہم لوگ دوسروں کی اصلاح کرنا چاہتے خود کو راہ_راست پر لانے کا نہیں سوچتے۔ ہم لیڈروں کی اصلاح چاہتے ہیں جبکہ آللہ تعالی کے فرمان کا مفہوم ہے کہ جیسی قوم ہو گی ویسے ہی حکمران اس پر مسلط کر دیے جائیں گے اس لیے ہمیں پہلے انفرادی سطح پر اپنی اصلاح کرنا ہوگی اور نئی نسل کی تعلیم وتربیت اور مرحلہ وار دیگر مسائل کے حل کیطرف بڑھنا ہو گا۔ مادیت سے روحانیت کی طرف سفر، اور دنیاوی حکمرانوں کو چھوڑ کر اس حاکم_اعلی کی طورف رجوع۔۔۔
شاہین فصیح ربانی
Dear Rubina.

1. Masail ka pata hay lekin hal is liye samajh nahi aata keh honesty nahi hay. jab tak har khandan mein honesty is tarah saryat nahi kar jati jis tarah insan kay badan mein khoon dorta hay, isi tarah honesty bhi us kay khoon a lazmi hissa hona zaroori hay. Yeh hum mein jitni bhi kamzoorian nazar aati hein yeh sab honesty na honay ki wajah say hein.Saari burai yun ki aik hi wajah disnoesty.

Mein jis honesty ki baat kar raha hoon woh hay insan ka khud kay saath honest
hona. Is cheese ki hum mein kami hay.

Aap ko surkh inqilab ki hahi balke education ki zaroorat hay. Jab aik insan apnay saath honest hoga tab hi woh har zavia say apni bhali kay liye sochay ga. Uski positive soch usko sahi simt mein lay jaye gi.

Is tarah aik gharana,phir aik mohallah,aik district,aik city aur pura mulk honesty par gamzan hoga tab hi sab mil kar woh nizam lain gay jo un sab ki mushtarak soch ka nati ja hoga.

Yeh kaam itna aasan nahi hay. Yeh bilkul Paygambaron wala kaam hay aur baray sabar say hoga. aik din,aik mah ya aik saal mein nahi balkey is mein kam az kam pachas saal laq sak tay hein.

Hoesty hi wahid rastay hay. Soch ye.

aajkal Rubinajee,bus system hee to nahin hai,bus aawey ka aawa hee to bigrra hua hai,woh zamana gaya jub chup reh key chehek sakta thha insaan,lekin aaj sawalon key jawab kiya,khamoshee bhee tol kar mangtee hai aur khamoshee key zakhm bohot gehrey hotey hain....har kisi ko leader nahin banaya jaa sakta,albatta zara saa bhee kisi mein
khof-e-khuda dekhein ya,honesty dekhein,uska jum kar saath dena chahiye....hamarey yahan selfishness bohot hai,jealousy bohot hai,system ghaeb hai....lehaza,aapas mein mohobbat aur bhaee chargee baratna aa jaey to ghanimat janna chahiye.Bus ab har insaan thak chuka hai,aur thakan mein ghar laut jaana chahiye.....kiya khayal hai?Phir koee nahin poochega key "SAALA GIA KAHAN?"
Farida Lakhany
bohat acha column hai rubina, jhunjhorne wala. kash kisi ko sharm aaye aur koi naik neeyati aur khaloos se rahbari karne ki thaan le. is bigre aawe ko koi to sanwarne ki koshish kare, such keha tum ne kahan mar gaye salay sub.
Hello Rubina:
What a unique way to promote and endorse Imran Khan; your article "Magar Sala Gia Kahan" claims to have four questions for your readers, but in fact these questions are the true answers... I don't know why we have been searching for the monarch (Leader) to show us the path to prosperity... we need to learn from the history that Pakistan has suffered more damage from our leader than the ordinary people.
YES, we have enormous problems in Pakistan, but "are we looking for the solutions from the right places?" the answer is NO.
The time is coming soon, when I will be sharing a "Peaceful Contingency Plan" (PCP) to not only the people of Pakistan, but to all our long lost global cousins, just pray for the global peace.
Where the Imran Khan is concerned, I have contested a National Assembly election in 1997 with his partnership because I used to believe in him as the Messiah of our troubles like many of us are beginning to see in him.. Imran is an honest, sincere, and dedicated human being, but his leadership can not cure the social ills of our society.. the answer is somewhere else, just wait....
Habib Khan.
Rubina Faisal:

