Rubina Faisal was born in the Pakistan and was educated in the prestigious educational institutes of Pakistan like Hailey College of Commerce and Govt. F.C. College Lahore.  She did her graduation from Hailey College in commerce and did her M.A. in English from F.C. College.  During her postgraduate she studied under the coaching of great Punjabi poet Dildar Pervaiz Bhatti and at that time her taste for the literature developed and she started writing skids and essays in a monthly “Postmartum”.  Although she had written some articles already in the local newspapers but the real process of creativity started during her graduate studies and she produced some literary work.  Her first article was the caomparison of General Zia-ul-Haq and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto published in 1988. 

After her post graduation she joined The Bank of Punjab as Officer and worked there for six years and during this she also completed the banking diploma exam with distinction.  During her job with the bank she did nothing literary but completed her family by marrying Faisal Mahmood and God gifted the family with two kids (Hadi & Aleena). 

In year 2000 when the family saw the situation of Pakistan very depressing and migrated to Canada as per Sunnah. In Canada Rubina did not take part in the bread winning activity of the family and put her all efforts in the first 2 years in the character development of the children and after that she studied for certification of RRSP sales and distribution.  During her studies God has gifted the family another son ( Abdullah ) 

After that She did her certification for the immigration consultancy and she is certified immigration consultant.  During her the last four years she has written many short stories, articles and 2 stage dramas for the drama festival that were also directed by her and were well praised by Urdu community. 

Degrees and Certification: 

M.A. English
Certifed RRSP Dealer
Cerftified Immigration Consultant