All the three letter that you have published tell us the most horrific situation that has engulfed Pakistan.
I have had interaction with lottttttttttts of educated young Pakistanis who are the most frustrated lot . That means that our future leaders are also in a state of complete dismay.
Is there a way out ? Yes. First of all, we , the older generation needs to make frank and candid confessions . The Pakistan that our leaders got was not prosperous but it had honest and dedicated leaders and bureaucrats who shephered the country through its turbulent years. But gradually the country was high- jacked by " waderas" with feudal mind-sets. The feudal-mind set is not only among the landed aristocracy but all over-- bureaucrats , army people,. industrialists etc. all have feudal mind sets. Our national assembly constituencies are too big . Only " crore-paties" can run for elections who spend huge sums and then get into total corruption from day one to recoup what they have spent.

The ruling elites' popularity has come down to less than 20 % and yet they continue to rule for their own self interest. Right now, personal interest is number one , family interests number two, clan interest number three, provincial interest number four ; the National Interest is the meagre residual element . Unless we reverse this order of priorities ; we will continue to race towards the bottom of the pit.

Who will do that ? Only the youth of the country because they are the KEY stake holders. They need to take their future in their own hands -- strive to change the corruption-ridden system ; insist that the political parties have elections in the parties themselves ; those who do not have intra-party elections , they should not be allowed to run for elections /.

In due course of time the genuine leadership ; responsive and responsible ; will emerge . It is a long , tough road but there are no short cuts or quick-fixes.

The national reform agenda should continue to be discussed and discussed vigorously . Solutions will surface only and only if face up to the challenges and search for solutions that are home grown and NOT " donor-driven". United we have a chance to survive; devided we will go down.

Thanks for your efforts to share the feelings of the people who have been marginalised in the present self-erving system of the elites for the elites.

With profound regards,

Fateh M . Chaudhri
Dear Ms. Rubina Faisal,
The anxiety of the youth in Pakistan mirrored in your column is quite natural. We are the victim of religious extremism, terrorism, sectarianism, feudalism, militarism, fascism, emotionalism, illiteracy, poverty, over population,bureaucracy, corruption, bribery, banditry and brigandage. How such an over burdened nation can survive? Should we wait for miracles to happen? Are we waiting for some Messiah? Mr. Bhutto was a visionary and popular leader and became the victim of the conspiracy of the imperialists. Pakistan has seen four martial laws. We are an unfortunate nation. Ms. Benazir was an other intellectual and visionary leader. She also got killed. Mian Nawaz Sharif had popular mandate but was deposed and expelled. These civilian leaders mentioned here might not have been ideal for all. Every body has his own choice and vision so far as leadership is concerned. But they were the best out of the available lot. Presently we need civilian leadership. Let the democratic process continue. It must not halt. If one government goes, let the other come but by democratic process. No military rule should be accepted. The only panacea of our social evils lies in education, social justice, moderation, rationalism and democracy. We should hope for better future but it needs strenuous struggle. We need capable , honest and patriotic leadership from middle class.

Besides, last night I was at the residence of Mr. Jafar Naqvi in New Jersey in a poetry session. I also recited my fresh Urdu poetry. Mr. Ashfaq Hussain had come from Canada and Mr. Safdar Hamadani from London. We had a good evening. I am coming to Canada on May 28, 2010 to read out my essay on the book of Syed Athar Razvi. Hope to see you there.
With warm wishes,
Sincerely yours,
Dr.Maqsood Jafri
Dated: May 23, 2010
Asslamo Alaikum.

App ka Artical Perha or Bohat herann howa keh Facebook Bnany wala Ikk Dil-jala student hea Or woh abb Duniya ka Ammer Tareen Admee ban chuka hea...
mea yehi samjhta tha k FACE-BOOK kissi bohat barray Software-House kee malkiyyat hogee.
Yea perh ker mujh ko apna past yadd a gayya keh Jab mea College may BCS ker raha tha tabb mean nea Apnea ASP Subject mea 100/100 Marks Liyea
Same like PHP jiss mea Face-book Desigen hoee hea...
OR WEB Designing k Subject mea Jo Web Site mea nay Desigen kee thee uss per mujh per yeah Ilzam laga diyya tha k yeah tum nea mariket sea desigen kerwa keh submit kee hea.

Hamra Assal Dushman Hamra System hea. Mea nea Chats Channals Per Riview kiyya ONLINE Public Games Server per review kiyah. OR Nateejah nikla Group bandi
Hamari soch ikk jagah per kabhi bhi akthi nahi hoti jo channal ka admin hota hea woh uss channal ka WADERAH BANNA HOTA HEA usshee k apnea pasand k log hongea or yeah grops sirf or sirf apass mea batean karean gay. even k appke salam ka jawab dena bhi gawarah nahi kertea.
Games Server Per Bhee Admin (WADEERA) Apnea Pasand k logon Rkhea ga OR Unhi ko Mar-aat sea Nwazea GAA...Baki ko BLOCK ker dea ga. Or yehi wajah hea keh hamm log bohat peeche hean. Yani Ittfaq nahi hea jo hamari tarraqi kee sab sea barri kamzori hea.

Or Agar koi Apni Mehnat sea Kuch naam kama bhi leta hea to syasi Luteary uss ka sattya nass ker detay hean or majbooran woh Pakistan sea Jan bacha ker bhag jata hea.
Wah Rea FACE-BOOK k Owner kash ham ko bhi tujh jesa azzad Taleemi Maahol milta achea dost miltea or acha system milta to ham pakistani bhi kissi sea kam nahi hean... AFSSOS DAR AFSOSS..

Best Regards
Faisal Shahzad

Saudi Arabia
i read your article and i want to answer your questions and i want to ask some questions.... and i want you to publicize my question and answers so other people can understand..... but first you need t understand.....

dekhiye khatoon.... aap nay bhi buhat saray sawal kiye hain, jo is mulk ka her banda, balkeh har bashaoor bandah pooch raha hay...

keh yeh kab ho ga, kay wo kab ho ga, hamara naujwan aisa kab karay ga, hamara naujwan vesa kab karay ga... aur ham kab aik nation ban jayeen gay..... aur aisa aur vesa...

to jawab yeh hay.... yeh us waqt tak naheen ho ga jab aap esay loge aisay columns likhna naheen chore dain gay.... bus in sab batoon ka yahi jawab hay

ab mera swal aap jesay logon say yeh hay kay....

Sawal No. 1
kiya kabhi aap may say kisi nay in masayel ka hal bataya hay..... masayel sab k patah hain... bachay bachay ko pata hain laikin hal kisi kay paas naheeenn.. Hal kaun day ga.?

Sawal No. 2
Kabhi aap main say kisi nay socha kay hum loge (pakistani) itna kuch sehnay kay bavjood surkh inqilaab ki taraf quen naheen barhtay.?

Sawal No. 3
Kabhi aap may say kisi nay socha kay hum loge (Pakistani) roze baroz bad tar hi quen ho ja rahay hain.?

Sawal No. 4
Kabhi aap may say kisi nay socha kay hamaray andar leader peda honay quen band gaye hain

meray paas aur bhi buhat saray sawal hain
zara in ooper walay savalon ka jawab to dhoondain aur let every one get these answers..
Farhat Perveen commented on your note "facebook ka asal face":

"bohat maloomati article hai, tum ne asik traf to facebook k ijra aur irteqa ki tareekh likhi hai to dosri traf un logon ko aaina bhi dikhaia hai jo iska ghalt istenmal kar rahe hain."
Dear Robina.
Nice article.
Situation is gone from BAD to WORST in Pakistan. We have identity crises. (We mean Pakistani) It is in my experience that some of our young people born and raised in the USA or UK etc. are reluctant to call themselves Pakistani.
Nothing good is coming out of our country. From the President down to a peon in common office is corrupt, dishonest and immoral .
We were pushing for democracy. Look what we got? Love Irshad
I have gone through your latest article, “Face book ka asal face”. It’s really alarming, motivated and informative one. By the way I have gone though your couple of other columns too, e.g. “Imran Khan ko mulak badr karma chahye” and “Ab tau tu bik b nahee sakti”,,, What a beautiful style and impressions they do possess. Please keep up the good work. I wish you good luck and every success in your future endeavour.
Best regards,

Chaudhary Rehmat Ali
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
-your article "facebook ka asali face " has caught my heart

when u were telling that those people who were victim of loneliness or those people who were not being heard, i was thinking that u are talking about me

Indeed now people have got a source of outlet for telling their inner passions. It ( i must include other internet magazines/forums too) has helped to reduce tension (including of mine too) which was cooking in the minds.

This is right that i can write easily in print media of Pakistan easily but despite that i feel a sort of no security while expressing myself. In other internet forums i express easily my thoughts

Merely same comments have been written by me in ur face book


Dear Rubina Faisal,

umeed hai app khairiat se hon ka article parha ....aisa laga jese haqeeqat nasamjhi ka dar khole hamare samne khare hia.
yaqeen manye bohat bohat acha laga......
face book ka jo istemal hamare nojawan nasal ker arhe hia yaqeena naqabl-e- qabool hia .....
hamari nojawan nasl ke liye sirf flirting kerna or time pass kerna hi kue zaroori ho gaya hia.?

well and excellent article written by u.....
God bless u more and more

Shaheen javed
Salams Rubina..

Your article on Facebook is excellent.. and true to dot. Too much openness and total lack of privacy is causing a lot of problems on it. Like every tool.. FB has its pros and cons.. but unfortunately as is the nature of human beings, we usually find the worse way to use a tool.

Keep writing!

Qudsia Nadeem Laly commented on your note "facebook ka asal face":

"rubina,bohat hi sachaiee say aap nay FB ky tammam hawaloon say baat ki,mujhye yeh keynayen main hamesha fakhar raha ky main pakistani hoon.orr na janye main yeh dukh kab tak bayaan karti rahoon gi ky pakistani quoom eak zarkhaiz zehan rakhnye ky bawajuood apni salahiyatain barbaad kartye hi chalye ja rahye hain!
apnye column or articles main main is baat ka zaroor izhaar karti hoon ky aaj ki MAA apnye faraiz ba-khuobi ada nahin kar rahin?
jab maa hi ghantoon tv ky samnye baith kar tammam soup drama or licher filmain daikhyen gi tuo bachye kis trha kisi masbat kaam ki taraf barrhain gaye?na aaj maa ky pass waqt hay ky wo 2 achi baatain bachon ko batye?na hi us ko khudh fursat hay ky achi baat kaheen say lay laye?show shaa,ki is duniya main sub eak duosrye say sabqat layjanye ki duoor main hain,
Dr zakir naik ky kisi school main dakhlaye ki awaleen shart yeh hay ky maa/baap satellite chanael's or TV nahin daikha jaye ga,ma siwaye khbroon ya kisi islami program ky!
or unhi ky mutabiq be-shumaar afrad kuch hi arssa baad aa kar apni khangi zindagi ky bohat behtar honye ki baat kartye hain?
koi bhi ejaad hamesh masbat pehlye rahi hay,us ka manfi istymaal hamesh manfi soch rakhnye walye afraad hi karty hain...
rubina eak umda or masbat tehreer per dil say mubrakbad..
salamat rahain..."

Afschein Shah commented on your note "facebook ka asal face.":

"gd wrk Rubina....agreed on most of the points...specially  the face book romance lolz....ppl of all ages  wthr married or unmarried...use it only 4 dat purpose....akhir aurat ko aik dmagh smajh ke baat q nahi kr sktay mard hazraat :(... "


Dear Rubina Sahiba, 

Just read your column, Facebook, I note that you are wishing to see large business offices in Lahore and Islamabad. Have you ever thought who is going to provide security against the TTP terrorists? Supposing you have secured the premises, how much useful work can be done in those offices with daily 18 hour power shut down? 

The country has no role models of any kind. The younger generation can hardly get any inspiration from the clowns in the parliament. Many of them are sitting there with fake degrees and some of them don’t even know the Table of 2. They call themselves the political leaders. They are political all right but certainly not leaders of any description.  

Some countries get destroyed in a war, some by natural disasters, but Pakistan has been bombed by NRO. The NRO stench is so bad that people can hardly breathe fresh air. In that stifling atmosphere, sitting in dark, sweating like hogs because of no electricity, they can hardly think straight, let alone come up with revolutionary, technological or scientific ideas.  

The only people who have electricity without interruption and three square meals a day are the thieves and thugs sitting in the upper echelons. They have no brains and certainly no time to think about the national advancement or development. They are too busy in manipulating their own version of democracy as much as possible and obsessed with its husen’ which they never fail to remind us about as part of their own need for reassurance.   

Javed Chaudry